Summary: Isaac is in London with Chris Argent, he feels lonely, but an unexpected meeting with Jackson fills him with the hope that maybe it won't be so bad after all. {AU Fanfic - Jisaac}


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Chapter 1: Date 1

It's been a while since Isaac arrived at London. The boy had never been out of Beacon Hills before and the change of spaces and lifestyle was completely mesmerizing to him. Chris had brought Isaac to England with him because he thought it would be best for the boy to stay away from all the danger he was constantly put into in Beacon Hills, Isaac just couldn't disagree. Of course he missed his friends, his hometown, the McCall, but it was safer for him to be there with Chris, getting rid of the Nogitsune for good.

The first days at the new city were the worse to Isaac, he didn't know anyone, and he didn't have anywhere to go. The only people he had contact with were Chris and one of his younger cousins, Theodore Argent, or Teddy, as he liked to be called, but he didn't come visit them all that often.

Deciding against staying home for another day, Isaac went to explore the city, -or the neighborhood since Chris didn't exactly want him to go far away all by himself- and stopped at a coffee shop he thought looked cozy enough for him to feel comfortable to be there. The place wasn't exactly full, but it wasn't empty either, there were a few groups of boys and girls about his age sitting around. Gladly no one really looked at Isaac as he opened the door and made his way across the room towards the farthest table, sitting there all by himself.

Only a bit after he'd arrived at the coffee shop, a waitress brought him a menu, offering a sweet smile, which he couldn't help but reciprocate it before the woman went away. His fingers opened the menu and Isaac dove in, reading his options to see what he'd order.

Isaac's eyebrows were knit together and his face set in a contemplative facial expression when he heard someone clearing their throat. Averting his gaze from the menu and looked up. What Isaac saw caused a gasp to escape from between his lips.

"Small world, huh, Lahey?" The masculine voice asked in a husky tone with a hint of irritation that was common to it. Standing in front of Isaac was no one other than Jackson Whittemore. Even though Isaac was not living in London, never would he imagine the possibility of crossing paths with Jackson. It was indeed a small world.

"Jackson..." Isaac's voice seemed to crack at the end and he felt dumbfounded by the nonchalant expression set on the other boy's face. "... What are you doing here?" He completed, not really sure why he felt so surprised.

"I should be the one asking you that, Lahey." Jackson's attitude hadn't changed, Isaac notice. He still wore his mask of nonchalance and coldness on his expression. "I.. I.. Chris Argent brought me here to live with him for a while..." Isaac wanted to add a comment about Allison's death, but thinking better, it wasn't the place to have that kind of conversation, plus he didn't want to cry in front of all that people he didn't know.

"So you abandoned your boyfriend?" Jackson's lips curved in sarcastic smirk as he finished his question, which made Isaac feel rather uncomfortable. "Scott has never been my boyfriend." Somehow Isaac knew that Jackson was talking about Scott, everyone seemed to think that he and Scott had something going on. It was probably Danny who mentioned it to Jackson.

"Whatever." Jackson said, rolling his eyes as he pulled a chair and sat down across from Isaac. "When did you arrive?" Jackson asked, snapping his fingers to summon the waiter. "Just a couple weeks ago." Isaac shrugged casually as the waiter approached them and tore his gaze away from Jackson.

"I'm going to have a large mint cappuccino and two chocolate cookies." Jackson ordered, barely letting the waiter fully arrive at the table. Flashing an apologetic smile at the waiter, he added his order. "Just a medium cup of black coffee with no sugar for me, please. A cookie would be nice too."

"That stuff is disgusting." Jackson commented as they were alone again. Confusion crossed Isaac's features, but as he understood, he just shook his head. "I grew used to it." Jackson's indigo eyes were on him, but Isaac couldn't decipher the expression on his face. "If you say so." Jackson's shoulders rolled in a nonchalant shrug and he moved his gaze towards Isaac again.

