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    takes place in 1700s more or less maybe less? i dont know my history well :P
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Chapter 1

     Sam was sitting in the carriage while the horses were moving. He straightened the auburn tie and his matching vest, he needed to look good for the party, hosted by mister Cameron, the richest man in town. Sam as always,was invited to these parties, or rather they were get togethers to show off how much money one has. Sam hated these type of things he wish he were like commoners or, "commoners", happy, with no money, full of respect for everyone- well,most of the time, and not stuck up or snobbish, and DOESN'T host parties to show off how rich they are. They truly were the 'free' people. Sam didn't like the fact that he was an aristocrat.In fact, he hated it.


    The carriage came to a halt and Sam stepped out he put his top hat on and straightened his slacks and took his cane out, the one with the gold dragon head. He stepped out of the carriage gracefully-as he was taught, and walked up to the mansion gates. the guards recognized Sam, and let him through. Hell, everyone liked and knew Sam, even the snobbiest of all snobs liked Sam he was well known rich person who got along with everyone, but all that socializing, the 'nice guy act' was fake, he was taught that by his childhood servant with orders from his snob of a mother, to teach Sam manners, how to walk properly ,dance, writing, posture, academics, everything a PRINCESS, does, which he was not a princess. He hadn't seen his servant for a really long time Sam was three and the servant was 10, Sam had overheard from one of the maids that he was finally fired, the truth was the servant was indeed fired, not by Sam's parents, but by him. Sam fired the servant on purpose, Sam could tell that the servant had a heart of gold, and growing up in a home with money and status, if you had a heart of gold you were named weak he didn't want the servant's heart to be tainted, like Sam's. Sam was sure that if he ever saw the servant again, the servant would want to beat him, and Sam would let him. the servant only applied for the position because he needed money for his household and Sam just fired him from out of the blue.
Sam was greeted by mister Cameron when he walked in. Sam did the usual he did at the get together-ings. He greeted people, chatted with them. All the servant and maids were scurrying around replacing empty platters off food with full ones and refilling empty glasses with red wine and champagne. Sam noticed a little thin redhead dressed in black slacks, a white button up, black vest and bow tie. Sam jogged over to him but was blocked by Madame Victoria. She was wearing a big red gown covered with laces, ribbons and things. She tried flirting with Sam but it didn't work because Sam was busy looking over her head for the redhead. The redhead was gone. Sam was a bit frustrated and gently pushed her aside.
He jogged after where the redhead went to and found him in the kitchen preparing what looked like finger sandwiches. The red head turned and faced Sam.
    "Do you need anything sire?" the redhead questioned with a bit of annoyance in his voice.
The redhead, whose name was Fiery, born the 16th son of his household, named Fiery because of his hair and mainly because the parents didn't have time for names, so to speak.
Fiery recognized Sam, he hated Sam. He was a servant in Sam's minor when Sam was three and Sam just fired him randomly!
    "I know who you are, Sam Roosevelt,born the only son of Roosevelt manor, and fires their servant for absolutely no good reasons." he sneered.
A wave of anger came over Sam and he suddenly put on his ' I am a king, you should respect me' act.
    "Who do you think you are? A merely sewer rat like you talking to me like that?" Fiery looked taken aback. Mister Cameron suddenly poked his head into the kitchen not noticing that Sam was there.
    "Where are those damn sandwiches??!! I-!! Oh! Mister Sam,sir, my good friend... What might you be doing in here with this...thing?" He said casting a glare at Fiery.
Fiery prayed to GOD that Sam wouldn't say a word about his attitude to mister Cameron or he would be fired in an instant. Surprisingly,Sam didn't say a word. "Oh not much, I was quite hungry and decided to get a little snack and a drink." Sam replied casually.
    "Oh heavens, let the servants get the food for you."
    "No, I'm quite alright, thank you very much." And gently pushed mister Cameron out of the kitchen leading him back to the event.
