Welcome To New York Chapter 2


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Welcome to New York Chapter 2

 I call my mom to check in and tell her we settled in okay. It’s 9 p.m. now and Adam and I change into our pajamas and cuddle together on my mattress, snug as a bug. We’ll unpack tomorrow.

Well, if we feel like it, that is.        


   I wake up cold. For a split second I forget where I am, but when I hear Adam snore loudly beside me, it hits. We’re finally in New York City! Ever since we were kids, our dream has been to move out of our small town, Cheshire, and move to the big city. Now, seven years later, we’re here. I can’t wait to see what this next chapter of our lives has in store for us.

   I quietly roll off the mattress, careful not to wake a sleeping Adam, and walk to our restroom. Our. I love saying that!

   “Whoops, that’s the closet” I giggle to myself and close the door, opening the one across from the hall closet. “Okay there it is.” I go pee and reach for the toilet paper, feeling nothing, forgetting that we haven’t unpacked yet. “Crap” I shake my butt and leave my pajama shorts on the floor, quietly jogging to the kitchen where we stacked our boxes last night before going to bed.

   I tear off the tape to the box titled bathroom, and bend down to pick it up. I’m startled when Adam screams behind me. “Ew panties!”

   I scoff and roll my eyes, “you’re lucky I’m wearing some.”

   I go back to the washroom to do my business, then I unload the box, setting everything on top of the counter. I lay out the rug, put the shower products in the shower, and throw the other toiletries under the sink. “Hey Adam!”


   “I wanna start unpacking today so can you maybe start in the kitchen? I did the bathroom already.” I walk into the kitchen and see Adam sipping a coffee from the Keurig he must have just plugged in.

   “Yeah, sure.”

   I check the time on my phone. It’s 11:57 a.m. I turn on Ed Sheeran’s new album Division. I fold towels and blankets while Adam twerks to Shape Of You, me clearly getting more work done. Once the hallway closet is neatly organized with stacks of wash cloths, towels, extra blankets, and sheets, I decide to make my bed. I lay my fluffy blanket over the silk sheets I placed on the mattress last night, and mix and match different pillows with decorative things on them. My favorite ones being the smirking emoji and a “vegan” pillow that may or may not be in the shape of a marijuana plant. I crowd the bed with stuffed animals, then start to load up my closet, hanging shirts and folding pants.


   At 2:30, Adam and I reunite and decide to go on a walk. We both order coffees from Starbuck’s, even though Adam already had one a few hours ago. He elbows me to get my attention.

   “Look! ‘Help wanted. We need a job, right?” he raises his brow questioning.

   “It’s worth a shot, I guess” I shrug.

Adam gets two job applications and we fill them out while sipping our drinks.

  “Why’d you lie?” Adam asks looking at my paper where it says Schooling: and I answered ‘Trying for NYU’

  I roll my eyes. “I doubt they’ll care if I graduated high school, plus, I didn’t lie. I am trying for NYU” I say. “They don’t need to know I’m not gonna get in” I laugh.

   I didn’t even technically drop out of school since I passed all of my classes, and I only had four months left. Adam just wishes I stayed in school, but he doesn’t understand. After Jason cheated on me, I had to leave. To start over. Plus, the only thing keeping Adam in London was me finishing school, since he had already graduated last year, being one year older than me.

   I fill out the last few questions.

Age: 17

Address: 877 Hampstead Apts. Brooklyn, NY, 11223

Previous jobs: babysitting since 13

(I’ve never babysat a day in my life, but they don’t know that)

Children: never

Skills: Acting/Singing

Where do you see yourself in 5 years: famous

   “Okay, i’m done” I inform Adam, “Me too,” he replies. I take both of our applications back to the lady at the front, and we leave. We joke with each other and do some shopping, mainly just looking around and getting familiar with the shopping centers around here. A preppy blonde, not possibly older than 20, pops up in front of us. 

   “Hi! I’m Chelsea! Do y’all wanna party tonight?”

    “Uhmm-” she cuts Adam off.

   “Well y’all are in luck! This” she hands over two flyers, “is the address to the underground bar about 3 blocks from here. It's a secret club and you two look like you know how to party!" She grins

    "We actually just moved in down the street and we're still unpacking so-" I get cut off

    "Stop right there! Welcome to the big city! And what better way to start your stay than by partying?!"

    Adam and I can't help but smile at how hard she's trying, so we look at eachother for a second before both turning to face Chelsea.

    "Okay" we say in unison.

    "Eeeep! Bless you two! Y'all are gonna have so much fun! Okay so it starts at 9 and wear something sexy!"

    Adam furrows his brow, "did you say it starts at 9?"

    "Of course, kiddo! The city never sleeps. Nine is early for us."

    Chelsea gives me her number in case we get lost trying to find the club tonight. We head back to the apartments shortly after and Adam turns on Netflix- not yet having cable until the cable guy comes over tomorrow. We sit on my bed and watch re runs of Friends for a bit and start getting ready at six.

    I take a long shower and shave everything neck down. 

    I have a stigma about body hair. I hate it with a passion. Adam just so happens to feel the same way and shaves everything except his legs, this might be the reason why he's my favorite person.

    I wear my black oversized SlipKnot T-shirt that goes down mid-thigh, fishnet tights, and of corse my favorite vintage black, platform, four inch combat boots.

    I'm 5'8, slightly taller than girls my age, but I love feeling tall so I wear shoes that make me around six foot.

    I brush my hair letting it air dry and curl naturally, and start my makeup. I put on foundation, powder, bronzer, black eyeshadow in my crease, and mascara to top it all off. My eyebrows are naturally dark and bushy so I just brush them out. They might just be my favorite feature.

    I put in my ear jewelry, having 18 peircings I just make sure to have one ring in each hole. 

