Girls X Battle


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Chapter 1

 Girls X Battle Episode 1

  A teenage boy could found laying in his bed still sleeping, his name was Arata. Arata had awakened abruptly having yet another bad dream, causing him to sit up quickly. Arata scratched his head tiredly while yawning:”Aw man same nightmare, sheesh this is getting bad.” Arata got out of bed while stretching his arm as he walked to the bathroom. Arata turned on the light now looking himself in the mirror. Arata sighed as he grabbed a cloth and ran water on it before washing his face. Arata looked at his brush before looking at the mirror eventually making him laugh: “Nahhhh.” Arata however did pick up his toothbrush which he covered in white pasty toothpaste. Arata opened his mouth slowly preparing to brush his teeth when suddenly a little girl burst through the bathroom door screaming obnoxiously. Arata sighed before asking:”What is it Aeris?” Aeris had blue hair styled in twin tails in the back with black cat ears on her head. She was wearing a black, see through night gown revealing her black panties. Along with a pair of black stockings and cute Velcro shoes. Aeris whined:”You were about to brush without me master, never brush without me ok?” Arata replied sarcastically:”Uhh sure thing.” While Arata and Aeris were brushing their teeth Arata’s narration could be heard.


This is Aeris one of my so called protectors that randomly came into my life. She calls me master and as you’ve probably already noticed  these protectors have one main duty. Aeris is obviously the hygiene in my life, she makes sure my teeth are in perfect shape. She’s like a dentist just for me. There’s others way more others and I just get by in life with them and surprisingly they’re all girls. Isn’t that strange well whatever might just be silly old Arata. 


Aeris announced muffled:”Annnnnd done!” Arata spat out green mouthwash alongside Aeris before sighing:”Are we done here?” Aeris pointed downwards making Arata kneel down to her height so that she could check his mouth. Aeris laughed:”I think we are, good job master your teeth are in good shape. Although we need to work on flossing for sure.” Arata yelled:”It’s not my fault my gums couldn’t handle 7 minutes of ruthless flossing.” Aeris giggled:”You’ll get the hang of it in no time, I promise you that. Now you know what to do.” Arata blushed near his cheeks when he mumbled:”Can we not today, I’m not feeling the whole you know.” Aeris whined:”B-but we have to it’s our thing ya know, please, pretty please with Aeris on top?” Arata sighed:”Ungh fine but quickly ok?” Arata and Aeris both smiled then moved closer together touching each other’s teeth before closing their lips making them kiss before pulling apart. Aeris laughed before running out the bathroom cheerfully while Arata stood up and shook his head.

 I never want to do that because she has the body of a child even though she’s wayyyy older than me, it’s weird.

 Arata was about to leave the bathroom when suddenly a woman in a bath robe pushed him back while stating:”Oh no you don’t master you know how I feel about undone hair.” Arata sighed:”Look Blowie can we not do the whole hair salon thing.” Blowie was wearing a light blue bath robe with small blue flowers all over as designs. And a big belt like ribbon was keeping the robe covered up. Her hair was obviously wet and she was not wearing a bra along with anything else except the robe. Blowie snapped creating a magical chair out of thin air which Arata sat down in. Blowie turned around before commanding:”Get naked you need to get moist in order for me to get busy.” Arata asked:”Excuse me?” Blowie turned around then she began unraveling her ribbon making her robe fall to the ground. Arata blushed while Blowie laughed:”Heh heh, why do you have that stupid look on your face, you are my master after all. Never mind that lemme help you out there.” Blowie took off Arata’s shirt then she pulled his shorts down leaving him in nothing but underwear. Arata grabbed Blowie’s wrist making her ask:”What’s the matter master, afraid I’ll make fun of your size, no need I only care about hair.” Arata blushed before Blowie pulled down his underwear revealing an 8 inch cock. Blowie got off her knees and guided Arata into the shower which she turned on. Blowie got wet first before Arata who was trying to keep his cock under control. Blowie squirted shampoo into her hands then she began running her fingers through Arata’s hair. Blowie laughed:”Oh nice and smooth like always however you like it spiked for whatever reason so I need to get closer.” Blowie took a step forward pressing her big breast against Arata’s bare back so that he could feel her hard nipples. Arata’s cock throbbed a little making Blowie ask:”Problem?” Arata replied:”N-Nah keep going.” Blowie finished up Arata’s spikes making her ask:”Looking good, now can you do me?” Arata hesitated before replying:”Yeah sure thing no problem.” Arata squirted shampoo into his hand then he took a step forward behind Blowie where he began running his fingers through her head. Blowie added:”Make sure you get my scalpe too master.” Arata had to step up again but this time his cock was touching Blowie’s ass but he just continued to wash Blowie’s hair because he knew she didn’t care. Arata and Blowie eventually came out of the shower one in robe the other a towel. Blowie snapped summoning her magical blow dryer while laughing:”Now you look like my master, nice and clean. As a reward I’ll give you this.” Blowie got on her knees and removed Arata’s towel revealing his cock. Blowie started sucking on the tip of Arata’s cock making him groan:”Ungh wait stop this is wrong!” Blowie asked:”I’m just giving you a little blow ya know?” Blowie began jerking off Arata causing his cock to grow inside her mouth. Arata couldn’t help but grab Blowie’s smooth hair while she continued blowing him off. After awhile Arata finally reached his climax after minutes of Blowie vigorously jerking his cock non stop. Blowie stuffed his cock in her mouth taking in all that cum. Blowie spit all the cum into the sink before running water then saying:”Wouldn’t wanna make a mess and besides I don’t swallow.” Arata was stroking his dick when he teased:”You quitter.” Blowie stood up when she stated:”Alright gotta go and let you get ready for today, see you master.” Blowie kissed Arata on the cheek before bending down to also kiss his cock before leaving. Blowie swayed her hips as she walked making her butt more noticeable to Arata who quavered:”She’ll never let me fuck her though, dam-.” 

