The Revenge Game: A Tale of Domination and Seduction - Part 3


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The Revenge Game: A Tale of Domination and Seduction - Part 3

By C. Kross


© 2014 by C. Kross

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner.

ISBN: 978-1495975745


Chapter 1

I went to the gym today and worked out. While I was working out, I thought about why we men cheat. I mean, there has to be a reason, right?

There are some men out there who are still faithful to their wives though. So, I know not all men cheat. Take Steve, for example. Married for almost ten years now and has never strayed. Then there is me. First chick who hits on me in a bar, I am all over her. What the hell is wrong with me? It’s not like Beth and I don’t have a good relationship or that things are bad nit he sack.

I guess with that being said, there are actual, real reasons why a man cheats, and it might not be because he's a narcissistic asshole. Granted, there are those men who go out and fuck a lot of women while being in a committed relationship or married because they feel they deserve it, but I believe you'd find the percentages shockingly low. Contrarily, you might find a man that would never cheat no matter how much he is hurting. He may be seen as more noble, but he lives in misery.

Now, many women have been cheated on, and most of them feel that there is no reasonable cause for a man to cheat, that cheating is the paramount of wrong, and the blame for cheating is solely on the man. Now, is the man to blame for the action of going and having sex with another woman? Without doubt. But, I believe you would rarely find a case of a man just going out and picking up a woman to fuck. Affairs start long before actual sex takes place.

So then, I guess I am a rare case, right? Well, I’m not a saint. I do watch porn on the internet and I do check out women whenever I go somewhere. I appreciate the beauty of a woman. Even though there was nothing in particular wrong with my marriage, male hormones often dictate to us men what path we should go. That night, the night I met Julie, I had a few drinks, she was drop dead gorgeous, she flirted with me and the opportunity arose. I let my male hormones get the best of me.. or worse… depending on how you look at.

So some say it starts in the home, in the bed, and in the heart. Well, let's make something crystal clear, okay? A man needs sex, period. Women need sex too, naturally, but men are more wired to want and in fact need it. It is not an "extra" to relationships, it is a burning, aching necessity. To men, being denied sex is being disrespected in the deepest sense, in fact, the only thing worse would be catching our own wife or girlfriend in our own bed with another man. So, let’s just get that straight now.

Looking back now, there were nights when Beth was too tired from college or studying to have sex with me. Those nights I was left to my own vices. I would turn on the internet and surf for porn. Yeah, some of the women in the porn video were attractive and sexy, but most of the time I would find different scenarios and fantasies, ones that Beth and I have never done and I would imagine it was Beth in those positions and videos that I was fucking. So, in my mind, it was never cheating because I was fantasizing about my own wife.

Okay, let us suppose a man is not getting his needs met at home. His wife is not necessarily being cruel or mean spirited about it, nor is she seeing someone else but all the same, it's not happening. Now, he goes to the office. Maybe the secretary or a co-worker is an attractive young woman. She looks up to him, respects him, and admires him, initially strictly from a professional viewpoint. He goes to work, maybe after a few weeks or a month of a dry spell, maybe longer. The young lady asks him how he is doing, how the family is. Sure, initially he lies like most people do. "Everything is fine, doing great." But how long can that last?

Something will eventually betray him, a look, the tone of his voice, something. She will pick up on it. She, being a caring friend, puts her hand on his hand, or shoulder. Maybe even gives him a hug or a friendly kiss on the cheek. It will be ok, she comforts him, and things will get better. But it doesn't. She sees this. Her compassion turns to a caring affection. She asks him out to a drink, or coffee, or lunch.

This might happen a few times. Or not, but either way, the affair is well under way. It is only a matter of time before his armor cracks and he pours out his heart to her. Filled with sympathy, and a lack of understanding on how a wife could treat her husband this way, she tenderly kisses him. At this point, passion takes over, they find a room in a hotel, and the affair is in full swing.

So, looking back again at the night I had met Julie, Beth and I did have a dry spell for a couple of months. Without even realizing it, I was craving female attention. Julie just happened to be at the bar that night to give it to me. She looked perfect that night, said all the right things, did all the right things to turn me on and to lust after her.

