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This book takes place after Todd the Devil's Son the God War. 

"Abaddon has been dead for many, many years now, his daughter has grown up, his wife has remarried, and God has made most everyone forget who Abaddon even is, only few people know him, and now they can barely remember him."

"Which is exactly why we need him."

"He is dangerous."

"I know."

"No I don't think you do, he almost killed all the remaining gods, you know, the gods that he didn't kill when he was young, he almost destroyed everything."

"I know."

"Then why do you want to bring him back here, to a world that will only bring him bad memories and pain, what if it angers him?"

"I know what I am doing."

"I hope you do."

"Don't worry, and you know we need him, Evil grows in the dark regions and we can't hold it back forever and when we fail, everything will die, we need Abaddon."

"How will you even find him?"

"I am going to unknown where all the people and gods go when they truly die, you see if someone dies they go to heaven or hell, but if they are killed in heaven and hell again, they go to the unknown and since Abaddon is truly dead he will be there."

"Okay, hope you don't die." then the man disappeared, he found himself in a place of all white then he saw a city that was created by all the gods that have died, the mysterious man went into the city where many people and gods walked around,

"Does anyone know where I can find Abaddon?" they all stopped and turned to the mysterious man, then Zeus walked over to him,

"He is that way, outside of the city."

"Okay, thank you." then the man left the city and walked and walked until he came to a small home where he saw Abaddon drinking bottles of unknown liquid,

"Abaddon?" then Abaddon turned around,

"What do you want?"

"We need your help Abaddon."

"How? no one can get hurt in this place?"

"Not here, back in the land of the living."

"And how do you expect me to help."

"I can bring you back."

"You can, what do you need?"

"Abaddon a great Evil rages in the ends of the universe and we can't hold them back forever, we need you, you are strong enough to beat the monsters."

"Okay, what is in it for me?"

"You return."

"Can I see Arisha?"


"Can I see Shy?"


"Can I see Draygon?"

"We can't find him, and no."

"Can I see anyone that I know?"

"No, and it is for your own good."

"Then why should I come?"

"To save everyone and everything."

"I have saved everyone and everything four times, I think I am good, how about someone else does it for a change."

"Abaddon the reason you can't see anyone you know is because no one should know you are alive, because if someone knows, they will tell everyone and all the realms will be in chaos, and the reason it is for your own good is because of, things have changed."

"How much has changed?"

"Everything, barley anyone knows who Abaddon even is." Abaddon sat down,

"So you are giving me a second chance?"

"No, I am giving you a new life, you will no longer be Abaddon the devil's son, you will become Abaddon God of Judgment." Abaddon the pulled out a picture and looked at it for a while, then he put the picture in his pocket,

"I am in, but one question."

"What is it?"

"How did you even get here?"

"We are not so different Abaddon, my kind is long forgotten, we where there since the beginning." then they both began to glow and then they disappeared. Then they reappeared and the man walked over to another mysterious person,

"Did you find Abaddon?"


"Did he agree to join us?"


"Let me see him."

"He went that way he said he had to put on his armor." then the mysterious person looked over the mans shoulder,

"It looks like he is done." then all the people turned around to see Abaddon in his armor,


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Chapter 1

Abaddon walked over to the mysterious person,

"Hello Abaddon."

"Nice to see you, again, Life." then Abaddon put his hand on the mysterious's robes and pulled it off, and all the people turned away and shielded they eyes, as light spread shot out of the robe and there stood Life with her phoenix, 

"Well, only one who has seen me before would have seen through my disguise."

"Well, you have always been a shy one."

"Okay, it is okay to look everyone." then all the armored knights looked at life and Abaddon,

"Abaddon now we need to get straight to the matter at hand, monsters are coming from the North and attacking our fortresses that are used to keep them out of the universe, what we need you to do is go behind the enemy lines and kill the source."

"Okay, sound fair when do I start?"

"When ever you want." then a golden knight ran up,

"Life, a monster has broke through are defenses and is going towards heaven!" Life looked at Abaddon,

"Okay, I got this, where is it right now?"

