What is Amber and How is It Used as a Therapeutic Product?


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Amber jewelry is getting increasingly popular. For many of us, amber is considered as a gemstone quite similar to turquoise and jade. But very few know that amber is not a gemstone but a fossilized resin. It is majorly produced in Russia. The demand for this jewelry has been increasing by leaps and bounds for its therapeutic properties especially for relieving of pain and discomfort during the teething period. Here, we would first try to understand all the basics of this wonderful material.

Understanding Amber

We have already stated that amber is not a gemstone. It is a petrified tree resin which is obtained from the family of coniferous trees. The amber from the Baltic region of Russia is considered the best as thus it is Baltic Amber that has the maximum demand. The resin becomes fossilized over a period of time after being exposed to heat, pressure, light, oxygen, etc. Oxidizing and polymerization are two ongoing processes that transform the resin into amber. However, since the process is ongoing; amber keeps changing as time goes on.

It is formed in various forms like beads, drops, dripstones, icicles, nuggets, etc. They come in various shapes and sizes. Usually, it is of light color which can vary from pale brown to light yellow color. It is also of light density, almost like seawater. Usually, its density ranges from 0.96 to 1.096 g/cm cube. It is only because of this light density that one can easily wear even large amber stones without any issue.

Why Baltic Amber?

We already talked about the Baltic amber being in most demand. In fact, about eighty percent of amber is produced in this region alone. It is because the quality and the therapeutic properties of the amber from this region are considered the highest from this region.

Therapeutic properties of Amber

The driving reason for the popularity of amber is its touted therapeutic properties especially its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. It is a highly effective and natural pain reliever. This property comes from its basic compound called the succinic acid. This acid is also found naturally in our body and has both anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. The amber has been found to yield excellent results in reliving the teething pain in babies, in arthritis pain and various other ailments.

To get relief from pain, amber is worn against the skin in the form of jewelry like amber necklaces, bracelets, anklets, etc. When in touch with the skin, amber gets heated from body heat and releases the succinic acid as an oil. The oil then gets absorbed into the skin and finally into the blood. Soon, you start finding relief from the pain.

Today, amber can be polished to give a more aesthetic appeal. The good thing about this polishing is that while it makes the bead look prettier; it does not alter its medicinal properties. Thus, one can easily adorn this amber jewelry to take advantage of is its medicinal properties as well as look stylish and fashion-trendy. If you have not tried this wonderful jewelry, you must do it right away.

Baltic Proud

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