Damaged Goods


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 Driving on the 406 is always a cunt , I hate this bloody road. Never again Adam thought to himself , his phone was ringing but it was her "cunt cunting Cunt" he said out aloud as a sports bike came reving up next to him, he didn't really pay it no mind, until it came to a sudden stop a car in front ant the passenger jumped off the bike and pulled a Mac 11 out of his Louie Vuitton back pack , and started firing into the direction of Adams car. 

The bullets came through the window in slow motion one hole through the glass two holes through the  glass , then SMASH the front window imploded Adam felt hot liquid being soaked up by his sweater, the shooters gun jammed "For fucksake "  said the shooter jumped back on the bike and like dust in the wind they were gone.

THUD a car shunted Adam car trying to escape the carnage. Adam tried to open the door but he had no power his trousers were soaking wet with warm thick blood his vision was blurry , he could only move his right arm but consciousness was no constant.

His car door open "exscuse me sir what is your name ? I'm Robert I'm a surgeon at Middlesex hospital today may be your lucky day! What did you say your name was again " said Robert he told Adam he could only see three wounds , but he will be ok .

People were starting to gather once they could see the threat of emenint danger , Adam had lost full consciousness now but Robert and a few other people had pulled him out of the vehicle , Robert saw a pistol in the footwell of the drivers seat and put his bag over it , Robert took off his cardigan and applied pressure to the wounds , he asked some of the gatherers to do it so he could talk to the emergency services and tell the ambulance team what to have ready, he turned to get his bag and with his latexed hand he reached for the pistol "WOOP WOOP WOOP WOOP '" a police car screeched up , he grabbed the pistol and threw it in his bag and turned back to Adam and took back over the pressure applying and talking to Adam, nobody was paying him any mind they were more amazed with the body leaking his life's blood all over the a406.

The scene was carnage cars had crashed because of the gunfire they tried to drive away , but all they were doing were driving into other cars metal to metal bumper to bumper , the police officers got to the scene after fighting through the mess of some of the cars " I'm dr Monroe from Middlesex hospital I've stemmed the bleeding as much as I can we need to tell the ambulance to come on the oppsite side of the road , so we can get this young man to hospital asap or his likely to die

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