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Thanks for choosing my story

 I just wanna start off with, thank you so much for choosing my story to read. It’s my first so it might not be the best, there might be some grammar mistakes, and there also might be some typos, if there is please just ignore it! 

Thanks one again! 


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Chapter 1: The move..

 ”ughhh, could my day get any worse?” Amy thought to herself. She just found out that she has to move to Florida, because of family issues. Amy was born and raised in northern New York, and she’s only moved twice in her whole life, but not as far as Florida. Her phone starts vibrating in her pocket, she pulls it out and it’s her best friend Sandra calling her, she answers. “Hey girl what’s up?” Amy says. “Um nothing much, so I just heard your moving to FLORIDA?!” Sandra says obnoxiously. Amy rolls her eyes. “Let me guess, my mom told you?” Amy questions. 

Amy’s mom CAN NOT keep a secret, she’s always out running around flapping her lips about everyone’s personal life. 

“You are correct!” Sandra answers. Amy Sighs. “Ok, yes I’m moving to Florida, Next week..” “NEXT WEEK?!” Sandra shouts. “Yes.. and please don’t tell Hannah, I don’t need her crying right now.” 

“Why in the ever living HELL are you moving to Florida?” “Because, well, erm, how do I say this, my dad wants to move to the warmer weather..” the phone goes silent for a second. “That’s the worse lie I’ve ever heard..” Sandra replies. “Ok, fine, the real reason we’re moving is because my grandmother died, and we’re moving in her house.” Amy says. “Oh, i- I’m so sorry, I had no idea, but why didn’t you tell me sooner?” “Because, I didn’t want anyone bothering me and feeling bad for me..” Amy replies shyly.

”don’t worry, I won’t bother you about it, I’ll pretend you didn’t even tell me if it makes you feel better!..” 

amy smiles, Sandra and her bright ideas.

”thanks, I gotta go pack, ttyl!” Amy says and they both hang up after exchanging good byes. After hanging up, Amy starts to question everything. 

“Why am I moving, what is going on, I don’t want to leave Sandra and Hannah..” she thinks to herself. 

Sandra and Hannah are Amy’s two best friends. They’ve all three have been friends since elementary school, and they plan to be BFFS for life.

Amy picks up a box full of clothes, and brings it to the car, and loads it in the trunk. “I can’t believe this is happening, I’m moving to Florida next week..”

the week flies by, and it’s moving time. Amy sits in her room, and ponders about life. “I’m going to be a nobody at the new school, wait, maybe I’ll meet.. the one?!” She thinks. “No no no, that’s crazy, I’ll be single forever..” she adds. Her mom busts into her room without knocking, “come on sweetie it’s time to go, time to go to our new home in Florida!!” Her mom says in a high pitched- way too excited voice. Amy Sighs quietly and gets up, and walks out of her room, turning the light off and looks back to takes one good glance at her life she’s leaving behind.. “goodbye New York, I’ll miss you..” she quietly says to her self.

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Chapter 2: ugly reality

 Amy sits in the backseat, listening to the music on her phone, when she gets a text from.. Hannah. Amy gulps. “I knew this was going to happen..” she thinks to herself. “Hey, so I heard your moving to Florida, when are you leaving?” It reads. “We left an hour ago.” Amy replies.

what seems like 5 minutes slowly goes by, and her phone finally lights up. “WHAT? And you didn’t even tell me?” 

Here it goes, an argument starting up, once again..

“I’m sorry Hannah, I didn’t want to upset you!” “What? Upset me? You wouldn’t of upsetted me, what upsets me is you not even telling me your leaving!” Hannah replies. 

After Amy reads the text, she can feel her heart breaking.

”you know what, don’t text me for a while, I’m so tired of this Amy..” 

and kablamo, Amy’s heart completely shatters. “You have to be kidding me!” Amy thinks to herself. She holds back tears and doesn’t reply to the text. She texts Sandra. “Well, guess what?” “What” “Hannah’s pissed at me..” Amy replies. “She found out?” Sandra sends back. “Yep.. ugh, I hate life right now!” Amy sends back. “Don’t worry, I’ll talk to her, just relax, everything is gonna be ok.” Amy smiles after reading that text, Sandra always finds a way to brighten even her darkest day. A few more hours pass by, and finally they arrive in Florida. “Look Amy, it’s the welcome to Florida sign!” Her dad says. “Yep... home sweet home..” she replies sarcastically. “Oh honey,cheer up, we’re gonna have a good time at our new home!!” Her mom says. “Yep, a huh, totally..” Amy says.

after 20 minutes they pull up to a small-cottage like house. “Aww, well this is just adorable!” Her mom says. 

Its a small, white brick house with a white picket fence around it. They pull up in the car port and get out, Amy is greeted by a Tabby cat. “Meow” it starts rubbing and purring on her legs. “Aww” Amy says and pets it. “Oh that’s Sammy, he was left behind after your grandmother passed, he’s a sweetheart!” Says her dad.

Amy is a huge cat lover, and is gonna appreciate sammys company.

a teenage boy, who appears to be Amy’s age, riding a bike, greets Amy and her family. “Hi are you new here?” He says in a polite tone. “Um, yes, just moved here from New York..” Amy replies shyly. “Oh wow, that’s amazing, I’m Joey by the way, I go to Grovewood high, is that where you’ll be going?” “Yes actually, I’ll be a sophomore this year.” “Oh really? Me too!” Joey replies. Amy stares at the ground and blushes. “This boy is kinda cute..” she thinks to herself. She notices him smiling. “What’s your name?” Joey asks. “Amy..”

”nice name, well I gotta go Amy, I’ll see you around.” He says and drives off on his bike. “Well looka there, Amy’s already made herself a boyfriend.” Her dad says teasingly. “I don’t even know him, and he most likely has a girlfriend anyway dad..” Amy says blushing. “Yeah okay.” Her dad replies smiling. “Come on, grab a box and bring it in.” Her mom says. 

She grabs the biggest box she sees out of the trunk, and makes her way up the stone steps that lead into the big, white door. She enters the house, and enters the living room. “Oh wow, this is beautiful.” She thinks. Dark wood flooring makes up the floors, and a big crystal chandelier hangs right in the dining room. She walks down the hall, and all the way at the end is her new room. She enters and is just amazed. Fluffy white carpet makes up the ground and the walls are YELLOW, Amy’s favorite color! A big queen size bed sits in the corner and a huge flat screen TV sits on the wall. “I... I love it!” She says out loud and jumps landing on her bed. “Well well well, I told you not to worry, you love it don’t you?” Her mom says peeking into her room. A huge smile makes up Amy’s face, “my old room in New York is nothing compared to this!” She says happily. Amy pulls out her phone and snaps a selfie in her new bed, and sends it to Sandra. “Sandra, my new room is AWESOME!” She sends in all caps. “Omg, I’m so jealous!” Sandra texts back. 

“Too bad youre not here..” Amy sends. “Yeah.. but don’t worry, you’ll make friends, and you’ll always have me and Hannah!!” “Oh yeah, hows hannah dealing with me moving?” Amy replies. “Ohh, um, she’s still pretty annoyed with you, but she’s getting better..” “Well please tell her I love her and I miss her!” “Ok!” Sandra texts back. The day seems to fly by pretty fast, after they bring in all the boxes and unload everything, it’s a really nice house, Amy has never lived in a nice house before, she’s always lived in small cluttered apartments, so this is a big change for her, and so far she’s loving it!!

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Chapter 3: Amy’s waters 🌊

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Amy’s waters (continued)

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Chapter 4: all nighter

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Hey guys, should I continue this story??

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