Fiery was dumbfounded, he didn't expect Sam to cover for him especially with the attitude he just gave him. 'He must have changed', Fiery thought in his head. He chuckled and shook his head. 'Yeah right, those kind of people never change. He must have wanted something from me'. He then turned back to finish making the sandwiches.
    Sam was still worried about the redhead even after the end of the gathering. Mister Cameron had held an auction to sell his so called 'famous paintings and artifacts', which just shows to prove that they were in fact trying to show of their money and to impress the guests, one of them being Sam himself. But Sam wasn't necessarily impressed. He couldn't get his mind off the boy and many times he had tried to escape the theater in which mister Cameron was holding the auction, but was held back by Madame Victoria.
    "Where are you going?" Madame Victoria cooed seductively, firming her grip on Sam's arm. Sam was not impressed.
    "To hit the head.I need to hit the head.I'm sure Madame Victoria most likely would not be pleased to join me. Please excuse me." Madame Victoria gave a quiet 'tch' and reluctantly let go of Sam's arm. Sam quickly raced to the kitchen as fast as his shiny leather shoes could let him and went into the kitchen.
In the kitchen, Fiery was busy cleaning up. He was cleaning up the dishes and glasses. The glasses were especially hard to clean around the lip part, mainly because of the women's heavy lipstick stains. He was scrubbing them when he heard a knock on the counter snapping him out of his trance. He turned his head around and saw the person he least wanted to see. "Yes, sire?" He asked smiling with a thin straight line.
"I just... Wanted to see you... Is that to much to ask for?" Sam asked
"Yes." Fiery bluntly imputed
"I just wanted to ask... How you been."
"Not good." Fiery grunted "since you FIRED me," he said emphasizing 'fired'' "we have been broke and hungry and piled from head to toe in debits we have still yet to pay off. Does that make you feel better?" He asked sarcastically.
"It makes me feel absolutely horrible," Sam replied "how much do you need, I shall give it to you."
Fiery's face grew red from embarrassment and anger, "I don't need your stupid money!" He cried, "it won't and never, will buy my forgiveness!" Sam's face turned into a sad frown,and Fiery immediately grew guilty. "H-how about you give me a job..." Fiery offered. Sam's face brightened in an instant. 'He acts like a kid' Fiery thought with a small smile.
    Ever since Sam gave Fiery a job at his mansion, he had been working non-stop everyday and that resulted in Sam giving him more than 10 cents for every hour he worked there. The days that Fiery worked at the mansion, Sam would always go and try to make conversation with him. Fiery would respond with a snide comment or not respond at all, resulting in Sam talking for him through all their 'conversations'.
Fiery actually learned quite a bit about Sam from him talking. For instance Sam actually was smarter then he looks. He had went to school overseas in England and had already graduated at a very young age. Or that he was talented at dancing, singing, instruments and whatnot, because his mother forced those lessons upon him at a very young age. Didn't matter, Fiery already knew about his lessons.
Fiery couldn't help but laugh at all the stories that Sam told him, involving him pulling pranks on his mother, resulting in his punishments. Fiery felt happy for the first time in a long time. He felt like he was on cloud 9.
Every time Fiery saw Sam, he would feel a weird painful ache in his chest. He didn't like the feeling one bit.
"Hey," Fiery greeted Sam, "do you feel this weird ache in your chest when you see me?"
"Why?" Sam asked with a surprised voice. Usually he would be the one initiating conversation, not the other way around.
" because it happens to me when I see you. I think I might be sick... What do you think, should I see a doctor?" Sam smiled.
"What are the symptoms,of this so called 'sickness'?" Fiery thought about it before he replied.
"Well... My heart beats really fast... My face grows really hot... And my stomach starts to cramp up...," Fiery grew red with embarrassment
"And... My...my lower region starts to act up a bit." Sam laughed out loud wiping tears from his eyes.
"You're really honest aren't you?" Fiery's face erupted into flames. Sam hopped off the counter he was sitting on. He walked towards Fiery with slow and steady strides.
