Detective Le Mun


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Chapter 1 | The Search

 I crossed my legs, sitting on my oak desk, sliding my pipe into my mouth. Of course, I hate pollution, so I replaced the smoke with water, so steam would come out instead. Then, the door slammed open and my pipe dropped to the dark blue tiles on the floor. 

“Detective Le Mun!” 

Mrs. Mal busted in, clawing the door as she slammed it open. 

“It’s my son, Jimmy! He’s gone missing!”

She shouted as my black cat, Mila, jumped on my lap. 

“So? He’s probably at the comic store.” 

“So? So?! So?!

She shook me like an earthquake. 

“How would you feel if your child was gone?!” 

“Yurika! I got it!” 

I released my stash of balloons on the ceiling. Confedy was launched from my cannons. 

“No more pain in the necks!” 

I shouted as I blew my party horn and threw on my party hat. Mrs. Mal dragged me by the ear outside as the night sky loomed above me. 




I hovered my mangnifine glass over the dark wet streets, and trailed all the way to Mrs. Mal’s car. Then, five police officers came out of the police station next to my office. The chief marched towards me, holding a jelly filled donut in her hand. 

“Alright, Le Mun.” 

She crossed her arms, tapping her foot on the hard wet concrete.  

“What’s going on around here?” 

“Mrs. Mal’s son went missing.” 

“And why are you on the case?”

“Because I want to be.” 

I swiped the jelly filled donut out of the chief’s hand.


She yelled. I took a big bite out of it,  almost dropping the donut. 

“Alright, if we aren’t going to Jimmy’s location, then we might as well head to your house.” 

I faced Mrs. Mal and said, taking a smaller bite. Mrs. Mal opened the door, and I hopped in. Mrs. Mal started driving before the chief could yell at me again for taking her donut. Soon enough we reached her brown and yellow house. It was four stories with a huge backyard. I busted inside and switched the lights on. Then, there was barking. This Great Dane came rushing towards me, with her tail like a furry whip. It only took one hiss from Mila to back the dog up. That is why I always keep Mila on my shoulder. I searched every little square of the house. Then, a note caught my eye. It said ‘Dear Mom, I am heading out for a bit. My phone is dead so I can’t text you. I’ll be home before curfew. Your son, Jimithy.’ I grabbed the note and ran to Mrs. Mal. 

“I found this note on Jimmy’s bed.” 

I told her, handing the note to her. She read the note rather slow. Maybe because she forgot her glasses. 

“Yeah, maybe...” 

I pondered. 

“Who are you talking to?” 

Mrs. Mal questioned. 

“The readers of course!” 

“Oh, continue.” 

I thought for a moment. 

“If Jimmy went out, he must be at the comic store!”

I rushed out the door. 

“He is not at the comic store!” 

Mrs. Mal yelled. 

“Fine, we’ll go down the road and head to the cliff side.” 

I closed the car door and awaited for Mrs. Mal. She got in and we were off!

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Chapter 2 | Mom’s House

 “Y’know, why can’t you drive?” 

Mrs. Mal asked. 

“Because I fail my driving test every time.” 

“Oh look, my mother’s house!” 

She pulled into the drive way. There was a golden mansion that looked like it had 8,000 floors next to us! I got out and tried to push the door open. I put all my weight onto it. Then, Mrs. Mal pulled the small silver handle open. 

“You’re suppose to pull it.” 

She started to walk into the place. I soon followed. I shivered as darkness filled the room. Then, the lights flicked on. 

“Happy late 990,078,465,23 birthday, Rosey!” 

An extremely old lady shouted, around other old people. There was chocolate cake and balloons. 

“Thank you, Mom.”

Mrs. Mal smiled. 

“Wait, your name is Rosey?” 

“Yes, and this is Lilac, my mother.” 

Wow! This family sure dose age quickly. 

“Well, I must investigate here.” 

