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"You watch those survival shows, right, I did. You know which ones I'm talking about. The ones were you think the person can not get any more stupid even if they tried. I would watch and laugh at those people. I would think if those people were actually put in that type of situation instead of make believe bullshit on TV they would fail, they would die. Then I thought if I was in there place I would win, I would survive. Now that I think about it that is probably the reason I ended up here in this horrid place, because of my narcissism."

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Chapter 1

  Gasping, I struggled up, the room spinning. My eyes stung and watered as they adjusted to the bright blinding light of fluorescent room. I could smell chloroform. Gagging I held my hand to my mouth try to stop my gag reflex but it was too late, covered in last meal was my hand. Shaking it off I looked around the room. Metal walls, floor, ceiling, and one metal door but that wasn't the worst part. What worried me the most was roughly around two hundred girls around my age were in this tiny silver room with me.


Confused and afraid, they didn't know what was happening, neither did I. Some wear still passed out and sleeping, while others were awake or beginning to wake. The ones that were conscious had one thing in common; they are were fighting. Some girls fought over boxes which I correctly guessed as rations. They argued about how much one person could have and how to divide them up equally. Others were trying to beat the door down. Going over and over about strategies but that wouldn't work. The jaws of life themselves would only make a scratch on the metal doors.


    Now a couple of girls stood out to me. One was a tall blonde who was cliche enough as it was with her big breast and cheerleader uniform. She screamed at people and the only thing I thought was " Bitch." She yelled at people to follow her. To her right was another blond in a pony-tail with bigger breast then the first cheerleader, almost like a clone. She on the other hand was crying. She coward behind the " Leader" as you would put it. To the far right of her was an even taller women with Spiky short fiery red hair. She had piercings and one tattoo I could see on her neck traveling down to her shoulder-blade. I felt raw power coming off from her, you knew she was strong, her presence blazed saying " animal." Aggressively she yelled at people to shut up and listen to her. This didn't help her case at all. Next to her was a girl with long black hair and glasses. She held A laptop open staring at the screen. I couldn't read her, her face showed no emotion. Both sides as you could put it, trying to "recruit" people.


Many girls came up to me asking if I was ok, if I needed anything, and if I would like to join their group to help them. I quickly said no, leaving them where they stood. They all looked the same, pathetic and whiny. I didn't bother to learn their names either, they were quite annoying. They were all too busy with " pressing" matters they forgot to ask the main questions.


" What the hell happened to us! " I heard no one ask, " where are we?" " who did this to us?" No it was " who's more popular."


    All of a sudden a loud noise came out of no were. It was like it was everywhere, it sounded like the static of a TV. It silenced every one, we dropped to our knees covering our ears in tell it turned off. There was a buzzing and then a click followed by a man or a women beginning to talk.


The room started to panic but the sound came back silencing everyone again. The voice began to speak again, it voice filled with malice and anger.


" Listen carefully, do not speak a word or you will hear that lovely sound again. You are all probably wondering why you're here right. So let me tell you." I glared at the invisible voice trying to figure out who it could be.


"Humans are greedy,selfish, vindictive, ugly, unholy, and unfair creatures. Humans are monsters who don't care about anyone else but themselves and their own survival. Humans think that they're better than others, animals, plants, rocks, the god or gods that your worship and even the sky. Well at least you all do." we held our breaths, sweat dripping from our brows as the air around us turned deadly quit.


" You think you're faster, stronger, smarter than others. You laugh at those shows saying " we could do better." So here's your chance to prove it, to show that you are better." The voice cracked with rage.


" Your first goal is to figure out the lock combination. If you do that you will be let free. In an hour if you haven't gotten the door opened by then you will face consequences." with that the voice was gown and everyone began panicking. The room grew terrified, people began to run to the door beating and banging. Pushing and hitting people to get out. Girls getting trampled, even I got a few elbows in the rib cage. The voice was right , people only cared about themselves. I picked up a girl laying on the ground with a crumbled hand from a group of people stepping on her. I let her go to move out-of-the-way when a herd of people came running, arguing. I knew if this didn't stop a mass panic attack would happen.


I was about to say something when a girl with short choppy brown hair and green eyes in a jumpsuit blew a whistle, getting everyone's attention.


" You all need to calm down before you start a mass panic attack. We have to stay Strong ok. We have to work together." As she talked people began to clam down.