In my case, where did the affair start? It started the moment Julie walked through that bar door.

It could be as simple as the guy walking into the office, looks the woman up and down, and says, "Sure, my married life is great, but fuck it all, strip down and let's fuck here and now in my office."

No, not even close. It started at home, where his needs were not being met. A man isn't going to have an affair because he wants to find a woman who will suck his cock when his own wife won't, not if she's meeting his needs. It doesn't even have as much to do with a release. Jerking off would take care of that. Find me a halfway normal guy who wants to jerk off instead of having sex. Truth be told, you won't.

Taking care of your man's needs is exactly that. Taking care of him. Your respect for him by taking care of him will keep him from straying. Again, this may not be a hard and fast rule, but you will find this to be a typical rule.

If I were to give any advice to the ladies, please understand one thing. Your man needs you physically as you need him emotionally. It is not a lesser or different need. It is exactly the same as you needing him to talk to you or tell you he loves you. Would you like him to go several days without speaking to you? You would be incredibly hurt and likely furious.

What if he's not in the mood to talk, or doesn't feel like it, or has a headache? You would never accept that. Maybe for a day, but no more, if that is even possible. Again, I reiterate this because it is so important to understand, what emotional needs are to you, physical needs are to him.

Hopefully, some day this advice will be of use to someone out there. I wouldn’t want a guy to cheat at all, let alone end up in my situation. I sincerely hope this might help someone before the affair is underway and his life gets totally fucked.

If you are feeling the need to cheat, talk to your girl about needs not being met, try to work things out without having to go outside your bed with her. If it doesn’t help, then end the relationship before you jump into bed with another woman. Trust me, it will make your life a whole lot easier in the long run.

So, tonight, I have to meet Kendra to help her with a new client. She said she had a surprise for me. Probably a new bigger dildo. Or lube that sets my cock on fire. Or nut sack clamps. Who knows? I am sure it’s some sort of new torture device she wants to use on me.

I showed up as usual, rang her doorbell. Kendra answered the door and let me in. “Hello Dan. Come in.” I entered her house. "Swallow this." Kendra said softly as she placed a pill on my tongue. I did as instructed. I was no stranger to casual drugs and figured that she was sharing something with me that would enhance the night. Was this the surprise she had planned?

Then she led me down to the dungeon. “Get into your usual attire.” She instructed. I stripped down completely naked and put on my vinyl shorts. I began to feel myself get light headed. Must be the drug kicking in. “Lay on the bed.” I went over and lied on the bed on my back. She came over and fastened my wrists and ankles with the leather straps. I passed out.

I’m not sure how much longer it was, but I awoke. I had a blindfold on. And now it brings us to present day.

“Well, look who decided to join us.” Kendra said and I heard giggles from other women.

Us? I wondered who else was in the room. I wish I could see. But, t his blindfold was obstructing my view.

“So, you like to play games, Danny?” I know that voice! Only one person calls me Danny. Julie!

“Oh, he loves to play games, don’t you Dan?” That voice belonged to Beth, my wife!

I felt my blindfold being ripped off my face by Kendra. Then I saw them all. Kendra, Julie and my beloved wife, Beth. I thought I was going to have a heart attack. My heart was pounding like it had never pounded before.

Kendra spoke first, “Danny, that’s cute.” She giggled. “Danny, I would like you to meet my lovers… Beth and Julie. But I am sure you already know them.” She grinned.

“I.. I.. uh.. wha…?” I couldn’t speak the words I wanted to get out.

“Relax darling.” Now Beth was speaking. “I am sure you have all sorts of questions.” She walked over to me and pinched my nipple.

“May I interject something?” Julie asked.

“Go right ahead, sweetie.” Beth said and gave her a long kiss on the lips. I was so confused that my head was spinning.

“Danny, remember I had mentioned my friend Liz? I was talking about Beth. Elizabeth. You know her as Beth, we know her as Liz.”

“Wha… huh.. wha?” What the hell is going on? I couldn’t find my words to speak.