Gulping quietly, Isaac tapped his fingers against the table, the silence between him and Jackson was already uncomfortable, but he didn't know how to break it. Throwing a silent prayer, Isaac thanked the waiter louder than necessary when he delivered his orders, Jackson simply maintained his smirk. Grabbing his cup of coffee, Isaac lifted it towards his mouth, air escaping from between his lips as he blew the warm liquid in order to do not burn his tongue when he took a sip from the drink.

Rolling his shoulders in a small, casual shrug, Jackson followed the other boy’s lead and wrapped his lips around the straw, drinking his cappuccino as he stood up from the table, causing Isaac to arch an eyebrow at him in curiosity. “Where are you going?” The words escaped Isaac’s mouth before he could contain them. Jackson shook his head in amusement prior to throwing a playful wink towards Isaac. “Were you that happy to have my company, Lahey?” Jackson’s words were sarcastic and made Isaac’s cheek heat up in embarrassment, but before he could reply to Jackson’s question, the guy had already placed a $10 bill on the table and was walking away. “See ya, Lahey.” Were the last words Jackson said before promptly leaving the coffee shop and a confused Isaac.

Isaac didn’t know if he was really going to see Jackson again anytime soon, but deep inside he hoped he would. Maybe with Jackson here his stay in London wouldn’t be as lonely as he thought it would, just maybe.

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Chapter 2: Date 2

It’s Wednesday and Isaac’s first day at the new school, as expected, he doesn’t know anyone and from the looks they were throwing at him as he crossed the hall, they didn’t want him to get to know them. Emitting a silent sigh, Isaac bowed his dome low and headed to his fourth period, which was P.E. and for the first time in his life he wasn’t thrilled about it.

Planning to skip the class, Isaac scanned his surroundings as he reached the P.E. field, making sure no one would see him as he searched for a spot where he could hide himself without being bothered by anyone until this class was over. It didn’t take long for Isaac to notice that no one ever went over to the spot behind the bleachers, so that looked like a good place for him to hide and hope not to get caught e suspended in his first day.

As he arrived at the chosen spot, Isaac dropped his bag on the floor and sat down on one of the irony structures under the bleachers. Fishing the packet of cigarettes from his pocket, Isaac lit up one of them then raised it to his lips, pulling a bit of smoke into his mouth and let it linger there while he removed the cigarette prior to inhaling the smoke into his lungs by taking a deep breath only to blow it out, exhaling slowly. The taste of the smoke consumed his mouth and his body relaxed instantly, it was always calming for Isaac to smoke, it was like he could blow away all of the stress from this first day of school, which wasn’t even over yet.

“Tsk. Smoking is bad for your health, Lahey.” The surprise brought by the sound of Jackson’s voice caused Isaac to drop the cigarette on the ground and look wide-eyed at the guy standing in front of him. He had been so concentrated smoking that he didn’t even notice Jackson approaching him, if it had been anyone else Isaac would definitely be in trouble right now, if not for smoking, then for skipping class.

“Damn it, Jackson. You scared me.” Isaac accused, throwing a glare at the younger Whittemore prior to simply shaking his head, bemused and lifting the cigarette from the ground and tapping it to remove the dirt. “What are you doing here?” Isaac asked, no longer looking at Jackson, instead dragging another puff of smoke into his lungs.

“The same thing as you.” Jackson replied, rolling his shoulders in a nonchalant shrug prior to lowering his body and sitting on one of the irony structures, next to Isaac. “I don’t see you smoking.” Isaac retorted, a smirk curling onto the corner of his lips. “Skipping class, smartass.” Jackson said, rolling his eyes at Isaac’s attempt to be funny. “Fun.” Isaac replied, uninterested, simply exhaling the smoke from his mouth.

Taking the cigarette from Isaac’s hand, Jackson placed it between his lips, taking a drag. “Fun, indeed.” He said and Isaac couldn’t help but scowl lightly as Jackson returned his cig. “Since when do you smoke?” Isaac asked, masking the curiosity in his voice with a bothered facial expression. “Since a while ago.” Jackson replied, shrugging casually. “Hm.” Was all Isaac said before dropping the cigarette to the ground and stepping on it in order to unlit it.

