Vampires Vs Killer Werewolf’s.


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He is back!

 It has been two weeks sense I seen Josh. I miss him. I started going back to school, my story was that I was out of town. I really missed my friends, I missed my old life, when I went home I opened my computer, and started study for the test on, Thursday.

“You seem like your having fun?” A voice said.

“JOSH!!” I said.

I close my computer and I run to him, and jump on him, he catches me and I hug him. He hugs me back. He lays me on the bed, and he kisses my lips.

“I missed you” He said.

“I miss you. You too” I said. Then I punch him on the shoulder.

“Ow. What was that for?” He said laughing.

“Leave me again, and I will kill you” I said.

He laughs.

“What you working on?” He said, opening my computer.

“Just getting ready for the test, on Thursday” I said, moving my hair.

“Wow, you missed on, on a lot of work” he said.

“I know” I said, going behind him, and putting my arms around him, and my chin on his shoulder.

“You have two reports, and three essays all due next week. Do you need help?” He asked.

“No, am fine” I said.

“It’s just that all the work that your getting this week, and returning all the work next week. That’s a lot even for you” he said.

“I can handle it. I handled bigger” I said.

“That’s what she said” he joked.

I hit him, and we both laugh. 

“Don’t you have school?” I asked.

“We have a tutor, who’s also a wolf” He said.

“Do you have a picture of him?” I asked.

“Her” He said.

“Oh, female. There female wolfs to?” I asked.

“Yea, there she is” He said, showing me a picture of her, on his phone. It was her and the pack, and had a crop top, and short shorts. She had blue eye, black hair, and tattoos on her arm that was a sleeve, her teeth were white, and she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.

“That’s her??!?!” I asked.

“Why does that such a suprise you so much?” He said.

“I hate her” I said falling back on the bed.

“Why?” He asked.

“Because She is so pretty, and am upset” I said, crossing my arms.

“What your pretty too” He said.

“Not as pretty as she is” I said.

“I think you are” He said.

“She is flawless, her skin is like a polished pearl” I said.

He laughs.

“Her name Stephanie” he said.

“Even her name is beautiful. Jayla, what kind of name is that?” I said.

“Your being over dramatic” he said laughing.

“Why are you dating me? She is much better” I mumbled.

“Ok, now shut up” he said, getting on top of me.

“Your the most beautiful person in the world. It’s not what matters in the outside, its the inside” He said.

“But am Nothing” I said.

He laughs.

“What?” I asked.

“You don’t get it do you?” He asked.

I made a confused face.

“Jayla, your everything” he said.

I gave him a smile, and I kiss his lips. He puts his hands on my waist, and I my hands are around his head.

“Damn” someone said.

We both looked at the window, and I see his pack with their phones out recording us. I laugh. Blake gets up, and closes the blinds. I get up and yelled.

“Get out” I said laughed.

They put away there phones, and leave laughing.

“Sorry about that” He said.

“It’s ok. It’s a good thing my sister isn’t going to be here for the next few days” I said.

“Wait, Why?” He asked.

“Oh school field trip” I said

“How long will she be gone?” He asked.

“She will be back in a week” I said

“So She is not here?” He said.

“No why?” I asked. He started to have a grin.

“Do you you have condum?” He asked.

“Yea, there right under my....” I didn’t even finish my sentence, and he kisses me, and picks me up. He lays me on the bed and gets on top of me. Takes off my shirt and he nibbles on my collar bone. 

“Stop that tickles” I said, giggling. He kisses my lips, then takes off his shirt, then he gets off the bed, and slowly takes off my shorts. As he takes off his pants. I go under my pillow, and I get a condum, and I rip the wrapper with my teeth and toss it to him. He takes his underpants off, and puts the condum on, and takes of my underwear, and puts it in. I moan, he starts to moan.

“Deeper” I said.

He goes deeper. We both started to moan heavier. His voice made my pussy wet, I was dripping like water.

“Harder” I said.

He goes harder. 

“Uh Yes” I moaned. He goes in deeper. “Right there Josh, right there” I said moaning. 

He started to go harder.

“Yes, Josh yes, fuck me like there is no tomorrow” I said.

He grabs my bed frame, He goes in deeper, and deeper and harder and harder, intel we both started moaning like we were crazy. It was 1:00AM when he stopped.

“You done?” I asked, out of breath.

“Yea, you?” He said, out of breath.

I nodded. We were both trying to catch our breath. He gets off me, and lays next to me. We were both trying to catch our breath.

“Wow” we both said.

We looked at each other then laughed. We went to sleep naked.

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Am scared of my boyfriend!

