Interceptor: Wind it Up


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It takes place in a city called New Amsterdam, a spin-off of New York where the Dutch and Irish built their own miniature world in America.


Two sisters, Sara and Katrine-three years apart, reside in the rich parts of society with the grace of bored princesses. To escape from their affluent world, Katrina turns to music while Sara turns to mayhem- using an illegal jetpack to raise hell upon the city. When she's caught, it's up to Katrina, lovingly called Katy by Sara, to clean up the mess she made or let the police handle it. Then again, there wouldn't be a story if she chose the latter.


As she takes the mantle of the Stingray, the suit's alternate name, she brings her own form of justice to New Amsterdam. As she learns what it means to have a purpose, Katrina dives head on into the crime world Sara helped to revive.

The city of New Amsterdam will have its own hero as Katrina becomes someone different than the shadow her sister made her out to be. She'll become INTERCEPTOR!


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I Don't Wear Gold Teeth Cause My Daddy Won't Waste His Money

All it takes is a single look in the mirror. I see the golden canopy overhead, with matching cream lace dotting the ceiling and lights that turn colors based on my mood. My coral- carved vanity is covered with moving selfies and messages from every boy on Snapout! with a sharp jaw and six pack. 

I'm Katrina Gevra, I tell myself, and I'm a gangster.

Don't believe me?

I got filthy rich without moving a single finger and I get to have whatever I want- just like a gangster.

Look at what I'm gonna wear today. Not some sleazy last-season getup. The thrift shop is my dumpster, not my store. Don't try to imagine the old-fashioned thermals and skinny jeans on me. 

I wear short chic dresses and sexy jeans. There's a dress code, but I don't break it; I make it bow to my whim- because I can.

I wear shoes that girls would kill for.  Charlize Favurve  Side-Zip high top sneakers are a great souvenir from Italy, especially if they got here before my Mother got back.

I even wear jewelry to school. Don't believe me? I'm putting on my Niache Point Blank necklace right now. Yeah, that's sterling silver, and I can wear it- because I can.

I'm untouchable at school. My territory is 9th grade and below. My sister takes care of the rest. 

I'm my sister's favorite. Both of them. 

Anyway, need further proof? 

Look at where I live. I can see the whole downtown New Amsterdam from my penthouse. 

My parents could mess you up if you would like. Both have enough connections throughout the city to destroy you and those you love.

How about this? I don't go on transit trains to school. I get a limo to drive me. Every day. 

Want to shoot me while I'm sitting in there, sipping freshly squeezed juice while posting Snapouts and control the school? Nope. The windows are bulletproof glass, and the driver's last vehicle was a tank.

Want even more proof? Then pay attention.

My Dad's probably helped your parents split up so we could afford to bring in Echo Riley for my sister's 16th Birthday. ECHO RILEY! And we LOVE her! Not meaning to brag, but Sara was totally awesome on stage with her.

Watch me strut up the school's stairs like I own the place.

Watch me insult a girl's dress while in front of the principal.

Watch the boys part ways in lust and the girls in shame.

Watch my grin never fade throughout the whole day. 

This is my life. This is how it began and how it will end- with a large grin on my face that would make even senior boys swoon. Today, the school, tomorrow the world.

I am a freakin gangster. Deal with it.

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You're not Supposed to Be Happy. That's My Job

I wish my sister would stop grinning like that. I swear, if she flashes her teeth, she looks like the Joker. Really. She has the features around her mouth, just in much softer tones than him. Although I can't help but wonder why he acts like that. Literally tries to set fire to Gotham every time he breaks out of that stupid asylum.

Whatever. She's cool anyway. She latches on to me like a leech, but instead of sucking away the good, she's getting rid of the bad. I look at her and see myself when I was her age. So young and reckless- I love that.

Hang on a second. There's this girl trying to get a seat at our table, licking her chops like she had just given head to some jock on the football team. Like that was a VIP pass now.

"Move away from our table, you dirty skank. Just because you blew Thomas doesn't give you a right to sit with us. Get your sexed up face out of mine you hook."

That's better. She was stinking up the place anyway.

As I take a bite out of some lame excuse of a lunch I launch right back into the juicy gossip swidling around me at our little table at the far left corner of the huge lunchroom. 
What are the other girls talking about again?

"...So Tommy, like the loser he is, is trying to get back with Zoey but Alex already got to her. He found out the hard way."

Right. Tommy. Melissa's ex-boyfriend. Like really ex-boyfriend. Like he-wanted-nudes-before-the-second-date-desperate-material ex-boyfriend.

"When's the fight?"

"Tonight, in the parking lot when the principal leaves."

Fights were always an exciting time for her. We got to see a few dumb jocks duke it out on top of asphalt. Shirts would be torn, sweat will glisten on their bulky bodies, blood will be drawn...

"Speaking of parking lots, oh my G-d," Spener spoke out loud, his chin quivering without an ounce of self-control.

"Look at Katie's thermals. They look like she rubbed them on the asphalt before walking in."

"Ha! More like tried fitting into them first!"

After Kim's additional comment, we laughed long and proud. Who was going to stop us? Between all of us, our parent's ran the school, owned companies, won numerous military awards and accolades and single-handedly monopolized the divorce lawyer market. Who would dare stop us?

I sigh loudly, a trademark of mine, somehow even drowning out the bell for class.

Man, what a time to be alive.

"Sara, you deaf? C'mon girl," Kim called to me, waking me from another perfectly good trance. "Bell rang. Let's go."

As we leave the massive room together, I toss the remainder of whatever lunch that was into the garbage, disregarding the recycle signs. All I can think about is the fight that's going to happen. No wait, that's only the first good part; the best will be happening after that...

As the gossip and selfies flutter around me like beautiful butterflies, I get a glimpse of my own Katy before heading into my own classroom(Katrina hates that I call her Katy, but it's a cuter name, right?). She's in the back of her classroom, wearing that cute shirt and jeans combo and laughing with a bunch of my own friends' siblings. That girl is going to take over the school, I'm sure. And she'll enjoy every moment of it.

Every evil,



wonderful part of it.




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This is More Fun Than Banging My Head Against a Wall

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