 Suddenly Aeris bursted through the door while cheering:”You can fuck me master!” Arata gasped while trying to hide his cock between his legs:”Aeris what are yo-, were you spying on me?!” Aeris replied:”Yes, sorry I was horny, so are we having sex or what?” Arata replied:”No you’re like a ki-!” Unexpectedly Arata’s cock accidentally flung out through his legs making Aeris lick her lips at how big it was. Aeris walked up to Arata putting her face right in front of Arata’s cock. Aeris licked the tip making Arata whisper:”Hey s-stop that.” Aeris smirked before attempting to deep thoart Arata’s cock causing her to gag due to her small mouth. Aeris was slobbing all over Arata’s cock making him groan. Eventually Aeris stopped making Arata sigh in relief. Aeris took off her panties while saying:”Now that your dick is all wet it should slide in nicely.” Arata gasped:”Wait!” Aeris grabbed Arata’s cock and slowly put it in her pussy making her scream due to how big his cock was and how tight she was. Arata groaned while grabbing her twin tails as Aeris moaned:”Deeper please master.” Arata plunged further into Aeris’ tight pussy making them both moan and groan. Arata lifted Aeris off her feet then he began fucking her up and down. Aeris moaned:”Oh master, fuck me master! Fuck me harder, faster!” Arata put Aeris against the wall and began thrusting in and out of her tight twat making her drool a little. Suddenly due to an over excitement Aeris had an orgasim all over Arata’s cock while moaning:”O-hhhhhh f-f-uccck!” Arata pulled out of Aeris’ now stretched out pussy then he put Aeris on her knees. Arata grunted as he nutted all over Aeris who was smiling getting nut on her teeth. Arata collapsed on the toilet while Aeris snapped summoning a toothbrush so that she could brush her teeth using Arata’s cum as toothpaste. Aeris laughed:”Yummy cum master.” Arata suggested:”Get out please don’t want anyone to know okay?” Aeris slid her black panties back on before running out the bathroom giggling childishly. Arata looked at his dick and thought to himself.

 Damn I already cummed twice and it’s still morning, I can’t take it anymore jeez.

 Arata put his dick in his pants before walking out the bathroom where he saw a woman his black hair and blue eyes. Her skin was pale and she was wearing a sports crop top, which had one button attached it. She was wearing booty shorts along with white high stockings. Tennese demanded:”Master come on I need to practice before my game, please spar with me!” Arata didn’t even get to say anything because Tennese grabbed his wrist pulling him all over the place until she finally reached the tennis court. Tennese handed Arata a racket before crossing over to the over side of the net. Tennese threw a ball up while saying:”My serve!” Tennese striked the tennis ball so hard it caught on fire making Arata gasp before ducking. Arata looked backwards at the now melted fence before whimpering:”What type of Tennis do you play?” Tennese replied:”Agressive!” A series of Arata dodging flaming tennis balls over and over again occurred until Tennese laughed:”Okay I’m good I think, water break!” Tennese and Arata began drinking water from their bottles mostly Arata who was extremely tired. Tennese squirted water on Arata giggling making him chase her around the court. Arata eventually tackled Tennese onto the grass where he then squirted water on her back making her moan sexually. Arata was confused at first then he realized Tennese wasn’t wearing a bra making her nipples hard and to top it off his dick was on her ass. Arata continued to squirt water on her back receiving quiet moans while also grinding of Tennese’s ass. Tennese moaned:”Put your racket up my ass why don’t you.” Arata grabbed Tennese’s tennis racket then looked underneath her high skirt while laughing:”Oh ho, not wearing panties I see. You’re so sexy.” Arata proceeded to slowly shove the handle of the racket deep up her tight cunt making her moan quietly. Tennese twitched a lot as the handle was now touching her G-Spot making her begin to drool in pleasure as her face got really perverted. Tennese screamed:”Oh my God, I’M CUMMING MASTER!” Tennese suddenly squirted so hard the racket flew out of her pussy. Tennese was quickly fingering herself emptying more of her precious body fluids. Arata began kissing her intimately until Tennese broke the kiss by gasping:”Oh shit I’m gonna be late for my Tennis match! Master I’ll promise I’ll make up for this!” As Tennese ran off swaying her hips Arata sighed:”I’ll hold you up to that you know.” 