“Darling, I am going to tell you a little story.” Beth.. or was it Liz… sat on the edge of the bed and continued, “I’ve known Kendra and Julie since high school. We were… well, you can say we were all very, very close.”

“We still are.” Kendra piped in.

“Yes we are sweetie, yes we are.” She went over and kissed Kendra and then Julie on the lips. Then continued talking. “You see, one of us was going to marry a wealthy man to take care of us. I lost the coin toss and had to marry you. Well, your trust fund.” They all giggled. “We came up with this plan in high school. I marry a trust fund baby with a lot of money, while I go to college and Julie here becomes the lawyer she has always wanted to be. Law school is expensive, you know. We called this “The Four Year Plan” because you see, you never met Julie for a reason, and we had to make it look like she had genuine interest in you, so Kendra, my sweet Kendra, could blackmail you. Kendra has always scraped by and she was tired of it and wanted to start her own Dominatrix business right here in this basement, but toys cost money… equipment cost money. If you didn’t guess yet, Kendra hates men. She loves to torture them, give them a lot of pain and she figured, why not make money doing it?” She paused then continued, “Darling, this was all a set up. But, you see, you can’t tell anyone it was. In the hotel rooms where you and Julie had sex, we have it all on video. All the sessions you have had with Kendra, recorded.

Tonight, we are going to record everything as well. This blackmail will go on for the rest of your life.”

“You know, if you had just ignored me at the bar, you would have saved yourself a world of trouble. But, you are a typical man.” Julie spoke now. “You know how hard it was for me to fuck you? As my brother had said at the bar. I’m a lesbian. If you were good in bed, it would have been different. But, you are pretty pathetic when it comes to pleasing a woman.” She paused and grinned, “But your wife, she definitely knows how to please a woman in every way possible.” She smiled at Beth.

At this point, my head was spinning so fast. This was all a game? A set up? I was totally fucked!

“Funny thing is that we have all had you and the only person you ever made cum was me and that was because I guided you and walked you through it.” Kendra said. “But, damn, it was sure fun whipping you, fucking you in the ass, torturing you… you have no idea how much fun it has been and will continue to be.” Kendra laughed.

“This is how things are going to be…” Beth was speaking now. “You will continue to pay Kendra fifty thousand a month. You will continue to be her sex slave. In addition, you will become a sex slave for all of us. We will remain married, or else I will take you for everything you are worth financially. Remember, I have proof of your infidelity with Julie and Kendra. They will both testify in court supporting my case. We never signed a pre-nuptial agreement. I will have full access to the finances as well. You will be basically working and supporting all of us.” She smiled at me.

I finally found the words to speak, “You never loved me?” Was all I could get out.

“Love you? Did you show love for me when you fucked Julie or licked Kendra’s pussy? Was that out of love for me?” She walked over to the cabinet. “T think we’ve explained ourselves enough. Now it’s time to really have some fun!”

"Did you know that I was a nursing student at one time, Dan?" Kendra said to me. "I learned something about the male orgasm once. Did you know that there is something called the kegal muscle running from the base of your cock to your asshole and it helps provide stimulation and flow of semen from your prostate and balls. Also, the male orgasm and ejaculation isn't exactly the same thing. It is possible for a man to ejaculate without actually having an orgasm. Meaning that with the proper stimulation of the prostate, with no stimulation on your cock, you can cum without having the satisfaction of a true orgasm."

"We're going to make you cum without satisfying you.” Kendra and Beth tied me at an angle that was quite uncomfortable. “Worse, at the angle you are now in you will shoot you’re cum right onto your own face. Possibly even down your throat."

Beth leaned forward and whispered, "And with your mouth forced open you're bound to get some of your own cum in there too."

"Please don't do that." I begged. I had never tasted my own cum, nor did I ever want to.

I then heard a buzzing sound and felt something pressing against my ass! “Oh god! No! No!" I cried out as I felt Kendra pressing a vibrator into my asshole.

I tried to shake free of the bounds that held me as the three women watched as Kendra begin to rape my ass with the vibrator. I cried out in pain as it broke through my anal ring. The vibrator was thicker and bigger than the others she had inside me.