“Why are you skipping class? I thought you liked P.E.” Jackson asked and Isaac flinched slightly, he definitely didn’t want to tell Jackson about his insecurities and the struggle of being the new guy in a new school. Isaac was never one to have friends and if it wasn’t for the fact that Derek gave him the bite, he would never had made any friends and now this story was faded to be repeated. “Just didn’t feel like joining them.” Isaac finally said after a few seconds.

“You’re a horrible liar, Lahey.” And with those words being said, Jackson turned on his heels and started walking away from Isaac in the direction of the main building of the school. Isaac’s eyes were glued to Jackson’s back as the other walked and he couldn’t exactly tell how he felt about Jackson walking away like that. Disappointed? Frustrated? Sad? Those were all good options. He thought he would get to spend at least a bit more of time with Jackson, kill a bit of his loneliness.

Closing his eyelids and exhaling a small sigh, Isaac rested his back further against the bleachers, trying to make himself more comfortable, but apparently it was impossible to be comfortable leaning against iron. Isaac’s hands were placed behind his neck and he was planning to take a well-deserved nap to rest both his body and mind, but that was until Jackson’s voice calling his name surprised him for the second time that day. “What are you still doing here, Lahey? It’s break time, come on, I’m starving.” And with that Jackson started walking away again, in slower steps than he did before, but anyway, this time Isaac quickly stood up from the irony structure of the bleachers and grabbed his bag from the ground and followed after Jackson, running a bit to match the other’s steps.

As both boys reached the cafeteria, a smile was tugging at the corners of Isaac’s lips, apparently Jackson was doing his best to surprise him in all of their encounters, he seemed like a completely different person now to Isaac. The rudeness and coldness were still there, as well as the snarky comments and the cocky attitude, but for the first time it seemed like there was more to Jackson Whittemore than a rich spoiled brat living in London and spending his parents’ money. Maybe, just maybe Isaac and he could work in a friendship, just like they almost had back when Erica was still alive. Yeah, maybe Isaac could get a best friend again and this time Isaac promised himself that he wouldn’t let this best friend die, no matter what.

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Chapter 3: Date 3

It had been a few weeks since the encounter behind the bleachers, but everyone could notice how much more comfortable Isaac was around the school now that he had someone to spend time with, someone he knew, someone he could call his friend, not that he was sure if Jackson considered him a friend too, but who was him to complain? Even if Jackson didn’t consider him his friend, it was still better than being completely alone.

In the days that followed his encounter with Jackson, Isaac came to learn that he and Jackson had a few classes together, so it was kind of comforting for him to know that he could look around and see a familiar face in class.

Running through the halls like someone trying to escape the plague, Isaac finally reached the door of his first class of the day. He was late, extremely late, so without even knocking onto the door, Isaac simply pulled it open and entered the classroom, knowing very well that the Chemistry teacher would lecture him hardcore for being late or even give him a detention.

“You’re late, Lahey. I’m disappointed.” Jackson said, beating the teacher to it, what caused Isaac to try very hard to fight the smile that was attempting to surface across his features. “I’m sorry!” Isaac said, not sure if to Jackson or to the teacher, who was looking at him sternly. “Da… I mean, Chris couldn’t take me here today, so I had to take the bus and traffic was hell.” Isaac explained when he sat down beside Jackson prior to mouthing a soundless “shit” under his breath for almost calling Chris his dad. Jackson had a joke set on his mind about Isaac calling Chris his dad, but decided against it, noticing the startled look on his friend’s face.

“We have a project to do about Spectroscopy.” Jackson said, rolling his eyes when he saw Isaac smirking quietly, one of his eyebrows raising in amusement. “So we’re doing it together, huh?” Isaac asked, his smirk growing ever so slightly as he nudged Jackson playfully. “Oh, shut up, Lahey. This classroom is not big enough for two egocentric pricks”. Jackson returned Isaac’s nudge, faking a glare.

“What the hell is this Spectroscopy thing, anyway?” Isaac asked as his nails scratched the back of his nick in a signal of embarrassment. “I have no idea.” Jackson replied, rolling his shoulders in a shrug. Isaac simply shook his head and turned his attention to the teacher to hear her explanation to the project.

