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One piece of advice

If I were to gift you with one piece of advice and one piece only, it would be to buy this book and gift it to a friend. No, I jest. Buy ten. In all seriousness, the one piece of advice that trumps all else is simply to FOCUS. We live in a world today that is so convoluted. Left, right and centre, we are bombarded with distractions, from the countless technology devices an individual possesses through to the numerous tasks, activities and commitments each vying for a moment of our time; the greatest distraction of which is our minds. The world of today tells us that anything and everything is possible, so we fill our heads with all these hopes and dreams, refusing to settle for anything that we are not "passionate" for. That's the word of the decade it seems. PASSION. We should all find something we are passionate about because we only have one life and what is life if you are not living it by following your passion? I say this lathered in sarcasm. This mentality has given rise to a generation of young adults paralysed by choice. We do things half-heartedly because we do not want to commit ourselves to any one thing that isn't our life's calling. The problem however, is that we assume our life's calling is going to mysteriously appear before us at some point in the near future and of its own doing. The fact is, we do not know when or where we will find ourselves. Some people find their passion the second they escape their mother's vagina, others when they are near their deathbed and for many, not at all. Is there a secret to finding one's passion? No buddy. The trick is simply to look for it. If you just sit on your ass all day, doing the same things over and over again, how do you expect to find your revelation? How do you expect anything to change? You need to make a concerted effort to experience different things. I don't mean go spend a day in an accountant's office or to go on a vacation. You need to fully immerse yourself in one thing and understand it inside-out. Focus. Whether it is something you love or hate, it will teach you more about who you are.

When you have found what your passion is, focus. Put your all into whatever it may be.

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Story (250)

inspiration comes from new experiences

people you meet

experiences you encounter

expose yourself - transform your frame of mind

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