"Climbing the unseen mountain." Abaddon's eyes shot open then Abaddon ran and opened up a portal. The monster climbed and climbed the mountain getting closer and closer to heaven then it stopped when it saw a small house on the mountain, the monster knew what house he was looking at, he was looking at Abaddon's house where he raised Shy, and now Shy lived there, the monster raised his hand in the air and began to bring it down on the house but then a portal opened and Abaddon came bolting out of it and then Abaddon flew into the monster stomach and the monster fell over and then it got up and looked at Abaddon,

the monster smiled, then it ran at Abaddon and Abaddon ran at it and then they began to fight. Abaddon and the monster fought and the Earth began to shake, then then monster grabbed Abaddon and picked him up,

"I thought you where dangerous." Abaddon stopped struggling and looked the monster in the eyes,

"You have no idea." then Abaddon spread out is wings and the monster let go then Abaddon stabbed the monster in the stomach then Abaddon grabbed the monster by its head and threw the monster into the universe. Abaddon looked around and nothing really changed except for the marks that where left by the fight between Abaddon and the monster,

"No one saw that, no soul walking up the mountain to heaven saw that?" then a door began to open and Abaddon and and hid behind a rock in fear of being seen, 

"Hello? is anyone there?" it was quiet and Abaddon peeked and he saw Shy, she was all grown up, then a man walked out of the house beside her,

"What is it honey?"

"Nothing, I just thought I heard something, it was nothing but an earthquake." then they walked back in and Abaddon stood up and looked at the house,

"S-s-shy?" then a portal opened and a hand grabbed Abaddon and pulled him in, Abaddon turned around and it was the monster,


"YES, WE, ARE!" then Abaddon jumped at the monster and pulled out his sword and stabbed the monster, then the monster smacked Abaddon's sword away, then Abaddon grabbed the monster's arm and Abaddon ripped it off and the monster screamed in pain and then Abaddon stabbed the monster in the chest with the arm, and then Abaddon popped out his claws and stabbed the monster in the chest and then the monster began to burn and turn into ash then Abaddon absorbed the burning monster and Abaddon felt a little better, a little stronger, then a portal opened up and a golden knight pulled Abaddon in,

"Good work Abaddon, but we expected you to be better then that."

"Well I have been dead for a long time I lost a lot of my powers but I am regaining them slowly." then Life walked over,

"You are right, you still need to regain your powers and strength before you go behind enemy lines, but first, I think we should go over the rules Abaddon, come with me."

"Okay." then Life walked to her tent and Abaddon followed, inside the tent Life sat in a chair across from Abaddon,

"Abaddon rule number one, no one must see you."

"How did no one see me fight the monster?"

"These monsters are invisible to everyone but us, they only would see us, luckily no one saw you."

"This is stupid, not being able to see the ones I love."

"If you did then you won't just be hurting you, but hurting them, Abaddon, they want you to be dead, they want you to be at peace, to finally rest like you have always wanted."

"No! I have always wanted to just be with my family, that is all I wanted since I married Arisha, but every time I would try things got worse-"

"I know, and that is why you shouldn't see them, or else things will get worse, you would put them in danger, now if you care then you know what is best for them, as much as it hurts you to do it, you have to stay out of their lives."


"Rule two, no one should know this exists, rule three no killing our own men, rule four no starting fights."

Later Abaddon left the tent and went over to a tent labeled Abaddon, Abaddon went in the tent and then he pulled out a picture and looked at it then he put it in his pocket and then he fell asleep standing up in his armor. Abaddon awoke to the sound of knights marching, Abaddon got out of his tent and walked over to a knight,

"What is going on?"

"We are carrying supplies to rebuild the broken barrier."

In the darkness of monsters the monster who battled Abaddon reappeared, then a voiced echoed around it,

"How did you lose?!"

"It was-"



"Abaddon, are you sure?"


"Hmmmmm, looks like Life found him, but little does she know, the darkness always finds it way back to its people." Abaddon followed the knights to the barrier and he began to help build on the wall then he stopped and looked into the darkness he felt like he was being watched,Image result for black

Abaddon starred like if he saw something in the darkness then something began to appear  

Abaddon stumbled back and fell over, and a knight ran over,

"Abaddon are you alright?" Abaddon looked back at the darkness and nothing was there,

"Yes, I am fine, now if you will excuse me." then Abaddon ran off back to the camp, Abaddon entered Life's tent,

"Life!" Life woke up and got up, holding her bed sheets over her body as clothes,

"Yes Abaddon, what is it?"

"I have a question."

"What is troubling you, ask away."

"Who is the enemy."

"The monsters."

"What is the darkness?"

"It is the end of the universe." 

"Is Evil inside the darkness?" Life starred at Abaddon not knowing what to say, "He is the darkness isn't he?"

"Yes Abaddon, he is."

