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Till The end ( Camren fanfiction)

So I am writing this fanfiction on wattpad so I thought, hey why dont I just put in Tablo!

I recommend reading it on wattpad tho because I have included pictures if you like that.


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Chapter one

Camila turned the page of her textbook and bit bored on the end of her pen. It was the last period of school and with fifth teen more minutes to go she stared impatient at the clock. Camila sighted. The teacher was explaining something about algebra. She didn’t even bother listening because she wouldn’t understand it anyways. She hated math more than anything.

Looking around the classroom her eyes stopped by the sight of someone writing intensely in her workbook. Her long wavy black hair hang loosely over her shoulders and hid her face from Camila behind the loose strains of hair. Camila was glad for that because she knew if she could see the face with those beautiful piercing green eyes she would probably die right on the spot.

The girl wore a black tanktop that fit tight around her body and showed slight some cleavage. Her black leather pants showed of her perfect long legs.

Camila’s stares where interrupted by someone softly punching her shoulder. “you’re drooling chancho. If you keep looking at her like this ya eyes will pop outta ya head any second.” Dinah whispered with a slight smirk on her face. Camila chuckled “I can’t help it Dinah. It’s like she does it on purpose wearing those clothes.”

Camila had a crush on Lauren Jauregui sins the first day of school. The moment they walked into her new class she had bumped right into Lauren and accidentally dropped her books on the floor. Lauren helped her pick them up and handed them back to Camila. At that single moment their hands touched for a second and Camila made the big mistake to look up.

Looking right in the green orbs from the girl standing in front of her. Lauren gave her a soft smile. “thank you” was the only thing Camila could say with a shaky voice. “you’re welcome” Lauren smiled and walked over to a desk. From that moment till today, one year later, Camila couldn’t stop feeling butterflies in her stomach whenever she saw the beautiful girl.

Camila had only spoken to her once or twice though. Lauren was one of the most popular girls of school and was always surrounded by a big group of people. Camila was the exact opposite of Lauren. Lauren was an A+ student. Camila wasn’t. Lauren was good in all sports. Camila wasn’t. Lauren always knew what to say and was never awkward. Camila was the definition of awkward. What could Lauren possibly see in her?

She wasn’t popular and had only one good friend named Dinah. Dinah and her knew each other sins kindergarten and became more like sisters. A couple weeks ago, Camila came out as gay to Dinah. She was really scared at first but Dinah didn’t seem so care at all, she even was a little offended when Camila told Dinah that she wasn’t really her type.

“ I still don’t understand why you don’t just talk to her though. I mean, what do ya have to loose dude?” Dinah stated. Camila kinked an eyebrow “talk to her? I don’t know if your brain is working but did you remember that I’m like the most awkward person on earth and she is one of the most popular kids on the whole school?” Camila argued. “and by the way, she is not even gay.”

‘you don’t know that.” Dinah smiled. “but aye, its your life. If you just want to keep staring at her like you are some kind of Edward Cullen than that’s fine by me” and with that Dinah gave her a smirk and started writing in her workbook. Camila laughs and pushed Dinah playfully on her shoulder. “no need to get aggressive” Dinah whispered. “you started it” Camila giggled.

Camila looked on the clock again eagerly to escape the boring math class and her awkward stares towards Lauren. Five more minutes. She looked at her workbook and noticed that the page was still completely blank. Shit. she cursed when she realised that she had to turn in her work in lesser than five minutes.

She quickly glanced over to Dinah who smirked and shakked her head. “Here ya go chancho. But you should really start doing some math next time instead of drooling thinking about Lauren”. She shove her workbook to Camila. “ thanks” she mumbled a little ashamed when she wrote the answers in her own book.

Than it happened.

Camila was almost done writing the answers in her book when she felt a small bump under her feet. She looked at Dinah who had clearly felt it to by the look on her face. There was another bump only then ten times harder. Everyone looked up from their work and scanned the classroom with confused expressions on their faces.

A squeal escaped Camilas lips as the ground began to shake violently. ‘everyone please remain calm.” We are having an earthquake hide under your desks.Don’t come out until its over!’ the teacher screamed but he was hardly heard because of the awful booming noise that surrounded the building.

There were signs hanging from the ceiling on chains and they were swinging so much they were banging off the ceiling as they went back and forth. Dinah and Camila dived under an desk holding each other’s hands and curling up against the wood of the desk. “Shit Dinah what do we do?” Camila screamed but her voice was barely heard over the loud noises. “I don’t know! Just stay under the desk it has to be over soon!”

