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     RUN RUN RUN that’s all she could think was to run. Faster she thought FASTER she speed up allowing her legs to take over , instinct  to survive was all she had now.  She then saw it a faint light near a tree.There right in front of her, there it was the trail, her savior. Tripping she grabbed a branch while falling her skirt catching on a bears  trap tangled un able to get free. She looked around ,were was it, she thought, the tunnel of light. The thing that would get her home. The mob was getting closer. She had to think, if the tunnel wasn't coming she had do something. looking around She tried to find a weapon but all that surrounded her was dirt. Looking at the book she traced her thumb again on the books soft cover “Witches Heir." it read. She then saw a hole in the tree in front of her. She ripped a piece of her skirt off and wrapped it around the book, Placing it gently in the tree. 


” There it is." Turning she saw the flames, closing her eyes, she awaited her fate.

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Chapter 1

    Kate woke up that day and her only thought was" Why can't tomorrow come sooner", Gathering her things she quickly got ready for work and headed out the door. 


That day held an unusual eeriness with dark gray clouds, strange for a summer day but it was still hot. The air was also muggy, it felt like someone holding their breath.


"Hey Amy"  Kate replied sighing to her boss as she walked into the gracious air-conditioned room. The air felt great on her skin as she huffed and wiped the sweat of her brow. She cursed this summer, she cursed the strange weather, and she cursed her car for making her walk to work in the eighty-five degree heat. How she wished for her car but it had betrayed her and broken down the other day.


" Why do I have such bad luck" she asked herself. Her car broke down right when she was planning on going on a road trip. Her boyfriend of six years dumped, when they were going to go on said road trip.  It seemed like every guy she had ever dated just wasn't the right one. It was like some force was tearing all her relationships up. And the icing on the cake she works as a waitress at a cafe that’s rarely visited by any guest.


    Time went by, hours snored on, the clock kept tick toking; it seemed like forever. Finally the day was over and it was time to go home, to do the same thing the next day. Kate wished things would change. She wished  a lot, she wished she didn't have rotten luck or that she could keep a boyfriend, and that something different would happen . Closing up shop she walked out of the little building heading for the short cut through the small patch of woods near her apartment complex. The sun was just setting, as she walked. She turned along the old path. There she heard a noise again turning she looked around to see if anyone was there. She then  heard a small buzzing sound to her right that got louder and louder. She followed the noise. It sounded like a machine clicking on; As she got closer she saw a faint light glowing behind a big willow tree.


Closer a voiced whispered. I chill came over the back of her neck and a warmth came over her arms, calming and radiating, walking around the gigantic tree Kate saw were the light was coming from.  a small patch of dirt just below the tree. She bent down to the ground brushing her fingertips slightly across the dirt, pulling back sharply. As the wind fussed whipping her chestnut-brown hair around as the light from the ground became brighter. Here blue grey eyes widened, as she reached down again scrapping at the surface digging inch by inch afraid if she went any faster and further something might happen. Kate had a need to uncover what was beneath the earth. Finale her hand touched something hard, pulling back again she held her hand to her chest, eyes closed. When her heart ceased its fluttering she slowly opened her eyes. she took what was from within the ground and looked at it.


"What is this" She said out loud to no one in particular. It was a book wrapped in a cloth of some type. It looked old like it had been in the ground for centuries. It gave off a faint glow, warming to the touch and it pulsed. Almost like it had a heartbeat. Wiping more dirt of she traced her fingertips on the etching of the words. Kate read out loud, the title read;


" The Witch’s heir"


Suddenly the wind grew furies and the light from the book exploded all around her. It was so bright, pain felled her eyes, she shielded them. Kate got up to run away palms over her eyes but she fell. Pain shot through her left leg as she fell down. She looked to her leg and saw her flesh turn red and purple. There wrapped around her leg was a golden strand coming from the book.  As she looked in horror another strand came out of the book. She rolled on to her stomach, trying to crawl away. This time the strand of light wrapped around her torso She heard a crack and thought for sure one of her ribs might of broken. Gasping for air, struggling to break free more light appeared behind her. With resistance she looked behind herself too see that this time a whirlpool of swirling and forming golden light emerge from the book.


Scratching at the dirt she kicked and screamed for released. She thought she had made a break through when the strand on her leg broke off but five more strands came forward and cut her joy short. Wrapping around both legs and her arms. The last one wrapping around her forehead. It was too late, Kate cried, she was alone in the woods. With one last scream they dragged her into the tunnel.


    The light subsided and Kate felt the cold hard ground again, looking at the stars were she had landed she tried to get up; She couldn't there was too much pain. Taking a sharp breath with a sigh Kate "thought at least it’s a peaceful night to die." Growing tired she started to black out. That's when a shadow of a man appeared leaning over her. Fear vanished she didn't care she was too tired to care. Before finally blacking out she felt a pair of worn yet firm hands lift her up into their arms and carrying her away.


Kate awoke in the dark on an uncomfortable bed that smelt like straw and felt like wood. She still couldn't move but the pain had lessened." Were am I", " What happened", and "How did I get here." Those question ran through her head.


looking around she spotted her clothes hanging on a chair. She looked down at her body expecting to find herself naked but she wasn't. Instead she found herself in a weird cotton white nightgown. As her eyes adjusted she saw old lanterns hung around the old wooden room. The house was dusty and made out a type of wood she didn't know. it looked like it was rotting.