    Shortly after, I meet Adam in the living room. He's wearing a tight, black, V-neck t-shirt, ripped skinnies, Doc Martins, and a bit of black eyeliner on the bottom water line to help bring out his eyes. 

    "Yes bi*ch," we say in unison, laughing at each other and admiring our outfits. We leave the apartments at nine and begin walking to the club.



    We get to Main Street Underground bar, the security guards just smile and ask for $20 each. Pushing the doors open, our faces are bathed in a rainbow of dulled colours, and music flew through us like the blood in our veins. (Simile) 

    The club masked a different world. There are people of all ages from sixteen to eighty, but somehow everyone got along. 

    Adam smiles at a group of older men and to say I'm jealous, would be an understatement. Adam's confidence exuded an aura of pure power, which mesmerized those in front of him, and turned those who opposed him into putty. (Metaphor)

    Adam pulls me to the bar station, managing to charm the bartender for 50% off drinks. 

    I sip my tequila slowly, taste buds fighting the bitterness, but the drink wins. (Personification)

    Half an hour later, Adam and I are dancing on the dance floor, slightly tipsy, and feeling the adrenaline rush. We barely notice people around us staring in awe, until Adam is pulled away by an attractive older man, looking slightly familiar, but I let it go and let Adam have fun.

    The man takes Adam to the roped off VIP section and I can't help but look at them, smiling. The man was a symbol of our youth, and as Adam says, the older the man, the older the soul. (Symbolism)

    I watch the two, Adam having an unreadable expression on his face. I try not to be paranoid and tune them out instead.



    I recognize Bennett after our (encounter) yesterday on the plane. I tone out his voice and focus on the way his lips move, slowly. I wanted to kiss them, but I'm snapped out of my thoughts by some words that sound intriguing. "- a constant influx of cash and gifts-" 


    "Wait, what did you say?"

    "I said I can take care of you. Give you anything you want, whether that be clothes or shoes, gifts or cash."

    I remember him mentioning something about being a big time lawyer, but I didn't know he had /a lot/ of money. I'm quite intrigued.

    He slides me a drink, smirking a bit. "So, Adam. How'v you been? To tell you the truth I haven't stopped thinking about you since the plane ride. I'm glad I found you here.” He says, sipping his beer.

    "Yeah, yeah" I roll my eyes. "Been fine. So you mentioned something about clothes and money? What's that about?" 

    Bennett chuckles, probably because of what I said. On the plane he told me he liked my attitude, and I told him to shut up and- well you know what happened after that.

    "Well, I've brought you over here for two reasons. One, to say hi. Two, to give you an...offer of a kind.” 

    I'm a bit confused. “What may that be?” I ask, genuinely curious.

    Bennett lowers his voice. “I was wondering if you would be willing to be in an arrangement with me?”

     I'm even more confused than I was at the beginning, but I continue asking questions. "And what kind of arrangement may that be?” What can I say? I'm suspicious.

    “You see, things have been getting… Lonely, with all of my business trips. I would much appreciate your company through some of these for some... stress relief, you could say. I would pay well, too.” Bennett says, casually.

    “W-what? You want to pay me to be with you? What kind of person do you think I am? I'm not a prostitute!” I exclaim, voice getting louder with every word. I look at Bennett in disgust, and begin to walk away, but he catches my arm.

    "No! Look, it isn't like that! I'm not paying you for that, I mean whatever you want to do is fine but- I'm just... enjoying your company, spending time with you, buying you things. I just want to make you happy. It's more of an.... escort kind of thing?"

    Before I can reply, Alexis is already rushing to my side. "I think we should leave-" she starts.

    "No, I... just wait." I whisper to her, looking back at Bennett. "You want me to escort you?" I ask again, Alexis' eyes widen but she keeps her mouth closed. 

    "Yes. Just, please tell me you'll think about it? Here" he grabs a napkin from our previous table, and a pen from his blazer pocket. "Take my number. Think it over. And please get back to me?" He says in an almost begging manner, but I take the number anyways.

    "I can't think straight right now. I'm gonna go" he frowns a bit, "but I'll think about it," then lights up.

    "Yes! Okay. Good, okay! Uhm, have a good night you two. And Adam, I'm looking forward to your call." Bennett smiles and if I'm being honest, it's hard not to smile back.

    When we get outside, Alexis finally speaks.

Back to Alexis’ POV


    Adam rolls his eyes, shrugging.

“Are you seriously debating this?!” Adam shrugs and I'm baffled. “Adam that's illegal!”

    “I know! Ugh just… I need a job. I'm 18, and I might, kind of, maybe just a little bit, like him-”

    “Adam” I huff. “It's just- are you seriously texting him right now?!”

    He looks up from his phone, shrugging a bit. “He says he knows people. Says you could be an escort too…”

    At this point my eyes are detached from my body because everything is absolutely unreal at the moment. “I'm not a prostitute-”

    “Alexis. Thousands. We’re talking thousands of dollars. If you don't do it I won't do it. But I will if you will. Okay?”

    I have a headache, I'm drunk off my feet, and stressed to the max. I smoke a cigarette on our walk back to the apartment, Adam and I making no effort for anymore conversation.

    That night I don't speak to Adam. I change my clothes, take off my makeup, go to bed, and I don't say one word to him. Nope. Not even when he sneaks in my room, lays in my bed, and whispers “I'm sorry, Lexi. I hope you don't hate me.”

    And how could I hate him, if I'm suggesting the whole ‘escort’ thing, too? Because really, how bad could it be?

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I really like the way the characters interact with each other and wasn't confused with the plot at all. I had trouble visualizing the area, but it didn't distract from the flow of the story, maybe throw in some more descriptions.


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