" We as a group need to establish some type of plan. So if you could nicely come over here and have a seat we will tell you about the plan we thought of." I followed as the walked over and began to sit down. She turned around our eyes meeting. she smiled at me then went and sat down next to laptop girl.


" So -" the cliche blonde coughed interrupting whistle girl. Walking in front of her she spoke.


" Now now Michelle why would anyone listen to you.Your not a leader unlike me whose head cheerleader."


" I am though the student body president Alicia!" I am in charge of all the students in the school."


"Yes but were not in school so you have no real authority." she snickered.

Most of the girls nodded and began walking to the other side of the room with Alicia. This was pointless we needed to find a way to open the door not play who's the best " hero." I turned letting my eyes wander over the locked door. It was a simple number lock, like the ones you find on old suitcases. Get the right combo and you were free. 12 slots grouped together, tricky but not impossible. All the thinking made my stomach growl so I headed for the rations.I made my way slowly toward the boxes. I went to get a health bar and water, which was the only thing they had in them, when a big muscular girl had stopped me.


" Alicia doesn't want anyone touching the food." if I didn't know better I would have thought the person in front of me was a man. I pulled my hand back.


" move" I said mono toned. I knew I wasn't Strong enough to take her but I was smart enough to outsmart her, I had to think of a plan. My mind raced with thousands of possibilities to take down this brute. Thinking about how to get out of this behind me a hand landed on my shoulder.


" Abby Alicia wants you." turning I saw it was Michelle. Abby left with a grunt, stomping away.


" Here" Michelle offered me a bar and water. I guessed she nicked while Abby wasnt paying attention.


" I didn't know student body presidents had a habit of stilling supplies." I smirked


" Well like Alicia said this isn't school, we have to survive anyway we know how." I nodded about to leave again but she stopped me.


" I saw you thinking, you knew the girls would go into a mass panic attack didn't you? You were about to saying something before I stopped it".  I nodded again letting her speak.


" I think you would be a good member of my team, we would benefit from your help." I shook my head


" I can't I'm sorry but I can't, you wouldn't want me on a team, I don't play well with others." I turned but she stepped in front of me.


" Maybe so but we need to work together to survive , you know that, I know you know that." I thought for a second, I wouldn't like this. Like the voice said people were greedy and they were very complicated. I have no doubt that some of the girls would stab me in the back if they had to. To kill me just for a little comfort. I also knew that Michelle was right.


" Fine," grabbing my hand she dragged me to the others.


" everyone this is...,"


" Dean" I replayed dryly.

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Chapter 2

    Michelle went round and introduced everyone. Scarlet, the laptop girl was Samantha. "Queen Bitch" was Alicia and her mini clone sidekick Sarah. There was also two other girls in the group Jesse and Lauren. I looked at the younger sister Lauren, she didn't look so good. As we sat, we discussed what we could do, Samantha went first,

" There are a hundred possibilities but we can narrow it down. He wants to know exactly what date and hour it..."

" How can you tell " I asked even though I had figured it out way before them based on the slots on the lock. 

" Well you see he said we have an hour, right. And I took a class on time management. " " any who, if you look at the slots you can see that the first couple of slots are two four. which could mean the date/ the month/ and the years. So since we couldn't have been asleep for a year we can assume it still two thousand and six" we nodded our heads agreeing as she continued.

" We can also assume that it's still the same month of January. That means we need to figure out the day and time." That's what i can guess the rest of the slots are for.
Michelle said she had afternoon practice on Tuesday, one of the girls who walked by us said she was abducted Wednesday .  I noted how the girls remembered different things. Like how one could not remember anything like and others could remember everything. So we all agreed skeptically that it was Thursday because no one had been abducted that day. Now there was only the hour, since there was no windows we couldn't tell if it was night and day. It was Jesse time to chime in,She stood up walking over to her sister and placing a reassuring hand on her back.


" We think we can help with that." We watched as she explained.

" You see my sister has a rare sickness , its hard to explain and pronounce but she has to take this medicine every night at 12:00 and every morning at 12:00 or she will get dizzy and a lot more sick. One time she missed her meds and ended up in the hospital." The others gasped and went toward Lauren with support but I stood still. No sickness that I knew of did that, something was fishy here.

