Four Souls


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    This is a story about a group of friends. Four to be exact, four runaways, and four survivors. A girl who cannot remember, a girl who cannot forget, a boy who keeps returning, and a boy who just won’t admit. Four children who are seemingly not connected in any way, shape or form but their destiny and lives are entangled with each other in an impossible knot.


The story however is not knotted; it starts like any other possible story. It starts with a possible accident.

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Chapter 1

    She saw the boy first, the one with the big horned rimmed glasses emphasizing his sea blue eyes. He wore jeans, a white crisp shirt with small red stripes and red suspenders. He looked like one of those fifty's boys. You know the ones with the leather jacket but without the leather jacket and the style. His brown hair was kind of slicked back and his bangs slid softly onto his forehead lingering slightly above his glasses. The type of way you would think that he blew his hair out of his eyes often. His hands kept fumbling with books, trying to push his glasses back onto the ridge of his noise. She wouldn't call him nerdy, but she wouldn't call him normal looking either. He had an elfish look to him, his ears pointed up uncommonly and his complexion took on a olive green hue. The boy was utterly perplexing. She didn't know why though. He was another face in the crowd and she wouldn't usually spare anyone the thought of day, but all she could think was;


“I know him” or “why can't I remember.”


    The boy stopped and she wonder why, in tell she saw the crossing street sign. She was about to go against her better judgment and talk to the boy when he decided to drop his books into the street. He began picking up his books, pushing them by accident further into the road. She didn't have time to think; the car was heading street for the clueless boy. She ran to the boy reaching as far as her hands could stretch onto the boys collar. She gave a solid yank but to her avail she also began falling into the street. That is in tell she felt a pair of arms tighten around her waist tugging her and the boy to safety. She inhaled swiftly taking in dirt smiling as her knees and hands hit the pavement.


“What are you smiling about, you could have died!” Came a harsh voice. She looked up to see the face of her rude savior.  As she did her breath caught, he was gorgeous, well if you called tattered gorgeous. He wore dark ripped jeans with smudges of dirt and soot. A black t-shirt that had seen its years, ripped and covered in grime. His hair was a black shoulder length uncut mess of a mop, that lay grease filled and unwashed for many days. He looked completely homeless to the eye but if you really looked you could tell he was beautiful man. His eyes were a soft blue, almost silver looking. His jaw and cheekbones high gave an air of nobility and he held himself with the utmost importance like he had been a prince of a foreign country. He was quite gorgeous but she could tell that his attitude wasn't. Though again the only thing she thought was that the same familiar feeling was returning. The one she got with the boy in the glasses. The one where she thought maybe just maybe she knew him. It was a long shot but she had to know because if she knew them, then they knew her and if they knew her, then they might be able to tell her, well; who she was.


An interrupting cough came her way, pulling her out of her deep thought. It was her rude savior again.


“Do I know you?” she asked,


“I saved your life and you want to know if I know you.” he gave her a look that meant, "wow this girl must be stupid," but the look breezed over her innocent head.


“Yes.” she said waiting for a reply. He shook his head before turning away and walking. She grabbed onto his arm to stop him but he jerked away from her.


“I don't know you ok! now go away! I mean seriously you almost died and your first thought is to bother me. Try not being so stupid next time.” He said harshly before turning around and walking away. Deciding to give up on him and shrugging. The girl turned to the boy with the glasses, but he was already a few blocks away. He had stuck away while the two were arguing. Running she caught up to the boy. Nearly jumping on him and knocking him over.


“I don’t have any money, please don’t hurt me.” he pleaded, She sighed before talking.


“I’m not mugging you. I just wanted to see if you were ok.” The boy opened his eyes and looked at her.


“Oh it’s you, you're the girl who saved me.” she nodded


“thank you but can you leave me alone now.” He also turned to leave but she wasn't going to let another person who might help her leave again.


“Please! Do I know you, I mean do you know me?” she pleaded this time.


“What? I... what? No! Please can you just leave me alone.” he began walking away again. Sadden she looked at her feet. This was her only hope. She doubted she would ever feel this way ever again. This feeling of nostalgia, this feeling of remembrance, and recollection. While she thought of her pending doom she didn't notice that the boy had stopped walking and was now staring at her.


