Kate finds herself transported through time to an era where magic was a death sentence . Will she find out who or what put her there or will the man named Marcus end it all. Join Kate as she goes looking for answers with her new friends. "Time Away" is the first book in an amazing trilogy.

Four Souls

This is a story about a group of friends. Four to be exact, four runaways, four survivors. A girl who can not remember, a girl who can not forget, a boy who keeps returning, and a boy who just wont admit. Four children who are seemingly not connected in any way, shape or form but there destiny and lives are entangled with each other in...


A story about two twelve year old kids. Two best friends who stumble upon something they shouldn't have. This story follows them and there account on what really happened to them during summer vacation.


What happens when you awake to find yourself Contained. The only way out is to play the game of a sick capture. To figure out the puzzle pieces, to make sure that every one stays alive.


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The Logic Engine

A man wakes up with no memories or knowledge of the world, the only thing he knows is that he has the ability to teleport himself. On his journey he will discover the world as well as his past. Each chapter is an event in his life and in each one of those he learns something new. ( 13 / 100 chapters)


When Ivaline Whit is murdered, she doesn't go to heaven like she expected. But she doesn't go to hell, either. Stuck as a spirit between this world and the next, she can't continue on into the afterlife until something has been resolved. And as it turns out, there are others like her. And they all have the same target in mind.