“What about we hit the library after class and start this project?” Jackson asked once the class was over and he and Isaac were packing their things to go to their next class. “Fine by me.” Isaac replied prior to playfully punching Jackson’s shoulder. “I’ve got to go, dude. Can’t be late to any other class today. See you later, Jackson.” Isaac added prior to walking away from the class, waving his palm in a goodbye to Jackson.

The rest of Isaac’s classes passed painfully slowly, he was feeling pretty bored and anxious at the same time even though he had no reason to be anxious, after all he was just going to work on a project with Jackson. Not to be anxious. At least that was what Isaac wanted to believe.

Ever since he met with Jackson at the coffee shop Isaac couldn’t but think about that party he went to with Erica and Jackson, the way the three of them were pressed together, dancing, and kind of flirting. He always told himself that he was more interested in Erica that night, but no, he only had eyes for Jackson.

A sigh escaped from Isaac’s lips as he threw a glance to the clock on the wall, he would still have to wait ten more minutes until he could meet with Jackson at the library. He hadn’t seen the younger Whittemore since the fifth period two hours earlier. Isaac knew it wasn’t normal to feel bothered t the fact that he couldn’t have all classes with Jackson, it wasn’t normal to miss someone the moment they were gone, but Isaac did, he missed Jackson.

Carelessly throwing his stuff into his bag as the bell rang signaling the end of his last class of the day, Isaac put it into his back and quickly vanished from the class, crossing the path to the library, where he knew Jackson would be waiting for him in order for them to start the project.

When Isaac finally arrived at the library, he swiftly scanned his surroundings, looking for Jackson, who he spotted sitting at one of the farthest corners of the place, a book in hands. There weren’t many people there, so it was kind of the best choice to study without being interrupted.

“You’re late again, Lahey.” Jackson said, barely raising his gaze from the book to look properly at Isaac. “What?!” Isaac asked, gasping quietly. “I have only left class, there’s no way I’m late.” He added, acquiring a defensive edge to his voice. Rolling his eyes playfully, Jackson shot a smirk at him. “I’m kidding, Lahey. Don’t get your pants into a twist.” In a friendly manner, Isaac flicked Jackson’s forehead. “Asshole.” Isaac said, chuckling lightly as he sat down beside Jackson. “But still you love me.” The younger Whittemore said in a nonchalant tone causing Isaac to stare him wide-eyed. “Come on, let’s get started with this.” Not trusting his voice, Isaac simply nodded and grabbed one of the books on the table.

“Hey, fancy getting an ice cream, Lahey?” Jackson asked after a couple hours of research in the library. “I know this ice cream shop that sells some exotic flavors.” He added as if that would make Isaac instantly agree to go with him, which kind of worked, because without even noticing, Isaac was already nodding and standing up to pack his things. “Sure! I can no longer read about this damn Spectroscopy thing. I hate Chemistry now.” Deciding against replying, Jackson simply chuckled and packed his things as well, so they could both leave the library.

As they reached the ice cream shop with Jackson leading the way, Isaac chose a table at its entrance and got Jackson to get the ice creams for both of them. “What flavor do you want, Lahey?” The younger Whittemore asked, eyebrow raised in question. “Something exotic.” Isaac replied, as if it was some internal joke and shaking his head in amusement, Jackson simply nodded.

Jackson came back after only a few minutes with two ice creams in hand, one of them was light green and the other had a shade of purple that looked almost like white. “Which one is mine?” Isaac asked as Jackson sat down across from him. “Depends. Which one do you want?” He asked, raising the green one as he asked “Pistachio?” And the purple one as he said “Or jabuticaba?” Isaac had never heard of something called jabuticaba, so he chose this one to see if it had a good taste.

They boys chatted as they ate their ice cream and at some moment Isaac decided that it would be funny to rub the ice cream against Jackson’s nose, what made the other guy rub his one against Isaac’s nose before both broke into a row of laughter and at that moment Isaac felt happy for the first time in a long while.

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Chapter 4: Date 4

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Chapter 5: Date 5

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Chapter 6: Date 6

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Chapter 7: Date 7

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