The Kingdom by the Sea


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The Kingdom by the Sea

       When I was younger and to this day, I lived in a place I call the kingdom by the sea. A girl lived there next to me. Her name was Amelia Fate. She was born to love and be loved by me. I was about eight when I met her, so I had no concept of true love. But as I grew, I knew she was the one for me.
        We were only children, fifteen and sixteen. Amelia loved to walk the kingdom by the sea. So every day at dawn, Amelia and I would watch the ocean chase up the shore, and then watch it cower away in fear. One day, Amelia asked me if I was afraid of loving her, like the sea was afraid of the shore. I told her,"How could I be so afraid of a love that even the Angels are jealous of?" And right I was. The Angels despised us.
         So we continued to walk when a wind blew from the clouds, chilling Amelia Fate. It was the Angels. I sat with my lovely Amelia for so long. But, of course, they came and took her away. That was the last time I saw Amelia Fate until that day.
       Ever since she left me, I could never walk the kingdom by the sea again without thinking of my lost love. But now, as I sit on my deathbed, I look out the window and into the moon. There I witness Amelia Fate beckoning me to join her in her tomb surrounded by the kingdom by the sea.

Based upon Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe.

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