Poetry From Above


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From the Skies Above

To the Earth Below

Through the Waves of the Oceanic Abyss

The Sands of Time Reminisce


-Chant of the Ageless Time

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Dragon rise to raze our lives

We've no option but to dive

Our soaring scourge stalks us deep

Wings, talons, and fangs that make us weep

Oh roaring beasts that wedge open a gaping hole

They reach out and capture our aching soul

Wrath is what they deliver to our home

With Nothing left to us but to roam

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Beacon of Light

The darkness is a wonderful place

where one feels no disgrace.

Its cold, dank air comforts the soul

and makes it easy to ignore this hole.

        What once filled my chest?

        Was it happiness? Joy? Hope?

I know such things don't exist

for the darkness tells me to resist

The darkness tells me the truth

and obey nothing so uncouth

However so, there's a piece of me that wishes the darkness to be a lie

and for me to say goodbye.

            Oh where is my Beacon of Light?


The darkness holds me tight

but now I seek the light

I struggle and break free at last

though the darkness approaches fast

    “Light, I wish to be taken in,

    For I do not want the darkness to win.”

    “What do you seek, stray child?” The light doth speak

    “I no longer strive to be weak!”

    “Then child, reach out to me, for I am your beacon of light you seek.”


The darkness grows weak and walks away

So the light rests for another day

I step into a void of nothing

Hoping I find something.

        I ask again, what once fills my chest?

Pieces come together , yet I hope to find the rest.

I shout for the light once more

yet the darkness returns to settle the score.

I jump towards light but fall back to the darkness

    The darkness encroaches and wraps around me and fills me

    with lies that I know be false, until my Beacon of Light pushed away the dark.


    “Reach out for me again, stray child and find your way,

    for once you're by my side, you can forever stay.”

The light hath spoken,

to that I have awoken

I will now run until I reach the light,

and for once I'm there, I will hold forever tight

For the Beacon of Light is also my heart

That which we will never be apart.

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Mother, Where Are You?

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