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"I can't even! like she just hit me so randomly,like, the only thing i did was sleep with her boyfriend, i mean its not like THAT bad!"

Ryan sighed. he had enough of this. this woman whose name he didn't even remember, just kept running her mouth and wouldn't shut up. he rolled his eyes and stood up he took his wallet out and put down a few bills. "hey! where are you going?!" Ryan turned his head and gave her a deadpan stare.

"leaving." he answered curtly. and he walked out of the cafe where he could hear the woman screaming, 'what the hell! how could you ditch me like this! like i cant even! you're going to REGRET this!!'

Ryan sighed and walked back to his apartment where he now lived,alone. he used to live with someone, but that someone was now ... gone. Ryan sighed and looked up at the orange sky while thinking,  ' i really need a cigarette' 

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 "You up for drinks tonight? After work were all going to the new bar that opened last week for some drinks, you coming with?" Ryan looked up at Aaleah from his computer

"Nah ill think I'll pass... but thanks anyway." She gave him a disappointed look

"Well it was worth a try.." and gave him a smirk and a wink and left. Ryan wasn't stupid he knew that Aaleah was trying the seduce him into bed with her... but it wasn't working. It not that she wasn't beautiful, no far from it. She had thick luscious black wavy hair, olive skin tone, forest green eyes and thick juicy lips. To accompany her face was her massive breasts, (that Ryan wouldn't mind fondling), but he just wasn't interested. He sighed regretting turning down the invite from a sexy woman, but it didn't really matter. He closed and saved the files he was working on, on his computer, went upstairs to the roof of his work building,took out a stick from his packet of Marlboro and lit it.

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It was officially Saturday and usually Ryan likes to sleep in on those particular days, but today was not a particular Saturday were he could sleep in because at 9 in the morning someone found his spare key under the mat in front of his house and snuck in, went into his room and flipped his covers off.

"get up!" a girlish voice yelled. Ryan groaned and turned over on his bed facing another direction.

"leave me alone..." he mumbled

"i'm not playing with you Ryan, i swear i'm going to lug your sorry ass out if you don't hurry the fuck up." Ryan sprang up immediately, he knew not to mess with Bethany.

Bethany was his close friend in high school, she was a petite girl from an Asian background. she had shoulder length hair that she always tied up in a ponytail and always wore jeans and sneakers. despite her innocent looks, she had a severe potty mouth and could kick butt like no other. they had dated for a while during their school days, for a year to be exact, but it didn't work out int the end and just stayed as friends.

Ryan would be lying if he said that he wasn't attracted to her or still had feelings for her, from the start it was actually her that broke it off with him and to see Bethany again after what had happen to him, made the fire in his heart light a little bit for Bethany again. 

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