Kendra began fucking my ass with the plastic toy, causing me to spasm as it thrust in and out of me. Then she began manipulating it more carefully until she found my prostate.

I could feel the sensations at once. I begged her to stop but she was determined to see this through. I had nowhere else to look but down at my throbbing cock. I could see pre-cum in the tiny slit of my cock. It was aimed right at my face and I did not want to cum in this predicament. I pleaded as best as I could for them to release me. Then I felt it happening.

I began to cum from the stimulation of my prostate. A thick wad of cum burst forth from my hard cock. The girls cheered as I began spewing my semen for them.

The first blast hit me on the forehead, followed by another to my right cheek. Cum landed on my chest and belly and began running down to my chin. More cum splashed onto my face. But fortunately none had gotten into my mouth.


I heard the sound of the camera. My eyes turned to see Beth taking pictures of me.

"There, now we have a picture of you with a face full of cum." She laughed.

I was disgusted. I couldn't believe that they were doing this to me. Well, I guess I can. They were all so sadistic and fucked in the head.

Kendra came over and handed Beth the nipple clamps. Beth clamped them on my nipples. "Oh fuck!" I yelled.

Kendra was laughing. She took the vibrator again and began fucking my ass with it, making me squirm and cry out with discomfort as she pounded my asshole with the toy.

Then, just as Kendra had done before, she moved it around until she could focus it on my prostate. I realized that they were going to repeat the same thing again. I could see Beth holding the camera, this time recording the entire thing on video. I begged her to stop, but she wanted to make me cum all over my face again.

I felt my second release nearing. I tried pulling my head back. But, I felt my release begin and I closed my eyes.

The girls cheered as I began to climax. Cum sprayed my face, this time finding the small opening of my mouth. I wanted to gag as I both felt and tasted my own cum on my tongue. Still more cum rained onto my face and chest. And when I dared to open my eyes they began to burn as my cum found its way into them.

"My turn!" I heard Julie cry out, realizing that I was going to have to endure this yet again.

Worse, even after two ejaculations I could feel the head of my cock throbbing with the desire to have a normal orgasm.

"I won't need the vibrator." I heard Julie say as she got behind me. I felt relieved that my ass was going to be spared a third violation. Had I known the truth, I would have begged for the vibrator instead.

"Remember how you fucked my ass that night in the hotel room?" Julie asked. "Well I've been waiting for my chance to return the favor."

I felt Julie's finger probing my asshole. Slowly it slipped inside. After two rounds with the vibrator this was nothing to me. But then I felt a second finger. Suddenly there was a third trying to enter. Now the pain began and I began to shake and protest.

A fourth and then the thumb began to be inserted. I cried out as Julie began pushing her entire fist into my ass! Soon she was fucking my asshole with her fist and forearm. I was shaking like a leaf as she abused me in this way.

Then she found my prostate with her fingers and began massaging it. My eyes rolled in my head from the mixture of pain and pleasure going through me. I tried to hold back, but soon felt my cock exploding again!

More cum showered onto my face. By now it resembled the amount that most men spewed out on their first orgasm. I was forced to take some of my own semen in my mouth again. Cum was dribbling down my chest and covering my face as the girls laughed at my demise, taking even more pictures of me.

Finally Julie pulled her fist out of my ass.

Beth came forward and removed the clamps from my nipples. I cried out in pain as blood rushed back into my sensitive area.

She looked at my still hard cock and took it in her hand. "You want me to take care of this fore you?" She asked.

I didn't know what to say.

Slowly Beth began stroking my cock, milking it as if she were milking a cow. I could feel my cock responding. My balls tightening and my orgasm nearing, then, just before I was about to cum, Beth stopped and slapped my balls!

I cried out in pain. Beth then played with my cock and soon began stroking it again. Once more I felt my climax approaching, only to be halted instantly, followed by another slap of my now sore nuts.

Beth repeated the process over and over again until I thought I was going to go crazy. I needed to cum so badly that it was literally killing me! But all I could get was to the verge and then wracked with pain as Beth struck my balls.

"Please let me cum!" I blurted out.

"Do you really want to cum, Dan?" She asked, bringing me to the edge once more before stopping.

