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 Under the moonlight stars glows like a diamond. They shine bright as the night went by. I love to stargaze so much that I couldn't fall a sleep at night without looking at it.

I point out each one of them like I was connecting them to each other like a constellations. I closed my eyes feeling the cold breeze of the Autumn night as the wind brushes on my skin.

I've missed you! I whisper like someone from other planet might hear it. Just like other ordinary nights I let my imaginative mind do its wonders on the dark skies.

Walking along the bridge I was caught by a passing shooting star. I stood at the edge of the railing, eyes closed as I cast my one and only wish. As when I was about to walk away I saw him, standing about a meter away from me. With a smile that could melt any hearts, I can see the twinkle of happiness from his expressive set of eyes. As he walk towards me with a bouquet of flowers on his hands. 

I smiled bright as he handed me the flowers and kissed my forehead and there at the middle of the bright stars he kneel down with one toes, teary eyes with a red box on his palms. I cried overjoyed with the moment I've been waiting for a lifetime. As he about to say those words my phone started ringing. It was my alarm signaling my time to go to bed now. I sight deeply back to reality Keil.

As I was about to go back inside my room I saw a familiar man walking along the side of the road. I smiled, at least I had to see him before I go to sleep. But then my smile faded away when I saw who is with him Aly his two years girlfriend. 

I closed my eyes, someday it will be me with you under the same stars smiling bright like nobody sees. 

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