I said, taking a giant slice of cake. I looked around, searching left and right, up and down, side to side, forward and backwards, below and above, 

“Alright we get it!”

A reader yelled. Then, I finally found, a computer! I lifted it up and yelled: 

“Get the police!” 

Then, the police busted in at S.W.A.T team speed. 

“What is it now, Le Mun.”

The chief approach me. 

“I found this computer! It has the fastest Wi-Fi ever!” 

The chief sighed. 

“Leo Munarò Topaz, I am not playing games with you! If you want to investigate, investigate! If you wanna play games, let me handle it!”

She and her team stormed away. She may doubt me, but I know I’m right! Or at least I think I am. 

“Come on Rosey, the the car!” 

I jumped in once more. 

“Don’t you want to have a look around?

Lilac asked me. 

“Do I!” 

I jumped out and ran into the elevator. I rapidly pressed all the buttons until all the buttons were lit up. 


Mrs. Mal yelled. Before I could hear the rest, the doors closed and I went up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and up and- 

“Just get to the good part!” 

Another reader yelled.  Geez, I’m not even safe in my mind. When I reached the top, me and Mila were welcomed to the roof with a enormous swimming pool! Mila was one of those cats who liked water, so she dove right in. Good thing my clothes were water-proof. I dove right after Mila. Then, back into the elevator we went. We went down and down and down and down and down and down and down and- let me guess, I’m not allowed to do that. 


The reader answered. Mrs. Mal and Lilac were waiting at the bottom. 

“So, What were you gonna tell me?”

I asked, smiling away. 

“I was going to tell you not to go in the pool on the roof. My mom put some special cleaning power in it and it may irritate your skin.” 

My smile was wiped clear off my face. 

“Let’s just get in the car.” 

I walked to the car. I didn’t even try to show that my skin was ichy. Mrs. Mal soon started driving. 

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Chapter 3 |Hotel

 I watched the stars shine and yawned. We pulled up to a big hotel with a bright neon sighn. 

“Let’s stay here for the night.” 

Mrs. Mal said, also yawning. 

“Yay! I call the top bunk!” 

I rushed into the hotel, waiting for Mrs. Mal. 

“I’m sorry sir, no pets allowed.” 

The man at the front desk said, just saying sorry to be polite, but not really caring. 

“No pets allowed?” 

“No, sir.” 

“No pets allowed?!” 


No pets allowed?!

“I already said no pets allowed.” 


“Yes! No pets allowed!” 

“Mila is NOT a pet! She is a sidekick!”

“No animals allowed!” 

“Well, humans are technically animals, so, humans aren’t allowed? So if humans aren’t allowed then why aren’t you yelling at the other people to go?” 

Fine! Fine, your sidekick can stay.”

Then, I eyed a jar of mints. The kind that looked the a candy cane but it’s a circle. I poored the entire jar into my pockets, unwrapping and stuffing some in my mouth. Finally, Mrs. Mal came into the building. 

“Two rooms for one.” 

She slid over her credit card. The man handed me a key and I went straight for the elevator. Once again, I had to press the buttons. I went up and down and up and down and- I know what you’re gonna say next. Finally, I reached my floor. The door slid open like butter. The beds were huge! We jumped up and down on them. Mila flew so high in the air, She almost hit the ceiling! Then, of course, we fell instantly asleep but in the morning we shot up and bounced again. Then, suddenly, there was knocking at my door. I climbed off the bed and opened it. It was Mrs. Mal. 

“Detective Le Mun, I think it’s time to go.”

Mrs. Mal dragged me out by the arm. Mila followed behind. When we past the desk, I snatched the new jar of mints. 

“Alright, today is the day of the trial. We’re heading to court.” 

We drove off to the town hall. I pushed open the big oak doors and went to my little stand. 

“The trial of Jimithy Mal will now come to order!” 

The judge banged his hammer thing. 

“It’s called a gavel.” 

A reader said. Well, I was close. 

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Chapter 4 | Trial

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