 I woke up, and I was naked, behind me Josh was behind me, with his arms on my waist. My down stairs was so sore, but it kind of felt good. It hurt, because of how deep he was going on. I tried to get up, my my legs hurt. I just laid down, and I feel Josh moveing, I hearded, and heard his breathing, behind my neck, knowing he was awake, and he knew I wasawake. He slowly puts his hands on my wasit, and pulls me closer to him, and he kisses my neck.

“Had you ever had sex with her?” I asked.

He stopped. 

“What?” He asked.

“Have you ever had sex with Stephanie?” I asked, turning to him.

“Why?” He said.

I grabbed his hand and squeeze, I was not happy.

“Tell me” I said.

“Ow, ok me and Stephanie never were together but yes, I did bang her” he joked.

I hit him in the arm.

“Ow, it was a joke” he said laughing.

“Does she have feelings for you?” I asked.

“Yea, she things that am not that 1 girl kind of guy, she thinks I can have both of you” He said.

I rolled up eyes, and got out of bed, my legs were very sore, but I tried to walk normal. 

“Where are you going?” He asked.

“Am going to the tattoo shop, and am getting black hair dye” I said. I started to get a new bra, and new underwear, and get cleaned up. He started to put his clothes on.

“Why?” He asked.

“Well, if am good enough, I need to look good enough” I said, going through his wallet.

“Hey, what are you doing through my wallet?” He asked.

“That tattoos are what, 150?” I asked.

“180” he said.

“Done” I said, I take the money, my purse and my keys, I was going to open the door, but he quickly, closed the door with one arm.

“Stop, What are you doing?” He asked.

“Am starving” I said.

“Are you on like your vampire period?” He joked again.

“Yes, am on my vampire period, because that makes 100% sense” I said.

He laughed.


He grabs my shoulders, and I drop everything, and he puts me against the door.

“Josh, let go of me” I said trying to fight back, but he was pressing me against the wall, and was slowly going near my ear.

“You know, your very cute when your jealous” He said. His voice made my heart stop, it was scary. I remembered the voice, it was when I was human,  my dads boss named Chris, would come in my room all the time, when I was 17, he would always touch me and make me feel uncomfortable. I hated it.

“Josh, stop” I said.

“And your hair smells nice” he said.

I tried to push him off but he grabs my wrist, and he gets closer to me. He puts a knee in between my legs, and I breath heavy. I close my eyes shut and look away.

“You know it’s a good think that I have you all to myself” he said, kissing my neck. I hate this, I knew he was trying to turn me on, but he was so close and is voice was so deep, and he wouldn’t let go, which started to give me bad memories.

“Let me go, Josh am not playing” I said.

“Me nither, the things that I could do to you” he said. Touching my cheek, to my neck, and started to slowly take off my sweater. I started to tear up and I push him off, and looks at me in shock. I was officially scared of him.

“Hey, you ok?” He asked.

I didn’t say anything.

“Why would you do that?” I said, putting my jacket on.

“It was just a joke” he said, walking towards me.

“Stay back” I said.

He stops.

“Jayla” He said walking again.

“No” I said, opening the door, and running away, into town. I ran all the way to the beach, and to the hiding spot, I used to go to when I was a kid. It was a little tunnel I made, between the big rocks. That’s when I started go cry. I hated it.

Back then.....

“Let me go” I said.

“But your so cute, I can’t help myself” he said, pushing me against the wall. He grabs my waist, trying to take my shirt off, and kiss me.

“Stop, please stop” I said.

“Shut up” He said, pushing his lips to mine, I pushed him, and he would bite my boobs.

“Ow Stop” I yelled.

“OUT, DON’T YOU EVER TOUCH HER AGAIN, GET OUT NO” My mom, came in the room, and pushed him out the front door. I would run to my room, and cry, and my mom would be there, and talk to me about the happiest family moments, that I feel in love with. That would have been the 15 time that has happened, Am just happy my mom was there to stop it. I wouldn’t tell him anyone, I was to scared. 

Right now.....

He would always take off my clothes, and it would make me uncomfortable. That’s was the real reason I cried when Josh started to take off my clothes at the prison. I wanted to go home, but he was there, and I was 100% scared of him. I had to make a run for it, because he can smell my sent, and he can find me. I had my phone with me, and Josh was calling I hang up, and he kept on calling and I haven’t answered.

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What have I done?

 I was outside of my house, waiting for Josh to leave, but he said there, waiting for me. I started to run, and I came back late at night. I go to my room, and Josh was asleep,  I put a blanket over him, scared that he would wake up, and I took off his shoes. I turn off the lights, about to leave but I came back and give him a kiss on the cheek. I was about to leave, but I heard a murmur.

“Jmlya” he mumbled.

I came closer, to her better.

“Jayla, I love you, no come back, Jayla no, Jayla no” He said, and wakes up. “Jayla” He said.

He gently, touches my hand. I do miss him, and I knew it was a mistake, but I was scared of him. I snapped out of it, and I run.

