Nala's big adventure


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The only chapter

 As my eyes open I see my brothers and sisters climbing over each other. Is this what I have to do? act like an idiot?"good morning Nala"says a very large cat bigger then the rest "umm hi"I say unsure of who she is.She smiles and says "I'm your mum and Nala is your name"before I can say anything she starts to lick feels good.As she licks me I start to look around at my saroundings. I'm in a box with a dark green blanket layed across the floor. I see all my brothers and sisters climbing over mum and each other. I don't realise but mum has stopped licking me so I try to get up but I keep on falling over.I finally get up and walk over to them very slowly. "Hey guys"I shout they all stop and look at me im scared a black cat with a white tail says "well look at who it is " they all laugh like It's a joke."what's so funny"I say but before they can say something mum head buts them and gives them a hard stare "nothing"she says "nothing at all" they all jump off mum and hide behind her they pop there heads up and look up so I dot he same and a big pair of hands come in and pick me up I start to panic "no mum no"I shout she looks at me then says"it's ok Nala your going to a new home it's going to ....."I don't catch the last bit. I look around and there's a big Russian blue cat smiling at me "dad?" I shout and all he does is nod I get lifted high in the air as I start meowing for my brothers and sisters and mum and dad I get handed over to a different pair of hands and the human starts walking way "no no" I shout then the front door slams I curl up in the pair of hand with my tail hanging out. As the human opens the door to the car I see another box in there is that where I'm going? I think. Just then I get thorn into the brown box. there's a small white cat in here as well just a bit bigger then me "hi " I say. the cat stops scratching the box and looks at me "hi and welcome to hell!" Yells the cat. I back up into the corner and the White cat goes back to scratching the box. I curl up in the corner and go to sleep.when I wake up in in a nice warm blanket outside. "outside!"I yell I try to back into my blanket but then my but pops out of the blanket. It's cold out here and it's a big backyard too. there a pool just over a gate and some woods just over a wire fence. there 2 food balls and a big pine tree over in the corner and I shed seaparating the vegetable garden from all the small trees. I get out of my blanket and look around.

Oops you came to the end of part 1 of this bookDon't worry this is only part 1 just follow me and you will see the next book part 2

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