Camila didn’t know how long they sat under the desk waiting for the violent shaking to be over but she couldn’t stop thinking about her little sister Sofi. She was only six and it bothered her for not being there for her right now. She was probably scared to death!

She jumped when a loud screaking noise was heard and seconds later the windows blast out of the wall. Shattered pieces of glass flying everywhere in the room. The lights flickered several times before the power went out and the building got extremely dark. She heard several screams and before she knew what was happening the left side of the wall crumbled down. Dust, bricks and glass were flying across the classroom.

“Dinah we have to get out now the building is falling down!” Camila screamed in fear . Dinah nodded and pulled Camila away from the desk.

The shaking was sufficiently violent that it was very difficult to remain standing. Camila took a glance around the remaining pieces of the classroom. The whole left wall wasn’t there, instead a big pile of bricks and glass lay sprayed over the floor. Several people lay helplessly on the ground. “we have to help them!” Dinah screamed while having an incredible hard time to remain standing.

Just as Dinah and Camila wanted to move an even louder screaking sound was heard and cracks appeared in the ceiling. “there is no time Dinah, Run!” Camila screams on the top of her lungs trying to get over the loud booming sound. Taking a last glance at the helpless bodies sprawled across the floor they made their way to the door just in time before half of the ceiling fell down.

The girls were now standing in the big hall and made their way to the exit. Lockers lay on the ground and made running impossible. The climbed over the lockers holding each other’s hands.

They were almost out when Camila heard someone crying. She turned around and let go of Dinahs hand when she saw a boy laying on the floor crushed under a locker. Camila didn’t think twice and starting to run to the boy. When she arrived at her destination she tried to lift the locker of his body. “Camila we have to go!” Dinah screamed who was already at the exit door. “I have to help him Dinah!”

Before Dinah could move the loudest sound yet filled the building and a pillar with half of the wall fell down, blocking the way from the exit for Camila, separating her with Dinah. “Camila!” Dinah cried out.

“Go Dinah! I’ll find another way!”. She couldn’t see Dinah and she hoped Dinah made it out. Camila kneeled on the ground grapping the boys hand.

“You’re gonna be alright okay!?” she told him. The boy let out a few cries, tears streaming down his face. Camila looked around for an exit but couldn’t see anything because of the crumbling dust that filled her eyes. With both of her hands she gripped the locker and tried lifting it with all her strength.

Just when she thought it had no use and wanted to give up she felt an unknown force lifting the locker with her. Looking to the right she was met by two piercing green eyes.

No time to think she focused on the locker again, adrenaline flushing trough her veins and together they slowly lifted the locker and pulled the boy out.

“thank you. Thank you so much!” the boy cried. “Can you walk?” the green eyed asked him. Camila now took time to look at the unknown human who had helped saving the boy. Her breath stuck in her throat when she saw it was Lauren who spoke to her. “ I think he broke his leg. Help me lift him up.” Lauren spoke. Camila focused on the boy again and took one of his arms, Lauren the other and together the lifted him of is feet. His leg was twirled in a strange way that wasn’t humanly possible and little stream of blood slipped out of his nose.

“what do we do now?” Camila panicked looking around her and seeing no exit. Lauren looked her in the eyes with a determined expression. “Follow me!” Lauren yelled. Just then they heard another booming sound. Both looking up they watched with an horrible expression as the ceiling cracked and they realised the building would crumble down on their head any second.

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Chapter two

Follow me!” Lauren yelled. Just then they heard another booming sound. Both looking up they watched with an horrible expression as the ceiling cracked and they realised the building would crumble down on their head any second.

“Shit, we have to go now!” Camilla yelled. Lauren reacted immediately and dragged the boy to the big white door of the gym.

“There is an emergency exit in the end of the locker room. It will lead us directly outside the building if I remember correctly”. Lauren told them in such an determined voice that it gave Camila goose bumps all over her arms and made here stomach feel like it was doing backflips.

Lauren pushed against the door expecting it to open but unfortunately it only moved a couple centimetre. Looking up at the ceiling they both realised that if they weren’t fast enough, the building would crush them in no time.

“Quick help me push!” the green eyed girl screamed over the loud booming sounds filling their eardrums.

They put the boy on the ground against the side of the wall who let out a cry of pain because of the sudden chance of position.

