The Next Alpha


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"You are lucky your parents aren't alive to see this." Lydia Steele had her arms crossed, as she sat across the dinning table from Maddox.

Maddox bit his tongue, hazel eyes boring holes into the table. He hadn't done anything wrong ... or had he?

"You better hope Remy doesn't find out about this or better yet he should so he can put a stop to this." Lydia glared at the teenage boy. "I should call him right now."

Maddox had tears in his eyes, bottom lip trembling. "Please, don't!"

Lydia fished in her purse and pulled out a pamphlet, pushing the paper over to Maddox. "I signed you up and you'll be leaving on Sunday."

Maddox glanced from his nana to the pamphlet, his tears rolling down his cheeks and onto the table.

"Ontario's All Boys Boarding School." Maddox read the title of the pamphlet, hands clenched under the table.

He looked up at his nana, a intense glare on his face. "You can't do this. I didn't do anything wrong! "

"Maddox I might be old, but I'm not stupid." Lydia tossed Maddox's leather journal at him, nearly hitting the boy in the face. "At least be smart enough not to leave evidence behind."

Maddox snatched the journal off of the floor and rushed out of the room. He ran upstairs to his bedroom and leaped out of the opened window, shifting in the air and landing on his black paws. He shook out his black and red fur, the journal clenched between his sharp teeth before running off

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Ch.1 Train Station

Ch.1 Train Station

"Your dad is going to kill me." Sebastian said, as he leaned back into the cheap seat.

Ava glanced at the teenage boy, a smile on her face. "He won't. We just have to ease him into the idea."

"And we are doing that by continuing to let him think you are showing up with your brother?"

Laughing, Ava leaned over and kissed Sebastian on the cheek. "Are you scared?"

Sebastian shook his head and intertwined his fingers with Ava's cold one's. "I just have a feeling he won't be so accepting of us because I'm human."

"Because your human?" Ava frowned, squeezing his hand comfortingly. "He won't care. My mom's human too and he didn't have a problem."

Sebastian looked at her skeptically. "It's not the same. I'm the man is this relationship, I should be able to protect you."

Ava could feel his distress. "Sebastian."

The boy with the Filipino facial features glanced at his girlfriend. She placed her hand on his cheek and met his lips with her own. Their lips moved in sync, sweet and soft, the taste of her watermelon chapstick on his lips.

"Don't worry." Ava said softly against his lips.

Ava and Sebastian met in School two year ago, initially an innocent attraction between the two teens. He was the sweet boy with the famous smirk and exotic features. She was the new student violet eyes and the popular older brother. Becoming dance partners created a true friendship and led to a cute relationship between the two.

They had been dating for almost a year, and Remy had no clue about this relationship his daughter was having. Ava had confined in her mother the day after Sebastian and Ava made it exclusive, and Genevieve was surprised but happy for her only daughter. Ava had begged Genevieve not to tell Remy and so far Genevieve had kept the promise.

On the other hand Sebastian's adoptive parents were witch hunters and aware of the relationship between their son and Ava. They were very supportive of their relationship, despite it being unclear if he was Ava's mate or if he had one himself.

Ava and Sebastian hadn't really discussed the matter, but they were both aware of what would happen if either of them found their mate.


"What's wrong?" Sebastian asked, referring to the surprised look on Ava's face.

"My dad just sent me a txt." She replied, her face losing all it's color. "Maddox is waiting for us at the train station."

Furrowing his dark eyebrows, Sebastian glanced at his girlfriend. "Maddox? I thought he moved away..."

Ava blinked her eyes, before turning to Sebastian. "He did, but now he's back."

"Are you going to be okay?" Sebastian knew a little about Maddox and from that little information Ava told him, he had gathered that Maddox had a small part of Ava's heart.

Ava seen the worry in Sebastian's brown eyes and that made her smile. "I'll be fine, because I have you."