"What is going on" she thought. Still trying to figure out what exactly happened to her the door to the strange room squeaked opened. Changing her thoughts to the stranger coming in, Kate closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

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Chapter 2

    “You are safe little maiden." Kate opened her eyes. She turned to face the person talking to her. He was a tall man , six two she guessed. He was around her father’s age, in his late fifties. He had golden blonde hair, a beard and carried a warm smile. She looked at the mans kind brown eyes the wrinkles surrounding them.


“I am Master Leo and this is my wife Goody Martha” a women appeared she was about five seven the same height as Kate. She looked like she was in her mid thirties. With light brown hair that she pinned up and beautiful blue eyes. Now Kate was really confused , was she dreaming.


“Martha fetch a cup of herbal” Martha nodded and then ran off.


“ Now tell me child do you know where you are, or who you are. When I found you had hit your head  badly. You have been out for two days.” She shook her head no, two whole days. She tried to talk. trying to explain what was going on. luckily her voice came out like a raspy scratch, the burning helped. It made her stop to think. The strange portal, how it pulled her into it. She stopped she decided to keep shaking her head no. She would play dumb, even though Leo seemed nice she didn't trust him fully yet.


“It is ok little maiden, we now” turning her head to the side like a confused dog Kate wondered what he knew

“We now you are a heathen but fear not we have told no one yet”  Kate shook my head no, wasn't heathen like a bad word for someone who's a witch. Wait she thought is that what happened, did a witch bring her here, kidnapped her from her life. She tried to get up but her legs felt numb and on fire, her arms heavy. Leo placed a hand on her shoulder barely placing any wight but it was able to crumple her back on to the bed.


“ Rest little maiden, and when you wake, we will talk.”  he emphasized the word , will. He got up and left, soon after Martha came back. She was stronger than she looked propping Kate up.


“Drink” she said and put it to her lips, The tea wasn't that bad, it tasted like cinnamon and chamomile. Kate drank it up greedily letting the warm tea coat her sore throat. She laid down resting to rest. She didn't now what was going on she thought but she was going to find out.


    The second time Kate woke up she was able to move. She slowly got out of bed and  made her way to the door, cracking it open just an heir to see out or to hear anyone. she saw a long corridor and heard Leo gruff voice, talking to another man. She crept out from the room and made her way towards the voices, stopping when she reached a corner. Kate  peaked her head around. There was another man the same age or older than Leo, he had an ugly shades of many browns in his hair but also highlights of gray and black. he also had on strange cotton cloths like herself, Martha, and Leo. He was standing in the doorway of the small house, In the small room was a table with four chairs and a fireplace with a giant cauldron in it.


"I'm I in an episode of Little House on the Prairie? " she asked  herself. Yes it indeed it looked like the time of eighteen forty seven but older Kate thought. Way older and ancient. The realization came to her as the other man raised his voice at Leo. She didn't want to say it or think but; Time travel. That is insane she thought, her mind raced, but that could explain everything. The way they talked, their strange cloths, and the wooden house she had woken up in. Kate placed her hand on her beating heart hearing it lump away. She looked at Leo and the man trying to focus on them and hoping that they didn't hear her heart beating.


“Listen to me Leo we must have a council meeting, we need to gather everyone to the church. You saw the hellish yellow golden light” The man threw his hands up.


“I did” he answered nonchalant,


“You know it’s a heathens light, a pagans light , the devils light cumin to take our souls. The council will hear of this, if you won’t tell them now I will” Leo sighed, stroking his beard. trying to think of a way to handle this.


“Marcus... you may... be correct' Leo said picking his words carefully, Marcuse's face lit up but soon fell with Leo's but. " But... I don't know what I saw. The light was strange but working every body up into a panic in the dead of night is not the right thing to do. In the morning I will talk to the council men. hear what they have to say." Marcus growled clenching his fist. He grabbed  Leo's shirt but let go.


" You .... You... you are just going to sit here in your home doing nothing. Even after you saw the hell light. I... I ," Marcus paused almost like he was working up to say what he wanted to say." I  thought you would know better after...after R..." Leo grabbed Marcuse's throat.  Kate saw Leo's eyes go feral, as her own eyes widened. With a low dangerous voice he growled out " Dont you dare say her name, not a word." Marcus smiled which made Leo release him.


" Oh you have done it now Leo, the town will know you are no better than the heathens and your heathen daughter. I will make sure your hanged for this. You will pay for this, for not listing to me this time."


"Take your babble and threats to counsel I am not afraid of you and your cowardly threats." With that Marcus stomped and fled out, leaving a string of curses.  The man Marcus was a coward Kate thought. Leo turned her way making her step back so Leo wouldn't see her. He got up and went to the fireplace taking a pipe off the self he began to pack it with tobacco and smoke it,  Kate wasn't sure but she thought was saw a faint glint of tears in his eyes. she didn't want to ease drop on this man, Leo needed to be alone. Turning she bumped into Martha.  Kate put her head down feeling so guilty and ashamed. When she looked back up to Martha she noticed that she looked sullen, she frowned placing a hand on Kate arm tugging her away from Leo. Kate wanted to apologize for ease dropping but Martha shook her head and began speaking quietly and calmly.


“You shouldn't be out of bed, especially when the council is look-in for ya.” She lead Kate back into the bed room. Tucking her in she whispered "it will be alright", and left. Kate tried to drift off to sleep but couldn't, the thought of Martha and Leo, the man Marcus, and the idea of time travel keep gnawing at her mind. Not only that but every time she closed her eyes this time. Nightmares of people dying in a fire, of her dying, and monster with red eyes, came to her mind. Tomorrow Kate had to find a way to go back home.

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