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This is just a compilation of some random thoughts. Mga bagay na pumapasok na lang sa utak ko ng random lang. :)


Is there a copycat serial murderer operating on the US/Mexican border? The Authorities haven't noticed any extra piles of bones, but the original murderer notices -- and he doesn't appreciate the risk of exposure that the "poacher" represents. Not that there's much risk in the first place -- he's the County's Medical Examiner, after...


a sequence of ten poems about trauma, loneliness, and the struggle to find and keep a quiet love despite being constantly haunted by memories of violence.

Falling In Love: The Unexpected Feeling for The Unexpected Person

Paano kung sa UNEXPECTED situation ay magkaroon ka ng isang UNEXPECTED feeling para sa UNEXPECTED person? Sa buhay pag-ibig, hindi natin masasabi kung sino ang para sa’tin. Minsan, kung sino pa ang gusto natin ay siya rin namang hindi ibinibigay sa’tin at kung sino pa ‘yong hindi natin inaasahang dumating sa buhay natin ay siya rin...

Broken by: Tabx.

He was brought up in a brutal environment. Ang mga taong dapat siya ay alagaan at protektahan ay siya pang na-unang sinaktan siya but because the head of a mafia, an underground criminal society took a liking to him sa una nilang pagkikita ay nagbago ang buhay niya but the scars left by the people of his past never healed. She was...

As We Know It

When he wakes up in a strange room with nearly no memories, Simon is not afraid. He is terrified. With only two memories, his name and the face of a girl he swears he knows, Simon finds himself on a journey to gather his memories and uncover the truth. But does he even know what truth is?


Take care of yourself. They're always in the dark and waiting for you. You shouldn't forget to bring a flashlight when going home late.