Fiery's heart was racing a thousand miles a second, his stomach knotting from nervousness from how Sam would take his confession. Sam crouched down in front of him. Sam smiled and leaned towards his ear " it just means that you love me." He whispered. Fiery couldn't possible turn more red then he was now. By now, his face was as red as a monkey's butt, and his little friend down there responded with a hello.
Sam smiled at Fiery. The first time he was ever happy was when a certain 10 year old redhead came into his life. The second time was when a certain 26 year old redhead just indirectly told him that he might possibly be in love with him. He felt his heart beating probably faster than Fiery's and leaned in towards his face.
Fiery looked up and closed his eyes. He felt Sam's rough lips upon his own. They shared a deep passionate kiss, and the rest was history.
    That night, they laid in Sam's chamber holding each other tightly. Fiery had his head on Sam's chest. Fiery was scared but he had to ask. "Do you... Do you love me?" He suddenly felt Sam's chest rumbling from laughter. Fiery automatically sat up and he turned red. " it's important!" He protested.
" you're asking me this now?!" Sam responded, still laughing. Fiery pouted and Sam smiled. "I love you." And he kissed Fiery's forehead. "Do you love me?"
    The days went on, Fiery still worked at the mansion, and Sam still went over to attempt conversation. But somethings had changed. Fiery would smile when Sam walked over, and he would give him a kiss or two on the cheek or the lips.As for conversation, Fiery wouldn't respond to his questions, but Sam would understand, because there was no need for conversation between them.
    Sam walked into his study after 'talking' to Fiery. He sat down at his desk and started on his paper work, when he was interrupted an hour later. He grunted a 'come in' and he looked up. His mother walked in.
She was a strict and uptight woman who went by the name Elizabeth. She was 5'4, including high heels, 5'5, with long golden hair, each strand perfectly curled. Sign of old age wrinkling around her big green eyes, but other than that she was flawless, except for her beauty mark, under the right corner of her lips.
She was wearing a peach silk dress with long sleeves and heels to match. What surprised Sam wasn't his mother, but walking behind his mother.
" good afternoon," Madame Victoria cooed.
"What is SHE doing here,mother?" He asked tightly and as nicely as he could.
"I was actually looking around for candidates as a potential partner for you dear," His mother answered, "and i came across Victoria here who would be absolutely suitable for you."
'Already on first name bases?' Sam thought, as he clenched his fists. "sorry mother, but I'm afraid madame Victoria here, does not suit my tastes." He could feel madame Victoria's glare as he replied.
"Whats wrong with her?" His mother questioned.
"Nothing, its just i have another in my heart and that person stays, in my heart."
"Very well then, i will see to that i meet her sometime in the near future." they both exited the room. "I am very sorry about him, i hope that you find another who is as great as you are." she patted madame Victoria on the back and walked away.
Madame Victoria couldn't believe this! How could he just fling her off like that like she was a prostitute from a brothel?! Three times! Three times this had happened! He should have been honored that she was interested in him. She had a great big bust, narrow waist and the tiniest feet! She wanted to see the competition she was up against.
    The next day madame Victoria sneakily followed Sam around town. She watched him do errands and a little bit if this and a little bit of that. She wondered if Sam's speech about having another was a hoax. That riled up madame Victoria.
When it was noon she watched Sam look around his manor. She was confused, what was he looking for? UNTIL she saw him walk up to a dirty servant scrubbing the floors. The servant noticed Sam. He smiled to him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips which caused the servant to turn as red as his hair.
Madame Victoria couldn't believe it!! Sam, Sam, he was a homosexual?! Madame Victoria just couldn't believe that she lost to a man, a poor servant no less. She was humiliated. Sam was sent to the world of sin all because of that red headed boy. Sam needed to KNOW that it was wrong, no, not just Sam, they both needed to know it was wrong they needed to either turn back around to God, or they would both burn in hell for their sin for all eternity.