Chapter 2

I was begging to cum. Begging to have my face covered by my own semen once more. All while being video taped. But I couldn't take it any longer.

“Well, I’d say that we are off to a good start tonight!” Kendra said. She walked over to the cabinet and pulled out that device that she loves to attach on my cock and balls. “Remember this?” How could I forget?

“What does that do?” Julie asked.

“Here let me demonstrate.” Before I could scream no, Kendra pushed the button on the remote and I felt the electrical current surge throughout my cock and balls and my whole body.

“That’s fucking awesome!” Julie squealed. “Can I try?” Kendra handed her the remote and before I could find the energy to say anything, I felt that electrical pain once again. Fuck! I began to drool because the pain was so intense.

“Careful now, we don’t want him getting too tired yet. The night has just begun.” Kendra scolded Julie.

Kendra came over to me and untied me from the bed and walked me over to the pole and handcuffed me facing the bed. “You’ve had your fun and now you are going to watch us have our fun.” Then she giggled.

“Funny thing is… you won’t be able to cum in that device as you watch us.” Kendra walked over to Beth and began kissing her.

As they kissed, Kendra was massaging Beth's breast through the silky fabric of her bra, while Beth's hand was embedded between her legs.

Beth looked over at me and said, "There is something special about making love to another woman. The softness of the kisses, the feel of her tongue and lips on my nipples and my pussy. A woman knows what another woman wants and needs." She went back to kissing Kendra.

If I didn’t have this device on my cock and balls, I know for a fact that my cock would be rock hard right now. I could feel my cock and balls aching as I watched Beth and Kendra kiss and start to make out.

The sight of Kendra rubbing Beth’s pussy seemed to have an impact on Julie who sat down next to Beth and started rubbing her own pussy as she watched the other two girls kiss.

As the two of them kissed, Beth extended her hand to Julie who took it and joined them on the bed.

After removing her dress, Kendra lay back on the bed and held out her arms. Julie slowly lowered herself until she was laying on top of her.

Julie lowered her lips to Kendra's and gave her a deep passionate kiss.

Kendra then placed her hand on the back of Julie's head and a little downward pressure moved their lips together again. This time Kendra parted her lips and let her tongue slide against Julie's lips, then with a sigh of pleasure, felt Julie's tongue slowly respond.

Beginning to enjoy the lips of Kendra, Julie felt Beth's hand slowly stroking the soft skin of her arm, causing her to move her mouth with greater force over Kendra's.

As they continued to kiss, Beth ran her hand over Kendra's thigh, then up and brushed over Julie's breast, before sliding her fingers through the hair of Julie.

Wearing a short black dress, Julie, was then placed face down on the bed as Kendra starting at the ankles, began to massage Julie's legs, while Beth did the same to her naked shoulders.

Pushing the hem of the dress, Kendra exposed Julie's ass and ran her hands over the smooth skin of her breasts.

The whole time I was thinking, I have been with all three of these women at one time. I knew how each of them felt. Each of them tasted. Fuck, I wish I could stroke my cock right now. This is complete torture. Worse than anything they have done to me so far. Watching three women, three beautiful women make out right here in front of me and I can’t do one dam thing about it.

Beth then urged Kendra to lay on Julie, she did and kissed the naked shoulders and then neck, ears and as Julie turned, lips. As she was doing this, Beth was caressing her body, with long sweeping strokes of her hand.

Positioning either side of Julie, they kissed her face, then Kendra slipped down the zip of Julie's dress. Julie was now anxious to enjoy more and lifted her body allowing the dress to drop from her.

As Beth undid, then removed the black bra, Kendra took Julie's right breast in her hand, teasing the nipple to a hard nub. Beth, behind Julie, cupped the breasts and Kendra took the first one, then the other into her mouth, her tongue licking the nipples. At that moment, Julie enjoyed the magic of lesbian love.

Removing Julie's dress, the other two girls set about covering her body with kisses. Beth taking the lips and breasts, while Kendra kissed her legs and around her inner thighs, covered by the black lacy panties.