Sebastian chuckled, afterwards pressing his lips to Ava's forehead. "Why do you think he's back?"

"I'm not sure." Ava said honestly. "I'm not even sure why he left. One day he was there and the next he was gone."

Ava could remember that day better than her own birthdays. She had been fourteen at the time, with the biggest crush on Maddox. She never had a celebrity crush, she had her big eyes set on the older boy. She never dreamed of a prince or a knight in shining armor, she dreamed of being Maddox's mate. Her crush had become something more. Her whole childhood she had only had eyes for the lanky boy and then one day he was just gone. She hadn't seen or heard anything from him after that.

"Do you think he wants the alpha position?"

"He's twenty-two now, so maybe." Ava replied, while leaning into Sebastian's chest as they rode the last three minutes on the train.

"I want to meet him." Sebastian said after a while.

Ava raised her eyebrows. "Why?"

"So I can see who you used to day dream about." Sebastian chuckled. Sebastian didn't feel threatened by Maddox, because Ava's feelings for Maddox had dissolved over time -right?

Ava blushed, flicking Sebastian on the nose. "I did not."

She definitely did.


Ava and Sebastian made their way to the parking lot of the train station, fingers interlocked. They were unsure what type of car Maddox was driving, so Ava told Sebastian to look for a lanky guy, with a pretty face almost baby like.

That's how Ava had Maddox in memory. He had been tall, very thin and a pretty face. He had been the boy next door.

"Ava." A deep voice called from over the parking lot.

The voice made Ava blush and surely her heart would have sped up if it functioned in that sense.

Ava and Sebastian turned to see a 6'4 man, dressed in dark jeans, an old leather jacket, tattoos on his neck, hair buzzed off and dark shades covering his hazel eyes.

"Is that him?" Sebastian asked, while looking at the guy. "He isn't exactly how you described..."

"That's Maddox." Ava whispered.

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Ch.2 Good Memories


Maddox could feel a slight burning in his eyes as his irises changed color for the first time, the dark lenses of his sunglasses hiding the change. He could feel the wolf side of himself coming to the front, his gums aching and fingertips burning. He watched the two teenagers hesitantly walk across the parking lot and over towards him.

Ava Rose had changed ... a lot.

Her hair was even curlier and longer, her eyes looked brighter, her skin still held its milky pale touch despite her heritage and her cheeks were even rosier. Ava's thin, curveless body had filled out nicely. Her thighs were thick, her waist narrow and her chest small. Her height hadn't changed much, she was still on the short side -around 5'2.

Next to Ava was a boy in his late teens who Maddox presumed to be her boyfriend -because he definitely wasn't her older brother. He was fairly tall, reaching the height of 6'1 and he had Filipino features and a slim, but muscled physique.

Human. Maddox thought to himself.

In a weird way, Maddox was glad that Ava had found someone. Clearly she was over Maddox, and Maddox himself didn't have to reveal that they were mates. Ava and their obvious bond was the reason he had to leave in the first place and now that it was time for him to take over the pack, he couldn't let that happen again.

Maddox knew Ava was his mate from a young age, the way she looked at him with innocent eyes and the butterflies he would get whenever they touched. To someone on the outside, their relationship wasn't quite that obvious because of the age difference, but behind closed doors their age didn't matter.

It was the small things that Ava did or even said, that initially brought them together.

A soft knock sounded at Maddox's bedroom door, before a mop of dark blonde curls was visible. Ava walked into his room, her hair wild and cheeks rosy, her small body dressed in a cute summer dress and beady sandals.

"Maddox." Ava called the eleven year old boy, when she didn't spot him in his overly clean bedroom.

The boy poked his head out of the window, as he sat on the roof. "I'm up here."

Ava walked over to the window and smiled at Maddox sweetly. "Can you help me up?"

Maddox reached down and lifted Ava onto the roof with ease. They weren't suppose to be on the roof, especially Ava, but Maddox was up there with her and he would make sure she was safe.