Camila locket eyes with Lauren as they put their hands on the big door.

“One, two, three and push!” and together the pushed against the heavy door with all their strength. Camila felt all her muscles tense as she felt counter-pressure from the door against her arms.

The door only moved a little more but still not enough for them to go through.

“Something is blocking it! What do we do?!” Camila asked Lauren who had an unreadable expression on her face. It was like the beautiful girl in front of her wasn’t even scared. Camila was the exact opposite. Her knees where shaking heavily and her breath was uncontrollable fast.

Lauren probably noticed it because she put a comforting hand on Camila’s shoulder.

“Let’s try again. I’m not going to die here because we couldn’t get this stupid door to open. We can do it” Lauren smiled.

Camila nodded with a little smile and focused on the door again. They both took a deep breath and then they pushed with all the power they had.

Slowly the door began to move and finally there was enough space to slip through.

Lauren, still very calm, turned to face Camila. “Told you we could do it” she smirked.

Camila let out a nervous laugh and turned around the reach for the boy. They lifted him of the ground and made their way through the door. Looking behind they saw that a fallen cabinet had blocked the door from opening.

“This way!” Lauren yelled while turning to the left entering the locker room.

While they entered Camila notices the emergency exit sign in the back of the room. It was probably just 30 feet away.

Just when Camila thought they would make it she heard a creaking sound from above them. They probably had only a couple second left.

Just as they started to run the boy cried out in pain and fell on the ground now fracturing his leg even more. A pool of blood formed around him and the girls noticed that there was a big piece of sharp glass sticking through his foot.

“Go without me, I will only slow you down.” The boy suddenly spoke in a weak voice.

“We are not going to leave you behind” Camila spoke while looking at him in his blue eyes.


Suddenly all her fear was gone and instead her heart filled itself with courage. Lauren looked at her with a surprised expression on her face and then smiled. “Let’s get out of here then”.

The girls bend down an lifted the boy once again and started running to the exit. Some Lockers fell down right in front of them but they reacted quickly and jumped over them with the boys arms still around there shoulders.

Finally after what seemed like hours the made it to the exit door. Camila pushed the door handle down and luckily the door opened just in time for them to take a leap of faith outside when the ceiling broke down and crumpled to pieces.

Dust, glass and pieces of bricks flow around to every possible direction.

The three lay on the ground squishing their eyes shut and hoping it would be over soon. Camila lay against the boy on the ground while Lauren hovered on top of them, holding them in a tied embrace trying to protect their heads.

After a couple of minutes witch seemed like the longest minutes of Camila’s life, laying there together on the ground the loud noises slowly turned into a soft humming sound and a couple seconds later finally went silent.

Camila’s eardrums throbbed painfully against her skull and she left out a small groan. Slowly lifting her eyelids she looked straight into the boys green eyes. A tear rolled down his face but he had a soft smile on his face.

She now had a change to examine him a little more. He was probably around 14 years old. His brown curly locks of hair covered a small part of his face. His eyes where green but not as piercing green as Laurens. He had a cute smile with small dimples on both sides of his cheeks.

“Are you guys okay?” Lauren suddenly spoke. Camila jolted a little when she heard the raspy voice coming from above her. A lump formed in her throat when she felt Laurens warm body on top of hers.

“uhhmm… y-yeah I’m fine.” Camila spoke with a shaky voice. “Besides a broken leg and a piece of glass sticking in my foot, couldn’t feel any better” the boy groaned trying to put a soft smile on his face.

“Oh fuck I forgot, sorry!” Lauren quickly lifted her body off the ground and got on her feet.

She put her hand out for Camila to grab. Camila was still a little stunned as she took the warm hand and got up from the stone surface.

Lauren pulled her up with little too much force and their foreheads bumped together. “Ouch” they both gasped and grasped their heads. “Shit sorry are you okay?” Lauren asked with a worried face. Camila couldn’t hold back a laugh and nodded. “Trough I gave you a concussion for a second there” Lauren now also laught.

They were standing awfully close, the green orbs staring right in Camila’s eyes. She noticed that they were still holding hands and quickly let go and looked away embarrassed.

“Wow….” The boy suddenly spoke and Camila was glad that the uncomfortable situation was over.

The boys eyes focused on the environment around them and the girls quickly looked at what he was referring to.

Camila’s heart skipped a beat when the saw what damage the earthquake had done to the school and rest of the neighbourhood.

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