“Jayla no, come back” I stopped, and I turn to look at him. His sad eyes make my heart hurt, but I turn away and keep running. I was in town, and I was walking to the library, reading a book.

“Tough time?” Someone said, she had black hair, blue eyes, and tattoos, I feel like I have seen her before.

“Do I know you?” I asked.

She smiled, and sits next to me.

“No. But I know your a vampire, the pack tells me so much about you” She said.

“Your Stephanie?” I asked.

She nodded.

“The slutly teacher” I said.

Her eyes goes up, with still a smile.

“Ouch.” She said.

“Sorry, Josh showed me a picture of you, and the pack, and your a lot more prettier in person” I said.

“Your a lot more prettier then me” She said.

“You look like a Victoria Secert model, and I look like a girl that works a McDonalds” I said.

“That’s so not true, your the prettiest girl I have ever seen, Let’s take a selfie” she said.

“Um ok I guess” I said. We take a picture and it looks really nice. 

“Omg, we need to hang out more. We are like the hottest girls in town. Mostly you, but still we should really hang out” she said.

“Um, ok. Let me get your number?” I said, she gave me her phone, and I put my number in.

“Thanks” She said.

“Yea, no problem” I said.

“Are you ok? You don’t seem sure?” She asked.

“Yea, it’s just me and Josh are just having a hard time right now” I asked.

“Why? What’s going on?” She asked.

I explained my what happened between me and Josh, and what happened to my past.

“Wow, that’s rough” she said, with a deep breath.

“Yup” I said.

“You know Josh would never mean to hurt anyone” she said.

“Except all of those women” I mumbled.

“You know about that?” She said. 

“Yea, I do” I said.

She took a deep breath.

“You know he needs you. He can’t live without you. He actually like you” She said.

I know Josh, I know what he was trying to do, it just made me uncomfortable.

“Look,  Josh is a really great guy, he is loyal, and passionate, and the best part, he knows when he was wrong. If you look at him a different way you will know” she said.

“But...” I said.

“But?” She said.

“Am scared” I said.

She chuckled.

“Don’t be. I missed I had a boyfriend who loved me” she said.

“Oh come on all the men, must throw themselves at you” I said.

“I do, but they all want one thing and one thing only. My body” She said with a sigh.

“Am sorry” I said.

“Don’t worry about me. Am still young, and I will find someone one day” she said.

“I hope you do too” I said. 

Then she gets a phone call. 

“It’s Josh” she said.

She grabs my hand, and we go outside to the back of the library. 

“Why am I here?” I asked.

“I think it’s important if you listen” she said.

“It’s none of my business” I said.

“Just listen” she said.

I give a sigh. 

“Ok” I said.

She answers.

“Yo” She said normal.

“Hey” He said upset.

“Are you ok?” She asked.

“No really. Am losing it” he said.

“What’s going on?” She said.

“Their has been something going on between, Jayla and I” He said, talking like he had been crying.

“Oh Jayla, yea I talked to her” she said.

“ have when?” He asked.

“Yesterday” She said.

“Did she say anything? Is she ok?” He said.

“Yea, she told me she was a vampire, that she got this very pretty purple dress...” she started messing again. I cover my mouth to try not to laugh.

“I meant about us?” He asked.

She gives me a look, like should I tell him, and I give her a nod.

“No, she looked like she has been crying. She is scared” she said.

“Why?” He asked.

She explained what had happened. He didn’t interrupt her or anything.

“Wow, I feel really bad” he said.

“Yea, but she doesn’t hate you, she knows your heart, you just gave her bad memories” she said.

“I feel like a idiot, and she knows about my past” He said.

“It’s going to be ok?” She said.

“No, no, it’s not going to be ok” he said pissed off.

“Josh listen....” she said, trying to help.

“No, Stephanie you don’t get it” He said.

“What don’t I get?” She asked.

“Steph, am in love with her” he said. 

Stephanie and I starred at each other in shock, in shock. He loved me? 

“But now I can’t have her” he said. 

“Josh, Josh, listen to me ok?” She said freaking.

“Goodbye Steph” she said.

He hung up.

“This isn’t going” She said.

“What?” I asked.

“Josh, is crazy. When he is that upset he does things very stupid that it could get him killed. You need to go back home” she said.

“No, I can’t, you know I can’t” I said.

“He just said he loved you. Look, Jayla memories are just memories. You can’t go back in time to take it all back, it’s just not passable. Right now, there is a man out there that loves, and he is about to do something very stupid, go now” she said.

I ran, all the way to my house, he is important.

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Josh is annoying.

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Your no fun.

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Am such a idiot.

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My punishment.

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Am done for.

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My first fight with Caleb.

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No more Jayla and Josh

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