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Where's Kai? Part.1

       The sun came out the smokey clouds as the dying city burns to ashes. Eryn looks out the window starring at this dying city in deep sadness. Her boyfriend, Shae, makes a glance at her.

"You ok?....." He asked.

"....I...I don't know...It's been too long for me to be ok....Almost a year of this shit and no one has came to cure this place...." she replied back in a gloomy tone.

"I don't think there's anyone alive left to even help" Shae said.

"Don't say that!....You know that's wrong....If the world is dead, then why are people still uploading and making statuses on Facebook? Why is the power still working?"

"I guess back up generators....They have those ..."

Eryn rolls her eyes and looks back out the window.

    6 months ago, the world was doing the normal things the world did. Stock market, trades, political news, marketry, long office hours, and people starting families. Eryn, a quiet art student, was just going through her final high school year career with straight A's, as she promised her mom she would do, and trying to force herself to make memories of the school she claims she dreads so much. Out of all the high school drama she goes through on the daily bases, she had these two amazing people that actually keep her sane. Kaianna, her bestfriend since 5th grade, and her boyfriend Shaeden, or Shae (pronounced Shy-den but spelled differently). These two people have had her back through the tough things in her life. Eryn and Shae have been together since their last year in middle school. They were both each other's first ,well , everything. First kiss, first Love, first-time. Shae has puts up with Eryn's moodiness and also her greatness. So does Kianna.

"Eryn belle (>.<)!!!!" Kai yelled at Eryn

"That was a corny ass joke and you know it -_-" Eryn replied.

"I used all my good Eryn jokes earlier this year, work with me " says Kai.

Eryn looks at Kai with a blank dead look on her face. Kai begins to smirk and giggle at her.

"HAHA you gave me the resting bitch face , Like you're not about this shit, Priceless" Kai  laughed.

Eryn face got red. "S-seriously...ugh..."

"Oh get out your feelings Ryn. This isn't the biggest thing I embarrassed you about. Remember 9th grade year, you know, the superglue I accidentally spilled on you and Shae?"

"Yeah you're the Reason why I had to cut my hair short." Eryn replied with a smirk.

"It grew back didn't it? Then you went and Dyed your long, curly black hair red -_-" Kai responded with a pout.

"Wait you dyed your hair with me! " Eryn yelled.

    The friendly bickering continued when Shae walked up to them. When he usually walks up to the two crazy people, he'll just stand there and wait in this awkward state until they both turn their attention to him.

"What do you think?!" Both girls asked.

"...Uh...."Shae replied with a confused look.

"You don't even know what we're talking about, do you?" Eryn asked.

"Nope. " Shae replied. Both of the girls dropped their heads.

"You're hopeless " Kai said, dropping her head. The two girls start walking away from Shae. He stands in the middle of the hallway with a confused look. Eryn walked back up to him and grabs his arm

"Come on, idiot" Eryn said with a sigh. The three head to their homeroom class....And they're late as usual.

"You three come right at the moment I'm calling role...please have a seat." The home room teacher, Mr. Bates, said while giving an irritated smile. Eryn, Kai, and Shae look at Mr. Bates as a mentor. He used to be this great and well known street artist that had eventually became his career. But, he decided to teach art to the seniors in high school. He's also the supervisor of the art club. The three stooges look at Mr. Bates in slight fear.
​    "He noticed us...."Kai whispered to Eryn and Shae.

"No shit...-__-" Eryn whispered back.

"Just have a seat" Mr. Bates demanded shaking his head, questioning all of their logic.

    The classroom listened to the teacher's lecture and lesson. But most of the students were confused because Mr. Bates went off topic when there was something dealing with his life.

"I tried to tell her that I love her and wanted to spend the rest of my life with her, but she ran off with some guy that owns a taco truck...that isn't even that good-" Mr. Bates lectured.

"Um...Mr. Bates....no one wants to know how you lost that gold digging woman even though you are way better off without her." Kai said, nervously.

"*Sigh* I know..." Mr. Bates said dropping his head.

"I-It's ok...you'll find someone way better." Eryn said ,trying to cheer him up.

Mr. Bates looked up with slight tears in his eyes.

"oh god, he's crying again." One student said.

"This is why I love my students" Mr. Bates said.  The whole class groaned and sighed. Mr.Bates sucked it up and continued the lesson liked nothing happened. The students listened and were a little paranoid about him going off topic again. 

