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Chapter One: Arriving here

 Logan’s POV

I’ve been told that you should never judge a book by its over,or a person by what others have told you about them,because you should know them personally before you do that part. I’ve never judge a person before,however I’ve been judged by many people in my life. 

People think I’m a satanic person,because I wear all black from head to toe,hear rock music like metal or hard rock,wear eyeliner and am a pale person. I’m not and it’s who I am and if people aren’t going to be respecting me as who I am,then they’ll have to deal with me being myself this way. 

No one understands me, but the one person who I feel sometimes does is my mother. I go to her when I’m having trouble with school,or when I just have to get the thoughts I have out of me. She’s the only family member that hasn’t judged me cause of who I am. 

My father is serving a really long time in jail for committing some terrible things and I might not even see him ever again. My younger sister,Avery,died a few winters ago in her room, because she took a pill that ended her life. We were heartbroken and I was supposed to be her role model,and I didn’t save her in time. 

We were driving into a small town in California from our old house in Washington,DC,because my mom sold our house and she found a new job here. The rain was coming hard today and it’s been like this for the past few hours. Hopefully we’ll get there soon,because I don’t want to be trapped in a car anymore. 

“How much longer until we get there,mum?” I asked her as I looked out at the rainy window for the last time. She sighed softly and looked at the GPS in the car. 

“A few more minutes and we’ll be there,Logan. We’ll be there before you know it” She said in her can do attitude and I just sighed and began hearing music as time pasted by. 

I played my favorite rock band,Black Veil Brides,as she drove closer to the house. I was hearing ,Drag me to the grave,while I was looking out at the window for some entertainment,or to be doing something at least. I closed my eyes and imaged what our house would be like this time. I pictured it like my dream house I always had as a kid,having our family memories everywhere,my bands posters all over my room,feeling welcomed each time we entered the house and having a nice vibe too. 

“We’re here at last!” My mum said as she turned the car engine off and walked towards the new house. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. It was big,had windows upstairs and downstairs,a small garage for her cars,a mini shed in the backyard,a pool in the backyard and the rooms were nice as well. 

I unloaded everything into the living room while she called some family member she was talking with earlier. I put my boxes into my bedroom and put her things in her room,as the mountain of boxes got separated. 

It took me a while to get everything bro their new places and when I was done,I laid down on my bed and played my BVB Playlist. I soaked in the wonderful music while I was reading a book and my mum soon entered with excitement. 

“Good news,I got the job!” I happily hugged her and congratulated her as she told me on the job she was getting. 

“It’s nothing big, but at least I’ll be working again like old times and it’s at a restaurant a few blocks from here” She told me it was a restaurant like a Mexican restaurant and she would be working on Wednesday morning. 

“Also dinner is almost ready and I hope you love Chinese food” I smiled softly as she walked back downstairs and I looked around my room one als time before heading downstairs with her. 

During dinner we talked about the school I was going to this week,our family that would be visiting us next week and other things we usually talk about when we’re together. After dinner I helped with washing the dishes and we played a movie in the living room. We were watching a rom com for some reason and it didn’t make any sense to me,but my mum liked it and that’s all that matters to me. 

I changed into some Batman pj pants and a BVB tank top after brushing my teeth and went to bed after I finished hearing more of my favorite songs from Black Veil Brides. I heard they were having a concert in a few months and I’ve always go to them with my mom. I’ve had a big crush on Andy Biersack,the band’s lead singer,and haven’t noticed it until last month when I was on tumblr. My phone has countless pictures of him and his outstanding band and he’s my idol and Savior. 

I began thinking about him while I slept that night and hoped to see him at his concert,or around here one day. He’s the only one who personally gets me and I wish to talk to him privately if I get the chance to. His blue piercing eyes and full lips sometimes makes me smile when I see a picture of him,but his music and him make me smile each day. 

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Logan Winchester is a teen who feels that no one on Earth can understand her,because everyone judges her each day of her life and she’s been alone her entire life. Her mom works countless nights at a restaurant,her father is in jail for doing some terrible things,and her younger sister died one night in her room. 

She meets her idols,Black Veil Brides. She’s been a huge fan of them since she heard their first song,Knives and Pens,and hasn’t stop loving them since. To others they are devil music,but to her they’re her saviors and propel that truly understand her. She meets them one night when she is getting picked on a night she returns back home and her Savior,Andy Biersack,saves her from the bullies. 

She soon is finally happy for once in her life and her mother is happy that she is,because she found someone who she can talk to. A relationship might be blooming between them and she might be part of the band too. 

What will happen when she meets his ex- girlfriend,Juliet Simms? Will this restart her loneliness and pain she always felt  as a child,it will she get through even the darkest nights? 

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