They sat in silence with the warm sun beaming down on them. It was common for them to sit in a comfortable silence. Maddox had always been a quiet boy and Ava hadn't minded.

Maddox looked like he was dressed for a heavy winter and Ava was dressed for the hot summer day it actually was. Maddox was always dressed in sweaters or big hoodies, anything to cover the nasty scars.

Maddox could feel Ava's eyes on him making him glance at her. She smiled softly before getting off the roof and back into his bedroom. Maddox could hear her opening something that sounded like a drawer or a closet, before she emerged again, one of Maddox's sweaters pulled on over her dress.

Maddox helped Ava up on the roof again, and young Ava held onto his hand. She intertwined their fingers and with her other hand she traced the gruesome scars on Maddox's exposed hand.

"Daddy says it's okay to be different, and when you have someone who loves you it's easier to be different." Ava said softly, occasionally looking up at Maddox's face.

Maddox squeezed her small hand, but didn't say anything in response. They sat there that afternoon, basking in the afternoon sun and a sweet silence around them.

Maddox was pulled out of one of many memories, when Ava and her boyfriend stood in front of him.

"You've changed." Ava said softly, looking up at Maddox.

Maddox nodded his head stiffly and glanced at the boy beside his mate.

"Max." He introduced himself to the boy, sticking out a hand for him to shake.

"Sebastian." The boy smiled genuinely, and shakes his hand with a human strength.

The awkward introduction was over quickly and Maddox helped them load their bags into the trunk of the SUV.

"Where's your brother?" Maddox asked as he pulled out the parking lot, Ava and Sebastian seated in the back.

"He found his mate, but she was already marked by another male, I think. He said he'll call dad tonight." Ava replied, bouncing her knee.

Maddox was acting weird and he looked weird. He looked a lot older and manlier, muscled and intimidating.

"Remy doesn't know you are bringing your boyfriend home for the summer?" Maddox asked, dark eyebrows raised.

Remy was not going to like this. Remy was going to hate this.

"Her dad is going to kill me, right?" Sebastian asked, actual fear creeping up his spine.

Even in witch tribes did they talk about the great hybrid. Ruthless to those he didn't know, and fatal to those he didn't like.

Maddox resisted the urge to confirm the boys assumptions, instead he glanced at Ava in the rearview mirror. "You should have told Remy."

Sebastian slumped in his seat and Ava tried reassuring her boyfriend.

Maddox ignored the two for the rest of the car ride. He needed to find a solution to his problem. Sunglasses wouldn't be an option for the whole summer. Maddox wondered if contacts would work.

Nearly an hour later they were parked outside of Ava's large family home, green grass and palm trees visible, and the bright rays of the sun reflecting against the pool in the backyard.

Maddox knocked on the door and Genevieve opened it, a beaming smile on her face.

Ava was wrapped in the arms of her mother and hugged tightly. After Gen released her daughter she was introduced to Sebastian, and nonetheless was she overly happy.

"Where is your brother?" Genevieve asked, pouring the trio glasses of water.

"He's still at school. He isn't coming this summer, he found his mate but he said he'll call tonight to talk to dad." Ava replied, holding Sebastian's hand under the table.

"Speaking of your dad, I'll go get him. He's out back with the twins." Genevieve kissed her daughter on the cheek, before going to get her husband.

"This is it." Sebastian groaned under his breath, as he waited for his death.

Maddox watched the boy have a melt down and in a way he felt bad. Sebastian didn't need to worry because in reality he wasn't her mate, -Maddox was.

"Calm down. Everything will be fine." Ava locked her lips with Sebastian.

Seconds later a loud growl bounced off the kitchen walls, a powerful statement made by her father, the hybrid.

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Ch.3 Chop Your Balls Off

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Ch.4 Ava's Mate

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Ch.5 Disgusting

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Ch.6 Trouble

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Ch.7 Mistakes

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Ch.8 Wanting Him

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