"You should have just left me dead."  Abaddon turned away and walked out,

"Wait Abaddon!" then Life  moved her fingers and she was wearing her clothes and she walked out after Abaddon,

"Leave me alone."

"Abaddon wait!"

"Why didn't you tell me."

"We tried to tell you." Abaddon turned around and grabbed Life by her shoulders,


"Because I knew you would refuse."

"Yeah, I would." then Abaddon let go of Life,

"Abaddon where are you going?!"

"I am going to have a private talk with my father-in-law and ask him to kill me."

"Abaddon we need you don't go to God!"

"And why should I listen to you?"

"Because he is no longer your father-in-law!" Abaddon stopped and turned to Life,


"Arisha remarried, and she gave birth to five children, three boys and two girls, none of those are yours." Abaddon just stood there and then Life continued to talk,"Shy has grown up and got married and she has two children now." Abaddon stood there and his hands turned into fists, and his eyes lit up in flames, 

"I didn't walk her down the aisle, I didn't get to walk my baby girl down the aisle on her wedding." then a tear of blood dripped down Abaddon's flaming eyes, Life took one step towards Abaddon,

"Abaddon are you okay, are you sad?"

"No, I am angry."

"At what?"

"EVERYTHING!" then Abaddon punched the ground with both of his hands then he picked up a large chunk of the land and threw it all the way into the darkness where it flew out of sight, Abaddon stood their breathing furiously and then Life walked over to Abaddon,

"Abaddon I can see what you are going through, but you can leave that all behind, let Abaddon die and have him be reborn as Judgment."

"You are asking me to give up everything."

"I am asking you to leave behind your life of pain, everything about your life brings pain to you, ever since you where born you where in pain, how hard is it to give of your life of misery?"

"Believe me, it is pretty damn hard."

"Let it go." Abaddon looked at his hands,

"Okay, I will try to leave my life behind, lets go."


"Back to the wall to rebuild it." then Abaddon and life went to the wall and began to repair it then as they repaired it there was a faded roar in the distance, everyone stopped, then they heard the war again but it sounded closer, then they waited weapons ready, they waited. They waited five minutes but nothing came and there was no more roaring,

"Okay back to work." Abaddon turned away then a giant hand grabbed Abaddon and pulled him into the darkness the knights all ran over and looked over the edge but they didn't see Abaddon it was like the darkness ate him then a monster of fire shot up out of the darkness knocking over the knights and Life and the monster towered over them.

Abaddon was thrown on the ground Abaddon instantly got up and looked around for the monster, but he couldn't see anything, then Abaddon was scratched in the back by the monster, then he was shot in the chest by a fire ball, Abaddon couldn't see anything and the monster kept running by unseen slicing Abaddon's body then Abaddon stood straight up,

"I don't need vision to beat whatever you are!" then Abaddon gripped his sword with two hands and closed his eyes then he swung his sword to the left and then lava blood spread as he cut a monster in half then he swung again and cut another monster in half then Abaddon shoved his into the ground and the ground exploded killing anything around him, then Abaddon looked up and then Abaddon spread his crimson wings and rocketed into the air. The giant monster began to slaughter the golden knights in any way it wanted, it would shoot lava out of its hands and mouth, the monster also would pick up knights and eat them then Life shot the monster with a giant ball of light and the monster stumbled back then the monster let out four tentacles that wrapped around Life and pulled her up to his jaws, the monster began to laugh then it opened its mouth revealing all it's huge teeth and then he went to bite down on Life, Life closed her eyes and waited for the instant pain, but nothing happened, Life opened her eyes and there stood Abaddon holding the monsters mouth open. Abaddon looked back at Life,

"GO!" Life freed one of her hands and shot the tentacles with her magic and the tentacles let go and then wrapped around Abaddon trying to rip his arms and legs off, once Life fell to the ground then Abaddon looked down at Life then Abaddon heard something moving towards him from the monsters mouth, Abaddon looked as he held up the monsters mouth, then he saw lava coming straight at him then Abaddon was covered in burning lava, then Abaddon let go and the monster closed his jaws, Life looked up,

"Abaddon!" then the monster looked down at her and went to grab her but then it fell backward then Abaddon shot out of the monsters mouth and the monster stood up, and Abaddon was floated right in front of him,

"That lava, is pretty cold compared to mine." then Abaddon shot Hell'slava out his his hands knocking the giant monster back then Abaddon rocketed and punched the monster in the face then Abaddon jumped on the monster and began to punch the monster, an explosion went off  every time Abaddon punched the monster and then Abaddon flew in the air and then drove down straight at the monster and then he hit the monster into the ground, then Abaddon began to beat the monster's face into the ground then the monster grabbed Abaddon and threw him off of him then the monster stood up towering over Abaddon,