    Sam felt something was odd that night, as he laid in bed with Fiery on his chest. He had a creeping sensation something bad, no, horrible was going to happen. He snapped out of his thoughts when he heard Fiery's light snores indicating he fell asleep. Sam smiled forgetting about his creeping sensation and fell asleep along with Fiery not knowing that while they were resting, Madame Victoria was scheming.
    That morning Sam woke up to an empty bed ,like always, because Fiery had work. He cleaned himself up in the restroom and got dressed. He arrived to where Fiery was usually doing work in the morning but did not see a trance of him. Sam was confused, where had he gone?
"Ahem!" Shouted a voice behind him. Sam swiftly turned around only to see his mother's butler, Clinton. He was an old man, about 60 or 70. He was wearing a white button up shirt tucked in his slacks that were almost as thin has his lanky legs,a vest and over that, a tail coat and a black tie. " the Madame Elizabeth requests your presence." He said with an accent.
    Sam was confused. His mother rarely wanted to see him. He walked to his mother's sleeping chamber with Clinton trailing not far behind. When he arrived, he knocked on the door gently, as his mother did not appreciate loud noises. When he heard a faint 'come in' he opened the door while waving Clinton away, and closed the door behind him.
    His mother sat in front of a large mirror which was decorated with gold vines and flowers around the border. She was wearing a gown with a large skirt with her haired tied up in an up-do. She was applying rouge to her cheek bones. She put her brush down as soon as she heard Sam approaching
"That's quite close enough." she said stiffly, still staring at her reflection in the mirror.
"Mother?" Sam asked "I heard you wanted to see me?"
"Indeed. but not for the reasons you think."
"Excuse me?" Sam asked confused. He did not understand where this was going .
" You are to wed, tomorrow at noon, in the church." his mother replied finally looking at him. Her eyes were cold and face stoic.
" What do you mean?!" Sam exclaimed.
" It means that you will wed tomorrow, is what it means! Do you dare disobey me?!" She asked with her voice loud but face still holding no emotion.
"But I told you, someone already rests in my heart!"
"Oh? You mean that little red head boy?" She asked uninterested,staring at her thin manicured nails. Sam suddenly went alert.
"Who told you about him?! What did you do to him?!"
"Oh yes." His mother suddenly said nodding,her up-do on her head bouncing. "I almost forgot, your majesty will be holding an execution at the exile court at noon. Pity you couldn't be there to see it."
"WHAT?!" Sam boomed.
"Quiet down boy, you know I don't like loud noises. Oh I almost forgot to tell you your soon to be spouse," There was a creak at the door.
"My! What a coincidence! We were just talking about you!" His mother exclaimed.
    Sam turned around as the figure walked through the door. It was none other than Madame Victoria. "This is your soon-to-be wife. Yo have met Victoria here haven't you?" His mother smiled.
Sam was enraged he was seeing red. He didn't notice what he was doing until his mother clawed at his arm to stop. He had Madame Victoria pinned up against the wall with his hands tightly squeezing her neck.
"Release her this instant!" Madame Elizabeth cried, trying to tear Sam's hands away from Victoria's neck.
"Where is Fiery??!" Sam growled. Madame Victoria laughed breathily from lack of air.
"In...in the palace dungeon... where faggots...be-belong" she said in an amused tone of voice. This enraged Sam. He tightens his grip around Madame Victoria's neck which caused her to cough and choke.
"Release her this instant!" His mother cried, but Sam wouldn't listen. "Guards!" His mother exclaimed. The door flew open and the guards started to file in one by one. One grabbed one of Sam's arm with both hands and another on the other side. They held his arm loosely but not loose enough so he could escape and spread the sin.
Sam was towed away with guards behind and in front if him.
When the guards finally arrived where they wanted to take him, which was the palace dungeon, they threw him in roughly.
"Enjoy the last night of your life." the guard said gruffly before locking the door and walking away. Sam glared after him.