" we were abducted late at night when my sister was supposed to take her meds, lucky I had any extra with me when we first woke up a couple of hours ago but now it's getting to the time when she has to take another. " Scarlet interrupted,

" So what you're saying is you think it's about 12:00 in the afternoon." Jesse nodded. As we got up Lauren collapse, we ran to her but stopped expect Jesse. The speakers came on again this time with a laugh.

" Your time is up."

" That wasn't an hour!" many screamed.

" I told you, there were repercussion." As he said then smoke started to fill the room Michelle started to run toward the door typing in the lock combo.Chaos; chaos was all there was, everyone ran forgetting each other ,only their own survival was their priority. As the door swung open, fresh air filed the room. Some girls grabbed food and water others just left.I started to move toward the door but stopped I looked back at Jessie and Lauren.

" please Lauren please don't die," Jessie said while holding, clinging to her sister. The sister had been trampled by the crowd. Her sickness taking over had made her weak. I hated to think this but this isn't for the weak, its survival of the fittest. The weak would die and the strong would live and As I looked at the two against my better judgment I ran towards them.

" Jessie give me your hand let's go, She's already gone." The smoke-filled the room and began wrapping its way around us. I felt my throat close up, it tighten wanting to cough but i couldn't or risk inhaling the poison. Looking back and forth to the door and the two girls I pleaded to Jessie to take my hand offering one more time. My head began to spin, swirl, a pain in my temple started. She finally looked at me with eyes full of tears and shook her head. I ran leaving them there, Jessie didn't want to leave her sister and I knew I wouldn't be able to convince them to go. It was useless my only option was to leave them.  I wasn't going to die for the stupidity. as the smoke pulled them away I couldn't see them any more the smoke stung and watered my eyes. As I burst throw the doors I could only hear the faint sob of Jessie.

    I closed the door behind me , inhaling, I blinked trying to see around me. I felt the cold stone floor and knew we were not free. I guessed as much would happen but what awaited us I didn't expect. As my vision cleared I saw what everyone else saw. No one spoke, the people in front of me backed up to the door pushing me further in front allowing me to get a better few. There in front of me was not our captor or our freedom there was us and me.

" Who the hell are you!" Alicia yelled

" Fuck off!"

" Neil stop there not a threat."

" Not a threat, William we have tried to get inside that fucking room all this time and it turns out there were only girls behind it. Not our freedom not our captor but girls.'  I looked at this William he had strawberry blond hair and golden brown eyes he looked different from this Neil who was tall with black with one strip of red in his ,medium choppy hair and dark hazy hazel green eyes. He had a Punk look about him and piercing in his lips,nose, ears, and eyebrow. Neil looked at the girls holding the boxes of food and water. He smiled nodding to the boys and men behind him.

" grab the boxes" The girls cried latching to them. I ran to the front of our group as did Scarlet and Michelle.

" No one is going to take those boxes in tell we understand what's happening." Michelle said Scarlet just growled at them looking mentioning.

" Fuck off slut." Neil said. He went to push Michelle but I stopped him standing between him and her.

" if I ever see you lay a hand on her ill" I growled

" you'll what Darling, Were in charge here not you so show a little respect and be a good little girl." I backed up and went to the girls holding the boxes.

' Give them ." I clenched out, fist closed tightly.

" Dean!" Michelle gasped. I didn't say anything , I just pried the two boxes away form the girls and slide them over to were the boys were. It was a losing fight. They were bigger and stronger than us and they would do anything Neil told them to do. He was the leader and so he was in charge. I could tell he wasn't afraid to hurt any of us. I looked around their room, most of their supplies were gone. they had one box of food and only about four bottles of water. How long had they been here. So many question when through my mind. 

I knew one thing If we got on his bad side we would lose and I am not losing. for right now am going along with his orders but sooner or later he will mess up, he will become weak, He will turn his back on me and put his guard down.when he does I will be there and I will put him down.

    I realized something being weak could work to my advantage. So I will play the role of the scared girl, the little darling girl, the sweet heart. no matter what it takes. I will get out and find whoever did this. Jesse and Lauren were weak but they were smart and they  could have helped us survive they could have survived well Jessie could have. to survive that was the goal. Anybody who has at least one percent of survival I will help keep alive. If they are weak I will make them stronger.

I vowed that all of us would survive no matter what. we were all capable to surviving.

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