"Hahaha, you can't beat me Abaddon, I am far too big for you." Abaddon looked up,

"I admit you are big, but you are not big enough." then Abaddon began to grow and grow then he matched the monsters size then Abaddon and the monster began to fight, and fight then the monster began to shoot lava on Abaddon from its mouth then Abaddon grabbed the monster's jaws then Abaddon ripped the monster's bottom jaw off then Abaddon punched through the monster's chest then he grabbed the inside of the monster's chest and ripped the monster in half and threw the two pieces into the darkness then Abaddon shrunk down to his normal size and Abaddon's helmet deformed, Life walked over to Abaddon,



"That was amazing, how did you-"

"I was made to kill Gods and armies by myself, that is my purpose."

"That was your purpose, you have a new one." then Abaddon turned to life, his eyes where in fire and his voice got darker

"Are you sure?" then Life stumbled back and then the flames left Abaddon's eyes, "Life are you okay?"

"Abaddon? what was that?"

"What was what?"

"That voice?"

"What voice?"

"The voice you used when you said are you sure?"

"What? I didn't say that." Life stared at Abaddon for a second, then she grabbed his hand,

"Come with me." then she lead Abaddon to her tent and then she pushed a button and a stair case leading underground opened up, and Abaddon and Life walked down, and then when the stairs ended. Abaddon stopped and looked forward at a castle of gold, then Life kept walking holding his hand and Abaddon followed then they entered the kingdom,

"What is this place?"

"This is the kingdom of Life, and you are in the middle of the circle of judgement."

"Wait, what do I do?"

"You will see." then Life shut the door, then all the statues began to glow then one spoke,

"Who steps before the lords of Judgment."

"I am Abaddon Lucifer Blaze, and I am here to become Judgement."

"To be Judgement, we shall judge you." Abaddon stood there then the spirits of Judgement went inside of Abaddon, and then Abaddon's early memories past of him killings millions of people, creatures, and Gods, all the people he killed, all the gods he killed, all the realms he destroyed for Satan, then the spirits left him,

 "The circle of Judgment has reached a verdict, you are unworthy and guilty, and you will pay for your sins."

"I ALREADY HAVE LOOK INTO THE REST OF MY LIFE!" then they entered and then they saw everything he has been through, all the times he was tortured, all the pain he went through, then they saw that he once found happiness and love with Arisha, and how Arisha and Abaddon had a child, then they saw how Satan killed Arisha and how much pain Abaddon went through, then the pain Abaddon felt the pain Abaddon had when he beat his father and became to new Devil and was trapped in hell by God his father-in-law, and how Abaddon lived so long in a place full of pain and suffering missing his daughter, then they saw how much pain he endured as he saved the universe from the rings of power and then the pain he felt when he became mortal and the burning Hellsmetal inside of him burned him from the inside, then they saw the pain Abaddon went through when he died, then the pain he felt as he saw everything he did when Evil took him over and then all the pain Abaddon went through when he battled Evil and then the pain Abaddon felt when he beat Evil and died because of it without being able to tell Arisha he loves her and goodbye, then the pain he went through when he returned to find his daughter grown up, and Arisha, his wife, the woman he loved has remarried, and now that Abaddon has lost everything. Then the spirits left Abaddon's body, the all just stood around Abaddon,

"We see, you have paid for your sins, how did we not see that?"

"You didn't want to see it."

"No Abaddon you are mistaken, we did try to see it, we looked for your whole life but it ended at the wars, like if something was hiding the rest from us."

"Okay, now, I have a question, why did you look into my life?"