"Sam?" A sweet little familiar voice whimpered. Sam turned around. In the cell next to his he saw his sweet little angel with red hair all bloody and beaten up.
"Sam!" Fiery cried while tears of happiness flowed down his cheeks as he crawled over to the bars. Sam crawled over to Fiery with worry and relief in his eyes. They clasped their hands together tightly afraid that if it was too loose the other might wind up disappearing.
"Are you doing okay, does it hurt?" Sam asked with worry. Fiery smiled at his concern.
"i'm quite alright, they just tossed me here and there and tried to avoid touching me as much as possible." Sam smiled at him, holding their hands together tighter, which made Fiery wince a little, but he didn't mind, he wanted to spend as much time as possible and as close as possible to Sam, after all, he knew tonight was his last.
    Sam woke up when he felt water splash on him all over. He looked at his surroundings and immediately remembered the events that occurred yesterday. A solider was hovering over him with a ratty old metal bucket.
"get the fuck up." he gruff-ed with annoyance in his voice." i ain't care who you are, i ain't got all day, and you gon' be dead in a few hours." Sam glared and suddenly looked around, startled. "Where is Fiery?!' he thought panicking. The solider sensed his panic and said, "ain't gotta worry bout nothing, that little bitch is already outside," he grinned, "and he's waiting for you." Sam felt dread take over and turned a deathly white, he didn't even notice when the solider wrapped the rope around his hands behind his back and dragged him outside to the exile grounds.
    Fiery was up on a podium tied to a wooden pole,in a middle of piles and piles of hay, tree bark and sticks. he was scared out of his mind, no, not for himself, but for Sam, he was no where in sight and he didn't know what happened to him. All he knew was that he was woken up in a pile of cold water and a solider dragging him out of the cell even before he was fully awake. Fiery started to thrash around and then at the corner of his eye he saw a solider dragging out a man that looked like his beloved.
"... Sam!" Fiery cried out, with tears stinging his eyes. Sam looked up at the voice and saw Fiery tied up to the pole and his eyes widen.
"heh, ain't gotta worry, you gon' be up there with him in a few." the solider smirked. Sam glared. He didn't deserve this! Fiery didn't deserve this! No one that was in love with their own gender deserved this! He had seen a few trials where 'faggots' where burned. That was where the name came from. People that were in love with another man or woman where burned in a faggot, a bundle of sticks, which is why they were named that. It was highly unfair. he then found himself tied up to the same pole that Fiery was tied to. He felt Fiery grasp his hand in a tight hold and Sam equally held his hand as tight, scared for one another. Sam looked around and saw his hateful mother and hateful Madame Victoria, un-surprisingly his father was absent, due to being embarrassed for having such a disgusting son. All the villagers where present, whispering among themselves,along with all the rich folk, mister Cameron, who astonishingly,at a time like this, was trying to woe Madame Victoria, in which she responded to his attempts with just as much force. 'unbelievable!' Sam thought with anger. 'This was all caused by- by that witch!' He could feel his anger boiling more and then felt a painful squeeze at his hand .He calmed down almost instantly. He had to treasure his very short life that was about to be over and would never see Fiery again. He turned over to look a Fiery which in return Fiery stared back. They brought their face close to each other and shared one last long passionate kiss with their hand clasped together. Fiery already had tears streaming down his pale face and Sam had his still at the base of his eyes.
"I love you." Fiery whispered against Sam's lips.
"As do I, my love." He replied with a smile.
    The people couldn't take anymore of this disgusting-ness, and they started to scream at the executioner to hurry up and end their lives. The executioner lit a fire on a big stick and threw it into the pile of hay and wood at their feet. They braced themselves holding on to each other's hands tightly while listening to the villagers cheer. They felt their love for each other, burning inside of them the flames not only licking their hearts for each other but also their body, to tell them they were dying for each other, together. And their hands never let go, even when they went up in flames.
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