Then Kendra moved up and concentrated on Julie's breasts, while Beth kissed her deeply their tongues swirling around each other’s.

Then Julie said, "My turn." and eased Kendra up onto her knees, lifting the dress she was wearing, revealing a red lace bra, which matched her panties. As Julie kissed the skin below Kendra's bra, Beth pushed the garment up, exposing Kendra's perfect round breasts.

With her hand at the side of Julie's face she looked deep into her eyes as Julie moved her lips onto her nipple and flicked the skin with a darting tongue. Kendra was overjoyed when Beth repeated the act on her other breast.

As Kendra removed her bra, the Julie and Beth kissed briefly, before retuning their lips to the breasts of Kendra. While Julie went down over Kendra's belly, Beth and Kendra kissed deeply, before pushing Julie back onto the bed.

Kendra and Beth kissed, their bare breasts crushing together, the nipples friction making them hard as they rubbed together. At the same time Beth had her hand between Kendra's legs from behind, vigorously rubbing her pussy lips through the now soaking wet panties.

Then Kendra rose, taking Julie's panties off, she slowly removed them, leaving Julie completely naked.

I had always fantasized about Beth being with another woman, but never two at the same time. This was unreal. Here, my greatest fantasy is coming true and I can only watch and not participate or even stroke my cock. This was so unfair!

Now involved totally, Julie spread her legs. Beth licking her fingers, ran them over her lips and neatly trimmed pubic hair.

"Oh yes, that is so good, don't stop." said Julie breathlessly.

As Kendra kissed her inner thighs, taking in the musky smell that Julie was producing from her passion. Then finally as Beth was covering her back with kisses, Kendra finally eased her tongue between Julie's pussy lips, causing her to moan and say "Oh my God, Kendra, that feels so good. Mmmmm."

Kendra eased her face from her feast and said, "Lay back, enjoy, I haven't started yet."

Kendra inserted her tongue back into Julie, exploring the interior of her pussy. She slowly moved her lips over the outer lips, kissing and pussy licking at the same time.

Meanwhile Beth was finally undressing. She stripped off her top, removed the red bra, releasing her large plump breasts. Then slowly removed her skirt, leaving her in just a tiny pair of red panties.

As she watched, Kendra continued to feast on Julie's pussy.

Kendra again moved up Julie's body, kissing and licking the soft skin of her belly and breasts before meeting her lips with Julie's. Lying between Julie's legs, Kendra rubbed her pubic mound against her, their pubic hairs intertwining as they ground their hips together.

As they were ding this, Beth had positioned herself over Kendra's ass, taking a handful of the flesh and taking it into her mouth, her finger inserted into Kendra's pussy, she started to finger fuck her.

Beth then offered her fingers, coated in Kendra's pussy cream, to Julie, who eagerly sucked it off. As many times as Julie had tasted another woman’s pussy juices, it was still always like her first taste. She reinserted her fingers and finger fucked Kendra until she had the first orgasm of the night.

Beth suggested that Kendra should now get the pussy pleasure, Kendra quickly agreed and lay on her back, legs spread, pussy lips, glistening beneath the triangle of her pubic hair.

Beth licked her fingers and told Julie to do the same. She then trailed a single finger down Kendra's lips, exposing her clit hood, with Kendra's clit showing clearly. Nodding at Julie, she placed her finger on her pussy. Julie started to finger fuck Kendra as Beth kissed and licked her inner thighs, sending tremors of delight through Kendra's body.

Then Beth joined Julie at her pussy, both girls licking at the lips. Kendra was loving it.

Beth left Julie to eat Kendra and began to kiss her pussy, while her hand played with her clit. Beth then after kissing Julie passionately, asked the other girls to lay back, side by side and spread their legs.

Then Kendra and Julie kissed, while Beth buried her head between Julie's pussy first and then Kendra's, sucking and licking one of the girls pussy lips, while finger fucking the other and feasting on the cream both were producing in large amounts.

The three of them carried on kissing, caressing and stroking each other’s bodies. Beth concentrating on Julie's pussy, while Kendra was feasting on her lips, neck, belly and of course those wonderful and perfect breasts tipped with the deep pink nipples which she now sucked between her lips.