   Man the girls I wanna fuck aren’t trying to fuck but the ones who I have no sexual desire for are the ones fucking me. This is literally the opposite of what I want.

   Arata was walking back into the mansion like house, into the kitchen where breakfast was being prepared by the one and only Maidam. A maid who wears classical maid outfit colored blue and white, she wears white high stockings. Her long golden hair matches with her scarlet colored eyes, the perfect maid. Maidam senses Arata’s presence causing her to quickly bow her head while slightly lifting her dress then she said:”Good morning Master, I am currently making breakfast for all of us so there is no need to worry about anything in the kitchen.” Arata asked:”So what’s for breakfast today Maidam?” Maidam replied:”Well if we’re going by the calendar schedule then I’ve already began preparing pancakes but if you’d like something else then I can make adjustments.” Arata laughed:”No no no there’s no need for all that you just do you okay I’ll be fine with whatever you cook, always remember that. Okay?” Maidam nodded her head getting back to cooking as Arata walked to the table which was extremely long considering how many girls actually lived here. 

  To keep order from like my house exploding we keep track of seats we just use name tags, here’s how it works. The earlier you wake the better you’re preferred seat is gonna be because if you wake up early you can put you’re name tag where ever you’d like. I myself don’t have to worry because we established a rule that I automatically have eat at the end of the table so that I’m “admired” by everyone at the table. The only bad thing is that well the earliest birds are the hornyest of them all. See there’s one now.

  Arata walked to his seat while sighing:”Hey Vanees uh how’s it going?” Vanees’ eyes widened at the sight of Arata making her scream:”MASTER! Yes you’re here and now I don’t have to kill anyone or cut myself because now you’re all mine!” Arata was still trying to understand that last part she said but suddenly Vanees jumped into his lap while laughing:”So Master how are you going to pleasure me today! Or do you wanna punish me for being the bad girl that I am?” Arata chuckled nervously:”I don’t know what you’re talking abou-.” Vanees held her knife up to Arata’s neck while laughing:”Punish me or I’ll cut it off and use it by myself!” Arata was thinking in his head:”DID SHE SAY CUT IT OFF! CUT WHAT OFF?!” Arata took a deep breath before grabbing Vanees’ wrist making her gasp:”What do you think you’re doin-?” Arata silenced her by kissing her making Vanees drop her knife on the table as they both began making out with each other. Arata grabbed her other wrist making her open her eyes while they were still kissing. Arata lifted Vanees onto the table on her back with legs dangling off the table. Arata broke the kiss in order to take off Vanees’ bra revealing her petite breast in which Arata grouped one and slapped the other one continuously making her kick her legs in excitement. Arata then began unzipping his pants making Vanees moan:”Oh yes Daddy Master shove your cock so far up my cunt that I’ll pass out. But when I’m unconscious, keep. Fucking. Me.” Arata lifted up Vanees’ high skirt to find that she was not wearing panties only making it easier to slid into her tight pussy making her twitch because she wasn’t ready. Arata began pounding Vanees like the horny girl she was making the table rock back and forth, she was losing her mind. Vanees managed to mutter:”Choke me daddy!” Arata used both hands to choke Vanees while pounding her ass into oblivion. Seeing the life slowly leave Vanees’ body was a definitely turn on causing him to nut all in her womb making her eyes roll into the back of her head. Arata stopped choking Vanees allowing her to slowly breathe back to normal. After awhile Arata pulled out showing the wonderful cream pie that he made in his little Yandere girl. Arata sat Vanees up right causing her to regain consciousness while commanding:”Go clean yourself up, okay?” Vanees was still coming back to reality so instead of arguing she just went to go get herself cleaned up. Arata he was still kinda hard being that was pretty kinky sex so he stood up and over to where Maidam was cooking. Arata hugged her from behind causing his dick to brush up against her ass making her gasp quietly being startled. Arata whispered:”You know you do feed everyone in this house how about I feed you today?” Arata lifted up Maidam’s dress seeing her white panties in which he pulled down a little. Maidam stuttered:”But uh Master I-I’m not done making breakfast.” Arata whispered:”What do you mean I see a cake right in front of me.” Arata entered Maidam’s pussy making her moan quietly. Arata began slowly thrusting into Maidam’s ass making her moan as she continued to try and make breakfast. Arata grabbed Maidam’s chest managing to get one of her boobs out then he began grouping that boob making Maidam grunt:”Oh my gosh this feels so good but I should really uh get back to cooking.” Arata started speeding up truly clapping her cheeks making her drop her spoon in order to grab onto the edges of the counter. Maidam then began pushing her ass into Arata’s cock making him groan each time her pussy swallowed his cock whole. Arata pushed himself into Maidam grabbing her waist as he nutted all up inside her. Maidam was shaking from how much he just released inside her while Arata was zipping his pants. Maidam whimpered:”T-thank you Master for the amazing cum. I’ll get back back to work.” Arata kissed Maidam’s neck before laughing:”Good girl.” Arata walked off into the hallways where he went to think to himself.

