Something More Than Friendship!


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Chapter 1

 Zuma & Skye were having a game of Pup Pup Boogie & of course Zuma was winning because he was the master at that game. Marshall was cheering them on. Zuma did a twirl and Skye was trying to do a handstander(handstand dance) but as she was spinning she fell over. "Oof! It's ok I'm fine. But I guess this means I'm out.." Skye sighs. "Woah looks like Zuma wins again!" Said Marshall. "Well Dudes you gonna keep trying or are ye gonna give up? I could play this game all day!" Smirked Zuma." I might have another go later. But don't worry I'll make sure I beat you!" Smiled Skye. "Oh we'll see about that!" Joked Zuma." Haha come on let's go get a drink." Said Marshall. "Um I'll catch up with you guys in a sec" said Zuma. Marshall hung back. "Zuma you ok? You look like you're thinking. And you have that look on your face again." Said Marshall. "Huh o-oh i-its nothing." Said Zuma startled." Come on let's go." Then Marshall leaned closer. "Zuma!? You got a secret? Come on you can tell me I wouldn't tell anyone!" Zuma hesitated. Then sighed." Ok if I tell you, you can't say a word to anyone"Said Zuma seriously. "Ok" Said Marshall.

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Chapter 2

 "Omg!! You like Skye!!??" Said Marshall."Shush!! Keep your voice down dude!" Said Zuma covering his mouth. "Hehe I'm joking. I've known for weeks!" Smiles Marshall. "What? How? I never told you." Questioned Zuma." Zuma. I could tell by your face. You always stare at her and most of the time you are next to her!" Zuma smiled. "But she's so dreamy! I really want to tell her! But... I just can't.." Zuma sighed." Come on . I'll help you!" Smiled Marshall. Zuma hesitated then said "ok.." Quietly.

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