The Next Alpha

BOOK TWO Ava Monroe is the sweet girl who not so secretly crushed on the wounded wolf boy ten years ago. Now Ava's nineteen, attending an art school hours away from home. The boy with the gruesome scars, a forgotten memory. When summer vacation comes along, Ava has her bags packed and is ready to come home. In the span of two...

The Hybrid

"Do you really want me, all of me? I'm not like other werewolves or vampires. I can't mark you, I can't fully shift into wolf form, I have a beast inside of me, Genevieve. Is that what you really want?"


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A Knockout

The way Myra looked reminded me of a cartoon where the blood rose in a character’s face, resembling a thermometer about to burst. Her eyes threatened to pop out of her skull. She made little choking noises for a moment and then cut loose with a blood-curdling scream. While Billy the Kid and his entourage howled with delight, she...

To Ethan

This book contains a collection of messages sent back and forth by suicidal Ethan and lonely Aubrey who meet on Twitter one day, only to realize that they've already met in the mental clinic two years ago. A dangerous situation, failures, misunderstandings, hardships, awkward moments, accidents, silent conversations, disappointment,...

Infection (ManxMan)

Vlad the impaler one of the most violent rulers of all. So feared that fictional character was named in his honour. Dracula. But the reason he was so violet isn't what it would seem. He was in love and his love was dying.


Since the day he was born, Fate has been able to see every part of a person's future just by looking at them, plaguing his mind with their love, their loss, and ultimately, their death. When he stumbles across a group of teenagers, he drags them into the world of Visionaries, humans with an extra layer of sight that others don't have....