"And class, I want you to please research your topics, but please don't use Wiki for your source...I can't stress that enough" Mr.Bates says as the students leave out of class for their next one.

    During the day, a kid with a bandage on her arm, wasn't feeling well. She was mad that she got bit by some random stranger, and then suddenly was feeling...strange. Her friends have been wondering if she's sick or not having a good day. During lunch, she just starred at her food.

"Hey are you ok?" The girl's friend asked.

She just stares. Eryn looks toward the girl's way. She sees the struggle the girl's friends are having for their injured friend. The girl projectile vomits blood and passes out on the floor. Screams fill the cafeteria for help. The girl's friend frantically checks the girl and see if she is ok.

"Sh-should we go and check to see if she's ok?" Kai asked.

"No. I think whatever is going on ...we should keep our distance." Shae said.

The three of them sat in their spots they were sitting in, observing. The girl layed there on the floor still. The security guards in the school move some of the students aside to see if the girl is alright.

"Jessie?...are yo-" The girl's eyes opened up wide. She sat up and bit a huge chunk of her neck off. The friend's eyes widened at the sight of her bestfriend chewing what she bit off of her. People shrieked. Crowds of kids started to running from the crazed girls. Left and right Students were either getting bit and biting others or they're getting eaten. Kai, Eryn, and Shae ran out with the crowd. Kai got lost with everyone else.

"Where's Kai?"Eryn asked.

"I don't know, but we really have to go ,now!" Shae replied quickly as he grabbed Eryn's arm. They ran toward his car, while being chased by an infected student. He scrambles with his keys.

"Shae hurry up, They're coming our way !!!"Eryn said in a panic.

"I am, I am!!!" Shae said. The car makes a sound indicating the doors unlocked. Shae and Eryn quickly get into the car and lock the doors. The infected students banged on the car's windows. Blood from their hands smeared on the windows. The infected students turned their attention onto other students that were running out.

"WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!" Eryn yelled .

"I-I don't even know.....call Kai to see where she is."

Eryn called Kai in a great panic. Kai answered the phone like she's running.

"H-Hey where the hell are you two?" Kai asked.

"Were in the front parking lot of the school, where are you?"

"I...I'm so stupid! I ran up the stairs to warn others but I think I made it worse. I'm stuck in home ec. class, girl COME.GET.ME!"

"I can't the infected people are in front of the doors!"

"I-I don't know how long the door's gonna hold em....they're about t- OH FUCK-" Kai stops talking. All you can hear is a struggle.

"Kai....Kai can you here me?! Kai!" Eryn called out to Kaianna. "We have to go back and get her!" Kai wailed.

"We can't were gonna get hurt! She's gonna be ok.." Shae said in a panic. Eryn started tearing up.

"N-No we have to she's gonna die if we do-" Eryn forced herself to say. Shae grabbed her .

"She's going to be fine we have to go. NOW" Shae said.

"HOW CAN YOU JUST LEAVE HER LIKE THAT?! SHE'S MY BEST-FRIEND...YOUR FRIEND!!!!!!" Eryn yelled. She looked in the back of Shae's car and sees one of his baseball bats. She grabs the metal bat and rushed out the car.

"Eryn!!!...Shit." Shae said rushing to close the door before the infected get him. He throws a quick fit. 

    Eryn hits anyone in the head that comes at her. She then rushes to the second floor and heads toward home economics class. She looks at the room and saw that the door was wide open. There were three infected students kneeling over a dead student's body. Eating it. The victim is clutching on what appeared to be Kai's beanie. The infected turn their attention to Eryn. She's clenches the bat in her hands as the three bloody students come in her direction. She hits one in the head as hard as she can. The other two come at her quickly. She puts the bat out in front of her to push the infected away from her. She screams. She heard a crunch ,like someone bashing bones against a hard surface. Shae hits the second one and grabbed Eryn's arm. Eryn stops walking and quickly takes the beanie from the dead body's hand.

"Kai... she's...she's..-"Eryn forced her voice.

"She's fine. She ran the other way, I called out to her ,but I don't think she heard me. We have to go, I saw as horde of bloody students coming this way." Shae reassured Eryn. He grabs her hand and head toward his car. He quickly turns on the car, back up, runs over the two infected students, and speeds out the school gate.




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