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  The darkness started to rule the clear sky as the bright sun was covered with thick heavy clouds. I watch how it goes like how the thick dark clouds slowly covers it's brightness. Seeing the wide horizon I am in, feeling the emptiness of the bright sun, I am longing for its power.

Why did I end up here? I ask myself for about a hundred times now. Why do I end up breaking myself, why do I end up like this?  I whispered underneath my breath mimicking the lines of a movie I am watching inside this theater. I can feel the heat in the corner of my eyes but I kept it so I can fake it.

As he lean toward her and whispered something on her ears. I am slowly dying inside as the heat I felt before slowly dies and the coldness started to creep inside my heavy heart, feeling nothing but a stone cold heart I tried to avoid the pain by convincing myself that it was just fine but those scars never heals.

I heard how she chuckles from that, how a sweet smile escape her lips like she never care about anyone nor anything. I focus my eyes on the wide screen trying to distract myself from the bitterness that slowly consumes me. But I failed, the world seems so cruel to me. As the movie was about to get to end my heart slowly dies sinking in the deepest emotion I can never name. 

I ran outside, feeling the heaviness of my heart, pouring it all with the tears I can't stop to fall. As the rain started to pour like it knows how heavy I was feeling, I felt secure that for the first time in my life, I never felt alone, like someone finally understood how heavy it was. I close my eyes letting each drop flows on my face. I wish pain is just like the rain that somehow it will just stop and everything are gonna dried up soon.

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