The Time


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Chapter 1

 She was a princess at a young age a young lady that has everything she wanted, she has those almond pair of green eyes that captivates everybody. Every wish she desired are all given to her. A real life princess living in a castle with her maids to follow her whims.

"Summer, where have you been?" Ask an old lady who has been taking care of her since she was born.

The little girl just put her best puppy look face on her because she knew she did something silly again.

"Ohh so you think you can get me with that huh, young lady?" She ask. But the little brat just giggle and smile like an innocent angel like she always does whenever she knew she was gonna be scolded again.

"I'm so sorry Ms. Lilia I will never do it again I promise" she pleaded in the most guilty tone she could ever used. Ms. Lilia's heart immediately melted with that because she knew that Summer is a smart little girl and she already knows how to be responsible at the age of seven.

"Alright, Alright but please never do that again or I will be the one who's going to be scolded with your behavior" she said. Little summer just smiled bright at her and hug her on her waist.

"Yes, Ms. Lilia I promise" and then she immediately went back to her room.

Its a mid-afternoon when little summer sneak again, she went to her favorite spot on their garden its located at the far east of their garden where the big trees from the forest can be seen, she always went their wherever she can escape from their guards, she found the place peaceful even though she was restricted to go there because of some wild animals that might be present around the woods.

She walk slowly on their corridors avoiding to caught some attention from their housemaids when she successfully make it to the garden she run faster as she could so no one could ever seen her escape again.

She was panting when she got there and sat down to the biggest tree standing there that she later on called her own tree. It was her favorite spot to escape the boring mansion, since it is still her summer vacation she has nothing to do inside but just to play and kill her time watching some boring movies.

She almost scream when she saw a man came out of the woods wearing nothing but a black cloth down his belly and his upper body is naked. But then the man went to her and smiled like he saw someone familiar to him. She look up at him and greeted with a beautiful pair hazel green eyes that shines whenever the sun hits it.

"Hi!" He awkwardly say, as he walked near her.

"Who are you?" She curiously ask him. The man just smiled at her and held his hand out.

"I'm Kael" he introduced his self. She accept it with a hint of hesitation in her almond eyes, she remembers how Ms. Lilia warn her not to talk to strangers.


"Summer" he added. Summer was shocked on how the guy knew her but nothing escape from her lips. 

"Don't be scared with me, Im a good person. I'm just here to see you again" he said in a low voice like there something he wanted to tell her but he just couldn't.

"Alright I have to go now I can't stay longer." He said and kneel down in front of her to kiss her cheeks. 

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