The Horror


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Chapter 1-Moving In


Freya West-16

Blair West-15

Vanessa West-12

Skyla West-11

Joshua West-18

Jacob West -13

Once there was 5 children who sadly grew up without a family, there was a girl called Freya she is 16,there is Blair that is 15,there was Vanessa that is 12,there is Skyla that is 11 the youngest in the family they also had two brothers called Joshua and jacob.

They were all in the car looking to pass a house then suddenly Joshua who was driving the car came across a big house that wasn’t that expensive he parked the car and every walked towards the house,Blair said

“It’s a really big house”!

Joshua replied 

“It sure is”

Three minutes later, a guy in a suit came outside the house and said

“Sorry I didn’t know you was here”

Joshua said

“It’s ok we’re here to buy this house would that be ok?”

The person in the suit said 

Sure it’s £5,000,000”

Joshua gave the money.

They all walked into the home,they loved it and they settled in perfectly.

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Chapter- 2 Something Strange

 Later that day they settled in the house.

Blair was in her room playing on her laptop when she heard foot  steps in the attic she didnt think much of it because it’s an old so there is obviously going to have some animals crawling up there so she carried on playing with her laptop.Ten  minutes later she heard it again Blair found it  irritating so she went to check it out,she got up there and there was nothing...She came back down and shut the attic door.

It was 3:00pm and Vanessa was watching tv she heard Blair call her from blair bedroom so Vanessa went to Blair’s bedroom and said

“Why did you call me?”

Blair replied

“Vanessa I didn’t call you you must of mis heard”

Vanessa said

I must of been dreaming it anyway what are we eating for dinner Blair?”

Blair said

“Ask Freya she cooking”

Vanessa walked downstairs and felt a slight cold breez for like a second she thought that was quite weird because all the windows and doors were closed in the house but she carried on walking downstairs and she saw Freya she asked Freya

“Freya what are we eating for lunch?”

Freya said

“Fish and chips”

Vanessa replied 


Freya called everyone to the table to eat food and everything was going well.

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Chapter 3- Midnight

It was midnight and the girls were having a midnight feast in Freya’s bedroom eating snacks and watching a movie,the boys were sleeping.

While the girls were watching a movie they heard a noice coming from downstairs Freya said

 “me and Blair will go check what’s downstairs”

Vanessa replied 

“Okay me and skyla will stay here”

Freya and Blair carefully walked downstairs and found the tv on Blair said 

“Jacob or Joshua must of left the tv on”

Freya turned the tv off and Freya and Blair went up stairs 

Skyla asked

“Was there anything?”

Blair said 

“The tv was on but it was probably one of the boys”

Freya suggested everyone to sleep so they slept.

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Chapter 4- No one believes Freya

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