Beth sat up and slid off her soaking red panties. Kendra placed her hand on her pussy and pushed a finger inside. Beth placed her fingers both sides of her lips and pulled them apart, revealing the pink interior of her pussy, surrounded by a mass of pubic hair and simply said, "Suck me." Kendra didn't need a second invitation as she buried her tongue deep inside Beth.

Meanwhile, Julie was caressing the soft skin of Kendra's back and ass and while in that area, slid a finger into Kendra's pussy. The three of them were in sexual paradise.

I would have been too, if I could have joined them, or even be able to stroke my cock. I was starting to get to the point where I wanted to close my eyes and not watch anymore. But, I couldn’t. My eyes were glued to the bed.

Beth now had her supported legs in the air as Kendra continued to suck on her pussy. Julie craving some more lesbian kisses, climbed over her and placed her mouth firmly over Beth's, her tongue teasing and probing deep into her mouth.

Then changing places, Julie had no hesitation when her lips were adjacent to Beth's pussy. She licked down the full length of the slit, taking in the sight, smell and taste of her before pushing both tongue and fingers deep inside her. Beth came, her fluids gushing from her, coating Julie and without stimulation, she climaxed as well.

Then it was Kendra's turn. On her back, Julie between her legs, sucking and licking her pussy, Beth gnawing away at her nipples, sex didn't get much better than this for a lesbian.

Julie wanted kisses and Kendra was only too happy to provide them. As the two kissed deeply, they were grinding their pubic areas together in a frenzy. Julie's ass was in the air and Beth took the opportunity to cover it in licks and kisses, while at the same time, finger fucking her to another orgasm.

The three of them carried on kissing, sucking nipples, sucking pussies, finger fucking each other to orgasm after orgasm, until they fell into an exhausted heap in the middle of the bed.

I was exhausted from just watching them! Beth and Kendra had fallen asleep, but I saw Julie stirring.

Julie's hand had begun wandering across her body. Lost in reverie of lust, she spread her thighs as wide as she could, and lay on her back, head up against the pillows and headboard, her right hand grinding across her moistening pussy lips, her left hand plumping her nipples with feather-light caresses until they became so sensitive, they began to ache, her back arched, quickly she inserted two fingers into her waiting wetness, her thumb bent slightly until it mashed up hard against her clit, there, oh yes just there!

I watched her with her legs spread out wide, toes dug into the bed under her, she began to hump her hand. She must have forgotten I was there. Her mind wandered and she began to scream out. "Oh Beth fuck me, fuck me, fuckkkk me! Tongue my pussy! Make me cum!"

I saw Beth’s head rise and immediately she went between Julie’s legs and started feasting on her pussy once again.

It didn't take long, her orgasm began with telltale signs; her breathing quickened to short gasps as rapture flooded her, in waves of pure physical gratification. Her eyes closed as wave upon wave of sexual release. "Beth....of fuck! You are so good!" She groaned.

Then Kendra woke up. "Hey, are you okay over there?" She asked sarcastically and immediately began sucking on Julie’s nipples. Oh yeah, round two was about to happen!

Chapter 3

Kendra continued sucking her nipples while Beth licked Julie’s pussy. I was watching while Julie lay spread open wide, still stroking her while Beth licked her.

Kendra’s lips sucked Julie's still sensitive nipples. Current flowed from Kendra's lips, Julie's nipples surged into rubbery hardness. Kendra's mouth was amazingly hot and wet and her lips were soft, Julie's whole breast was sucked into Kendra's mouth.

Julie felt Beth's palm cover her pussy. Nimble fingers slid easily inside. Beth's hand began slow steady swirls, round and round, pressing hard against Julie's softness. Slender fingers probed her pussy, soon a slow sensual rhythm developed, Julie's breathing shallow and almost hesitant as Kendra began to speed up.

Julie's breast popped out of Kendra's mouth and with deliberate slowness, Beth slid her tongue down until she crouched between Julie's legs. Her mouth was incredibly hot and wet.

