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Welcome to Devildom!

 Yoana had no idea as to what is going on. All she knows is that she just woke up in a spacious courtroom or at least something that closely resembles it.

There are seven plum coloured banners hanging with gold rim, each having a different creature in the centre painted or sewn with violet-a Phoenix, a snake, a unicorn, a scarab and a...something on the last. What it was and what was drawn on the second banner, our protagonist couldn’t make out no matter how much she squinted her eyes at them.  

However, she certainly could very clearly see the long  desk standing before her...for a very brief second her nervousness turned to excitement as she believed that she was actually in Hogwarts because of the dim lighting, the long table with several chairs that she could see as she allowed herself to peer back over her shoulder curiously, having forgotten about the occupants present there.

Just, everything in that room, no-the very place itself seriously reminded her of the Great hall at the School for Witchcraft and Wizardry. So much that she expected to see the iconic house banners of the four houses-Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff and of course, Ravenclaw. Hell-she even got confused as to why there aren’t wizards and witches with robes walking around!

But the girl’s joy was rather short lived as she finally adjusted to the lighting and she could properly see that several men are looking her way. Something was off about them-they didn’t look like they are from Rolling’s book at all.

She could feel her heart begin to race rapidly, genuine fear beginning to swiftly crawl its way into her still hazy, clouded consciousness, causing adrenaline to blaze down her veins like wildfire. 

It took her a solid minute to come to a strange, seemingly absurd and downright laughable far fetched conclusion that she intuitively based off of a sinking bad feeling in her gut, and a hunch that rolling around in her mind like a coin:

I’m in a room full with actual demons.

She hurriedly snapped  her head back to the desk when she hears the man seated in the chief judge’s seat. But his light voice didn’t soothe her frayed nerves, in fact his words puzzled her-

“Welcome to the Devildom, Yoana.”

He has a friendly, inviting and welcoming look on his face yet that only made the seventeen year old even more tense as she regarded him warily, like a deer.

“Oh, pardon me. Feeling a bit shocked, are we?” The man asked with what she guessed to be some degree of sympathy in his voice-or was it pity? Was it secretly mockery?

She remained frozen and silent, mind reeling- rapidly registering and processing all the information she just got, now on full alert.

Shocked is a bit of an understatement but yeah, you could say that way, I guess.

Those were her thoughts, however she didn’t have the chance to lost in her musings-attention still on the red headed person clad in posh red uniform. It really reminded her of a uniform that a high ranking military officer would wear...

“Well, that’s understandable. You’ve only just arrived, after all.”

Yeah and I’m already popular it seems. Seriously, what am I here-Harry Potter? 

...Wait, hold the phone! How does he know my name?! And what do you mean by ‘you just arrived’? 

Ugh, I feel like an exhibit at an auction. So that’s how the dinosaurs from Fallen Kingdom felt.

As a human, it will probably take a little while for you to adjust to things here in the Devildom.”

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Intro from a v. anxious author

Hello there fellow readers, like the chapter title suggests I’m very anxious about my works. This novel or series (probably the latter) are meant mostly for me to practice my writing skills with something I’ve avoided for years on end- Self inserts. 


I’m sure a large part of the audience knows or at least has an idea of what this is. However I’m gonna give a quick summary definition just in case so that we’re all on the same page.

Self-insert is when an author or artist technically adds themselves or a character meant to represent them in a story or a piece of art.

For instance, a story about My hero academia-a well known anime.In it are described  three characters taking a photo together: Kirishima,Deku and Amber.

It’s clear that the first two belong to the anime while Amber is my original character, or avatar because she shares suspiciously a lot of personality and behaviour traits with me.

Usually, from what I’ve seen and heard, this trope is not quite accepted and is mostly regarded as immature or dare I say, even stupid. (Because in my opinion the inserted character is far too much powerful and hardly makes sense in the story, i.e that specific character is standing out.) 

Now, I’m in no way an expert in writing and boy aren’t I an amateur at playing around with tropes, so here are some folks who can explain better than me (or seem to have a better grasp of the subject):

-Overly sarcastic productions

Check out their “tropes playlist”,they cover a lot of various tropes like Mary Sues, cliches,main character deaths and more.

-Twisted disaster 

I’m sure that you’ll find something useful in her videos.

-The zodiac Lord

He’s covered the topic of self-insertion and Mary Sues as well.

Literally no one:

Me: Yes I dug up this information on YouTube.   

Note: I got the courage to trick myself into publishing this. Anxiety skyrocketed. Yay. 
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Welcome to Devildom!

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