    The boy looked at the girl, her eyes had seemed so sad. He wanted to help her but he didn't know how.  He had never seen or meet her before but something pulled within him. A feeling of familiarity.  He thought about it and then came to a conclusion about this feeling. As he looked upon the less hopeful girl he wondered what her story was. He was extremely found of stories and every chance he got he would go to the library. His favorite be so childish was of the lost princess. "The girl in front of him reminded him of that same lost princess. Bright blue eyes, sun kissed skin, and her long light brown hair was swept across her face by a slight breeze. She wore a yellow sun dress with a pair combat boots, and an over sized army and rose print jacket too. The jacket seemed old and valuable."" He didn't have any siblings, he thought. He had always wanted a sibling, a little brother or sister but his parents were set on only having one perfect child. They had said to him at an early age of five, the first time he asked for a sibling. 


“Having a child is too much work.” The boy wasn't strong or brave but as he looked at this lost princess he vowed to protect her and be brave for her whenever he could because the feeling he was feeling was that of brotherly love.


    The girl felt a hand on her shoulder, it was the boy.


“Umm... it’s getting kind of cold and late. Do you; I mean do you want to come over to my place to get something to eat or something?” he stuttered as a light blush spread upon his face. It was indeed getting late. The afternoon sky was growing dark and in a couple of hours the sky would be black. The girl smiled for the first time in a long time. Nodding her head fiercely both of them walked to the boy’s house side by side, Hand in hand.

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Chapter 2

    It took them few minutes to walk to the boys home. Both carrying the boy’s books. How pitiful the books were. Pages torn out, tire marks pressed upon the covers.


    The girl walked into a small two story yellow house. The house was also yellow on the inside. The girl’s favorite color was yellow but she was sad looking at this barren home. The first thing she noticed was that there were no pictures of any family living in the house. The house felt cold, it seemed like no one lived here at all. The bright and cheerful yellow inside of the house had an air of dread and sadness.


“Would you like a sandwich?” the boy asked quietly setting down the books the two of them carried near the TV by the front door. The girl nodded as she followed the boy into his home and his kitchen. She hosted herself up on a bar stool in front of the kitchen island and watched as the boy gently put the sandwich together. A simple peanut butter and apricot jelly on whole wheat bread sandwich. She wondered if he knew apricot jelly was her favorite. She smiled as he cut the crust of her sandwich.


 “He’s a nice boy.” She thought. The boy then cut the sandwich into two large triangles and set the plate in front of her. She greedily ate it up not knowing when she last ate and chugging down a mouth full of milk that the boy had also placed in front of her.


“Slow down before you choke” he said somewhat demanding. She did what she was told and thanked the boy for the food. He then also made himself a sandwich. The two sat in silence for what seemed like an hour. Leaning over the counter, head in hand and munching on his own sandwich the boy waited for the girl to talk.


“ you go to school around here?" The girl asked to cancel the quietness.


“Do you?" the boy said raising one eyebrow. The girl chuckled.


“I asked you first." Standing up he moved to sit next to the girl in the other stool.


“No, I'm home schooled; now you." Nervous the girl got up and turned around heading for the couch in the living room. The boy with the glasses followed her sitting on the floor instead of beside her to make her more comfortable.


“Ya, I go to school some were around here." she told averting her gaze from his. The boy did not believe he, he knew she was lying but why. He decided to change the subject.


“You know what I just realized?” he asked


“What?" The girl asked puzzled, still not looking at him and playing with cuffs of her jacket.


“We,” He said pointing to one another “don't know each other’s names." The girl gasped and looked up at him. He was right. She had been in a stranger’s home for hours and she didn't even know his name.


“So let’s introduce our self's." the boy stood up and bowed taking the girls hand and pulling her up. The girl returned his gesture and curtsied.


“My name is Broddy, and who might you be." she giggled before answering.


“My name is Maya. It’s nice to meet you Broddy." Maya and Broddy stood hand in hand staring at each other before Broddy decided to ask more about Maya.


“Maya how old are you and what’s your favorite color?" He knew if he got Maya to open up about little question like these then she might open up about a lot of bigger questions.


“I am fifteen and I love the color yellow. How about you? How old you?"


“I am sixteen and blue." Broddy let out a chuckle as her face tilted to the side like a dog. He found her quit adorable and cute when confused.