Her soft lips mashed themselves hard against Julie's, while her fingers delved deeper and faster. Her tongue flicked upward finding Julie's clit hard and rigid. She sucked noisily. Julie's hands tangled themselves into Beth's hair.

She arched herself so much her body was off the bed. She gripped Beth while coming closer and closer to her orgasm. She came with a gush and a primal moan, her heartbeat loud in her ears. She released her hold on Beth's matted and now wet hair. And she sank spent onto the bed.

Beth, still between Julie's thighs licked and preened her. Julie caressed Kendra's ass, and her hand moved with confidence and familiarity to Kendra's pussy. She crowded over Kendra, forcing her knees wider from behind, until there was room enough for her face.

Beth ground her face involuntarily into Julie's sensitive pussy as her wet warm mouth found what they had so urgently sought. It wasn't long before Beth was squirming, her face ground into Julie's pussy, her nose pressing onto Julie's clit.

Their orgasms were simultaneous and loud, Beth crumpling in between Julie's legs, her ass high in the air, her thighs still wide and Julie licking at her delicately.

For a while there was a contented silence, but it wasn't long before both Kendra and Julie began to caress Beth. She spread herself open to both. It was Kendra, who, with familiar experience snuggled in between Beth's widespread legs. Julie slid over until her lips met Beth's. They kissed wetly, their tongues dancing.

Beth's hand cupped Kendra's still sensitive pussy from behind, which she squeezed possessively, before spreading the outer lips allowing the cool air into her superheated core. Kendra sighed contentedly and with two fingers, she spread Beth's labia, gentle fingertips traced tight circles around a stiff little clit. Beth sucked her breath and most of Julie's tongue, as without warning, Kendra slid her thumb into Beth's cunt.

To Kendra, it felt like wet velvet, she used her thumb like it was a cock. She moved it side to side, in and out, toying and teasing, while her finger continued to circle her pulsating clit.

Beth wanted to cum, she needed to cum, and the pounding in her head reached a fever. Julie reached out and pinched her nipple. Pulling the trapped flesh between her thumb and forefinger, bringing Beth so close to orgasm.

Her pussy felt like it was a volcano, so hot with ripples of pure pleasure beginning deep inside her and radiated outwards. Each swipe of Kendra's fingertips around her clit made her shiver, she began to bite her bottom lip while Julie still kissed and locked their lips wetly.

Finally, the orgasm came hard. Beth screamed, her body convulsing, every fiber of her being was touched sensually. She roughly pushed Kendra from between her legs and gripped her hands over Julie's where she pinched her nipples and the aftershocks were just as delicious, she lay on her belly, sated as both her lovers stroked and loved her.

Panting for breath and all covered in a sheen of sex induced sweat, they unwound by slowly stroking each others bodies, until they fell into a deep sexually induced sleep.

Of course they completely forgot about me here. They literally left me nagging against this pole. I wish I could say that one of them woke up and untied me. But, that wouldn’t be true.

I was left here all night left to my own thoughts. I couldn’t stroke myself or sleep. I just had to stand here looking at three of the most beautiful naked bodies that I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying at one point.

I became their sex slave. I was at their beckon call. Sometimes, if they wanted a real cock instead of a dildo in their pussy, they let me fuck them.

Most of the time, I was their torture pet or sex slave.

Eventually, Kendra’s Dominatrix business grew and I was here on a daily basis as she liked to use me as an example to other clients she had accumulated.

Julie became a full fledged lawyer and passed the BAR Exam on her first try. She is now practicing Financial Law and works at my dad’s stock brokerage firm. Yeah, so I get to see her every day too.

As for Beth, we are still married and will always be married. Truth is, I still love her and always will. No matter how sadistic and cruel she is to me. She’s my wife.

And me? Well, I could say that I regret having an affair with Julie, but I would be lying. I don’t regret one moment of it. If I hadn’t cheated on Beth with Julie, then I would never be in this situation, right?

But, maybe I like the situation I am in. I am a sex slave to three beautiful, powerful women. They let me watch them make love together. They won’t let me cum or stroke my cock, but hey, how many guys can say that they are in the same situation as me?

My life isn’t all that bad.

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