 Oh my God how many times have I cummed today, let’s see about 4 times wow that’s a handful. Let’s see who else I can fuck for free. 

 Arata knocked on a door receiving a response that replied:”You may enter.” Arata opened to door then he walked inside the room filled with lots of wires in circuits all over the place. A robotic girl could be seen floating with her advanced keyboard in her hands. The girl had long blue hair, she had antennas shaped like wings connected to her face visor covering her eyes. She wore a scarf, she had a skin tight black latex suit which had openings on her shoulders and her stomach making her boobs very noticeable. She also wore a skirt with black knee socks. Her name was Lin A.I. she asked without looking away from her keyboard which she was typing extremely fast with:”What brings you here this time Master, another horny morning?” Arata chuckled nervously:”What no not today I’m just checking on you.” Lin sighed:”You’re penis says otherwise.” Lin swiped a screen onto the air which scanned Arata who looked confused. Lin stated:”It says here you ejaculated hmm 4 times today. Sounds pretty horny to me Master.” Arata laughed:”Well today’s been a good day and I think you could make it better.” Arata walked up to Lin and began kissing her neck making her sigh:”Master could you not, you’re interfering with my work.” Arata frowned before smirking as he began to unzip his pants whipping out his cock. Arata slammed his cock onto her keyboard making her stop typing to ask:”You wanna move that?” Arata smiled making Lin sigh before she moved off herself. Arata then frowned before slowly putting his cock on Lin’s cheek making her continue to type until she began opening her mouth so Arata could slide his dick in her mouth. Lin continued to type as she sucked on Arata’s cock until he grabbed her breast. Lin grumbled:”Yeah how about no, I’m busy not horny. Error Code:Instant Nut.” Arata’s cock got extremely hard causing him to bust a fat nut all over Lin’s face. Arata gasped:”Ohh my God, that felt amazing thanks a ton.” Lin stated:”Error Code:Instant Nut.” Arata grunted as he came all over Lin’s face once again making him groan:”Shit wait that hurt, my dick is throbbing hard.” Lin smiled as she licked some cum off of her face before asking:”What’s the matter I thought you were horny? C’mon you wanted to fondle my tits didn’t you?” Lin snatched Arata’s cock and put them between her breast before laughing:”Error Code:Instant Nut!” Arata groaned as he nutted all over Lin’s tits making him try to pull away. Lin chuckled:”Youre not going any where mister, now I’m horny!” Lin grabbed Arata’s dick and shoved it up her pussy making them both moan in pressure. Lin began moaning as she rode Arata who was twitching due to his throbbing penis being submerged in a nice tight pussy. Lin moaned:”Error Code: Instant Nut!” Arata came inside Lin making her stick her tongue out in bliss as she fell on top of Arata. Lin chuckled:”Oh my fucking God that shit felt good and I can still ride you heh heh.” Lin bounced her ass up and down once making Arata twitch again. Lin laughed:”But you seem tired so I’ll leave you be.” Lin slowly got up revealing the sweet cream pie which was dripping from her pussy. Lin giggled:”Wow Master you really filled me all the way up. Error Code: Instant Clean.” All the cum in the room suddenly disappeared making Lin get back to work as Arata stood up weakly. Arata groped Lin’s ass making her squeeze his dick making the two stare at each other seductively. Maidam could be heard announcing:”Its time for breakfast come eat!” Arata grumbled:”I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you when I’m done eating, ya hear me?” Lin snickered:”I’ll be right here waiting for you.” Arata quickly kissed Lin before leaving the room. 

  She makes me really horny, especially with that Instant Nut. Yeah I’m coming back to fuck her most definitely. Well time to eat breakfast I guess.

                            Episode End

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