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 The dark skies ruled the beautiful horizon on the windows it was a mid day when the hard rains started to pour like there was no tomorrow

The leaves where dancing like they was forced to sway in a melody they couldn't even recognize. The branches of the beautiful trees almost cried for mercy as the strong winds tried bring them down.

The beauty of the surrounding wasn't seem to be recognized that day because it was no longer peaceful its was chaotic. It was like one of those nights where your nightmares began destroying every pieces of peace in your heart turning your world into a black horizon.

Ive missed the sun, I missed its bright light that makes me see the beauty of the world the hot and powerful feeling it could give me the life it can offer. Maybe i will never get used to the storm, I will never get used of its power to bring anyone down its power to rule darkness inside. I'm getting tired it its scenery getting tired of watching has it slowly takes down the beauty I loved to see.

As the roofs landed on the floor I know it destroys another life again, a life that he couldn't take back the happiness will no longer be the same again.

The Strom succeed again I whispered to myself, I can see the bright smiles turns into tears like how a solid ground turns liquid when it rains. I closed my eyes my heart ache so much of the darkness my soul seeks for the beauty of the sun to come up, where am I again? Where's the breath taking scenery I longed to see? Ohh the darkness succeed to take it away.

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