“My favorite color is blue." As it downed on her what he was saying Maya started to laugh only being able to say,


    ”Oh." They both started to have a fit of giggles because of Maya’s confusion but only for a second. The door to the empty house burst open reveling two tall beautiful figures dressed in expensive business cloths with suitcases in hand. Maya guessed that they were Broddy's parent but they didn't look the same at all. They looked to Broody and then to Maya. A look of distaste crossing on their faces. 


“Broddy how many times have I told you not to bring home people we don't know." The women with overly red lips said sneering. Brody looked down to the ground not answering.


“Answer her boy." His father bellowed. Brody nudged closer Maya taking her hand.


“Her…Her na…name is…” Broddy’s mom crossed her arm and started tapping her red high heel pump on the ground.

“Please use your words.” She through her hands up in the air,

“I don’t understand how you still cannot speak properly after all the money your father and I have spent on speech therapy.” Strange though Maya, he was speaking perfectly fine before they had arrived. With that she narrowed her eyes at the mother before her. Who then narrowed her as at Maya.

 “HernameisMaya” Broddy took a deep breath before finishing,


“Andsheismyfriend." Rolling her eyes his mother pulled them apart, Pushing Maya towards the door. 


“Whatever you have school work to do and your father and I have to get ready for our trip to Rome. We have an important conference tomorrow." As she said this her husband went upstairs to unpack and repack their suitcases. Maya watched the women she didn’t really like headed for the downstairs bathroom near the stairs.


“I... but... mom…dad? You just got back." Broddy tried to talk to them but they didn't listen. His mother had changed into a new dress and reapplied her makeup and was know on the phone talking to someone. His dad had went up stairs with two suitcases and come down with four. Both you could clearly see were filled to the max. Stopping by the door Broddy’s dad looked at his son with pity and handed him a couple of hundred dollar bills.


“Here buy some pizza or whatever you kids eat these days." That's all he said before walking out the door, placing their suitcase into the trunk of a taxi Maya had just realized was parked out front waiting for the two parents. He walked back in, taking a couple of more bags from his wife, makeup bags and such and got into the taxi waiting.


“Now Brody you know not to call us for anything, also get your school work done. I expect all A's buy the time we get back." He mom said without even glancing his way. She stopped in the door way and pulled something out of her purse,


“I bought this sweater for you its green you favorite color." She threw the sweater at him, hitting him in the face. Broddy took the sweater, holding it, twisting it in his hands.


"Mom when-"


“You know I don't like being called mom or mother. Plus you’re too old to be calling me mom. I told you to call me Meredith."


“Yes Meredith." was all he could say.  He looked absolutely defeated. Brody went to give her a hug and say goodbye but she pushed him away scolding him for trying to hug her. Again stating that he was too old for hugs. Forgetting that Maya was even in the room she flew out the door hitting her in the chest with her elbow. Brody caught, steadied her, and apologized. He then ran out to talk to his parents before they left.


“Mom... I mean Meredith when will you be back." already in the taxi she let she called out as they took off,


“In six months." There both of them stood alone, bye them self. Broddy looked at the two hundred dollars in his hand. That was barely enough to cover two months. Maya tried not to pity Brody but she felt so sorry for him, his parents were so horrible. It made her rethink about how sad she was for not having parents herself.


“Broddy?" He shook his head


“It’s ok, um... would you like cheese or pepperoni." he forced a smiled


“Pepperoni," Maya said melancholy. After ordering he set up the coach to sleep on.


    ”You can have my bed, its ok, really." Maya wanted to protest but she didn't instead she nodded.


“Broddy will your parents be ok with me staying here." he shrugged.


“It doesn't matter; you can stay here for as long as they’re gone."


"You sure." he took her into a hug; letting go when the door bell rang alerting them that there dinner had arrived.


“yes." For the rest of the night the talked and laughed. Brody had finally found the sibling he had always wanted. Maya was just happy to have a friend and a place to sleep finally. By the time they went to bed it was two in the morning. They had fallen asleep on floor with a carpet of pizza crust and empty boxes.


Once Brody woke up at midnight and placed a blanket around and picking Maya up, took her to his bed. His room located downstairs near his dads study wear he partook in his homeschooling. He then went back to the couch in the living room. He thought about what she had told him while they had talked.


She had amnesia, which meant she couldn't remember anything. As he laid there drifting off to slumber he promised that tomorrow he would help Maya find out who she was. 

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