"To become Judgment you must know fairness, bravery, sacrifice, you must have sinned and paid for it, like we all did, but we never sinned that much, but it seemed every second of you life was pain, and payment for what you have done, you have shown us you have been fair when you made deals with mortals when you where the Devil, and how you would judge fairly, you have shown us bravery, not when you fought armies by yourself, but when you tried to stop the armies of Heaven and Hell from destroying each other when you where just a mortal, and then sacrifice, you have shown sacrifice many times, you sacrificed your life with your daughter the only thing left that made you happy to save the world from Satan, you sacrifice yourself by trying to contain the powers of both rings of power to saving the universe and you did, but it put you in a coma to do so where you where mentally tortured from the inside, then how you sacrificed yourself to stop the armies of Heaven and Hell you died and lost everyone you loved, then a few thousand years later Evil brought you back to life an entrapped you in your own mind giving you the life you always wanted and then it came clear to you that this wasn't real when Arisha entered your mind and tried to wake you up, and then you gave up that world in your mind where you are happy,  and then you found out that Evil was using your body to kill everything and then you fought Evil, but you knew you couldn't win because whenever you would stab him you would stab yourself, and then to save everyone and everything you sacrificed yourself only to see all the damage you done, and you never where able to say goodbye. Then the most recent you came brought back to life into a world that forgot you and now everything you love is gone and it now only brings you pain, and you are here to save the universe with out knowing, giving up everything about you."

"I know."

"The circle of Judgment has reached a new verdict, you are deemed innocent and worthy." then the spirits of Judgment went inside their golden statues and then the statues all began to move, the statues all lowered their swords and the swords all touched Abaddon shoulders then the golden swords melted and went into Abaddon's armor and then his armor began to change,

Abaddon Judgment.jpg

Abaddon looked at himself,

"Cool." then Abaddon looked at his sword, then he looked at the spirits of Judgment,

"You are now Judgment."

"Thank you Lords of Judgment, I will not fail you." then Abaddon left,

"I hope you don't Abaddon, but beware of the darkness inside of you." Abaddon saw Life waiting then Life looked at him, Abaddon and Life walked towards each other, then they stopped right in front of each other, Life looked up and down at Abaddon's body,

"Wow, how do you feel Abaddon?"


"You look different." then Life went to touch Abaddon's chest then she stopped and looked up at Abaddon, "May I?"

"Go ahead." then Life put her hand on Abaddon's chest where his heart should be and closed her eyes,

"I can feel the powers of the light moving through you, yet you have no heart beat, you are so strong, you will be a great Lord of Judgement." then she opened her eyes, "but there is something else inside of you, what is it?"

"Take a look." then Life closed her eyes again, and Abaddon could feel Life putting force against his chest, then her eyes shot open in fear,

"Evil, how is Evil inside of you?"

"He has always been there."

"I can purify you of the Evil."


"Why not?"

"It's complicated." then Abaddon turned around and then Life and Abaddon went up the stairs back to the tent. Abaddon walked out and all the golden knights stopped and looked at Abaddon,

"It's, Judgment." one of the knights said, then Life walked beside Abaddon

"Yes, the lords of judgment have made Abaddon Judgment, and now Abaddon shall destroy the forces of Evil and we will continue our creation of the universe!" then all the knights rose their fists in the air and cheered. Abaddon then walked to his tent and took of his helmet and then Abaddon looked in a mirror then he put his helmet next to him as he sat on his bed, then Abaddon pulled out the picture in his pocket and looked at it for a while just staring at the picture, then he closed his eyes and put the picture back in his pocket.

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Chapter 2

Abaddon then stood up and walked out of his tent then Abaddon put his helmet on and then he walked over a golden knight guarding the wall, 

"Anything yet?"

"No, it's quiet, too quiet."

"Something is going on over there, I just can't see it I want to go inside."

"But that is suicide."

"Yeah, but I have been down there before and I was fine." 

"But going deep into the darkness is suicide."

"Yeah, but I seem to have a way of getting better." then the wall shook and the knight stumbled and fell on his back but Abaddon didn't move, he stood there waiting then two fists on both sides came and punched Abaddon between the fists then they grabbed Abaddon and pulled him down then Abaddon punched the ground and then Abaddon could see in the darkness and two giant monsters stood in front of him,

"Okay, who dies first."

"No one will die, we just are here to make sure you don't leave." then the ground began to shake and then Abaddon stopped as a giant beast charged the wall, then in one hit the monster broke the wall, and then the ground broke and lava came up on the other side of the wall where Life and her knights stood,

 Abaddon stopped and looked at the monster and the surroundings, it looked like hell, Abaddon was frozen in shock of looking at the lava, then a monster picked Abaddon up and punched Abaddon into the ground then Abaddon snapped out of it and he was angry Abaddon grabbed the giant monster's hand and slammed the monster on the ground then Abaddon looked at the other, then it hit him, he has new powers, then Abaddon charged up a giant ball of cold light, and he looked at one of the monsters,

"I have reached a verdict, GUILTY!" then Abaddon shot the giant ball of light and it hit the monster and the monster was incinerated, then Abaddon jumped on the giant monster's face and began to punch the monster in the face until the giant monster came crashing to the ground then Abaddon walked up the monsters body, then giant monster looked at Abaddon with a bloody nose,

"Please, mercy!"

