The Thoughts Of A Lesbian


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Thought #1 / Prolouge

 The first thought of a girl is,

She's pretty

She's dumb

She's never smart..

First color of thought: turquoise 

These thoughts are useless.

I'm Toni. I'm a normal girl.

But I'm also a lesbian. Cliche right?

To me being a lesbian means, I have the choice to like a girl, to be a girl who likes girls. Is it that bad? Many people today think that lesbians are nothing low life's who don't read the Bible. Well we do. We pray for rights, we read the Bible, we say god. Are we not human?

 I'm top of my class. A honor roll student. Perfect attendance. Never borrowed anything from anyone. Just peachy. I mean I'm not saying that what's happening in my life is bad or anything, it's just... I've  never  done anything like a regular teenager. I'm just a girl who draws in her canvas and reads old Harry Potter books (don't judge me). 

I keep my eye on this one girl but she's like a social media queen to me. Everyone knows her. Everyone likes her. Everyone wants her. 

Me? I just wanna date the girl. She's smart, kind,giving, and smoking hot. By the way, I'm not that type of lesbo that acts like a guy. I'm perfectly fine with being girly. Just wanted you to know.


I color code my thoughts. I know weird right? It helps me see the world and it's perfect imperfection clearly I guess. 

Well, I guess it's time for me to head out to school. Thank you for hearing me dear book of thoughts. 

Yours truly,


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