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 Emma's point of view 

AHHH omg omg omg oh my actual freaking GOSH. Im seeing the DOLAN TWINS TOMORROW. Ok, lemme post a real freaking cute snapchat because im a classy as bihh. Now that my social blade is happy (because I literally never post anything ever on my social medias) i can go to sleep but probably not because... im me sis.

I wake up to the freaking obnoxious sound of an alarm for once in my entire freaking life and put on my black and white plad high waisted pants, fluffy blue jacket, orange crop, basic as fuhh doc martins and obviously.. tie my hair up into the messiest, most ratchet ponytail which I most definitely don't freaking care about because it will fall out in like 20 minuets anyway with a scrunchy because... tea.

As i sip my third iced coffee for the day (someone help me) at litteraly 9 am because.. yet again im a basic motherff, i stare at the blank as walls of my new apartment because im freaking lazy as ff and can't be bothered to decorate,  realize that.. IM FRIKIN LATE TO MEET THE DOLAN TWINS.

Grayson's point of view 

I don't know much about this 'Emma' girl to be honest but all I know is she's freaking late and we need to film a video! As i was walking out of my room to ask Ethan if he's got any ideas for the video so we don't have to think of any when she gets here, i see E(than) and Cameron talking about something, they looked very suspicious..

"Hey E, do you think we should think of ideas now or wh.." 

"Oh hey Gray.. umm yeah, sure?"

What was that about? He knows he can talk to me, i am his twin brother..

Ethan's point of view 

Cameron and i sat on the sofa talking about how we should surprise Gray as it's our 19th birthday in 2 weeks and we wanted something big to celebrate when all of a sudden, Grayson comes barging in! He could have spoiled the whole surprise!

"Hey E, do you think we should think of ideas now or wh.." 

I didn't know how to act as he probably heard what we were just talking about.

"Oh hey Gray.. umm yeah, sure?" 

To be honest, im not completely sure if that made sense because i was more thinking about how to cover up the fact that we were going to surprisie him incase he heard, but im guessing it didn't make any sense because he walked away with a very puzzled look on his face.

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