"Sorry, all out of mercy." then Abaddon shoved his sword into the monster's forehead and the monster seized up and then it fell dead, Abaddon stood up and then he spread his wings and flew into the air. The giant beast charged forward crushing the knights beneath his feet and breaking the ground and having Lava rise, no matter what Life's forces did they couldn't stop the giant beast, 

"This beast isn't even fighting us, he is just running towards something!?"

"I know but we must stop it, we can't let it pass us." Life shot the a giant ball of magic at the beast and then it got smaller and smaller as it went up to the giant beast, and then it exploded on the beasts face but the explosion was tiny compared to the beast and the beast didn't even notice it, the beast just kept running. Abaddon landed next to Life,

"What is the plan Life?"

"We must stop the beast from gaining momentum."

"Got it." then Abaddon spread his wings and flew away, Abaddon was flying next to the beast slowly passing the beast, then Abaddon looked forward and he saw what the beast was running at, the beast was running at Heaven, Abaddon flew faster and faster and then when he was far enough he landed on the ground and looked at the giant beast getting closer and closer, Abaddon then began to grow and grow, until he was the same size as the monster, then Abaddon bent with his hands out, then the beast hit Abaddon and Abaddon grabbed the beast by the horns and then the beast began pushing Abaddon closer and closer to Heaven and the monster was getting slower and slower as Abaddon stood his ground and tried pushing the monster back, then Abaddon and the monster both stopped moving while holding each other in place and Abaddon looked the monster in the eye and what Abaddon saw was so familiar, he saw a land of lava where beasts that looked like him roamed, then it showed a bunch of tiny beast all with their mother but their was one tiny runt who couldn't walk yet, the parents shoved the runt into a dark pit and left the runt behind to die, then  another beast went to kill and eat the runt when a familiar hand grabbed the beast and killed it then the hand picked up the runt and then the figure revealed his face, it was Evil, then the beast grew bigger and bigger and soon it became the biggest beast. Abaddon looked at the beast, the beast's beginning was so much like Abaddon's, then the beast pushed Abaddon closer and closer to Heaven. At the gates of Heaven an angel saw something small in the distance, the angel used his magic to see what it was and then he saw the monster and he saw Abaddon, the angel froze in fear. Abaddon then got angrier and then Abaddon stopped his foot into the ground and stopped then Abaddon began to push the monster back farther, and farther, then Abaddon pushed the monster back and then the monster charged at Abaddon and then Abaddon shrunk and the monster was over Abaddon then Abaddon grew and grabbed the monster from the bottom and Abaddon picked up the monster up into the air and the golden knights all stopped in amazement of Abaddon's strength then Abaddon ran towards the wall and threw the monster over the wall, and then Abaddon jumped over the wall after the monster. Abaddon looked around for the monster but he didn't see it anywhere, Abaddon looked around for a bit then Abaddon jumped back over the wall, and shrunk down to normal size,

"Is the beast dead?"

"No, the beast has fled."

"This isn't good, the forces of darkness have been growing bigger, and stronger, they never have that close to Heaven before."

"How big was that beast?"

"That beast is bigger then a galaxy."

"Hmmm, okay, that must be why when I grew to it's size I could see heaven in the distance."

"Wait, what?"

"I saw Heaven in the distance."

Back in Heaven God came to the gates of Heaven,

"What seems to be the problem angels?"

"You see this angel saw something and now he seems to be frozen in fear." God walked over to him,

"What is your name angel?"

"A-Akane, sir."

"What did you see Akane?"

"I-I-I don't know." God then put his hand on the angel's forehead and closed his eyes then God saw the giant beast fighting Abaddon." God opened his eyes,

"Forget." then the angel stood there for a moment, then he looked around,

"What happened?"

"You seemed to be in a state of shock, but you are okay now." then God walked away, God entered his room,

"Curse you Abaddon, every time things seem to be going right you always return!" then God stopped for a moment,

"Wait, but Abaddon is dead, isn't he? there is only one way to make sure." then God left his kingdom, and went to Shy Maxwell's house on the unseen mountain then God changed his appearance to look old. Shy (Abaddon's daughter) was cradling her baby in her arms, when there was a knock on the door, then Shy's daughter ran over to Shy,

"Mommy, Great Grandpa is here!"

"Okay, Lucy go let him in ill be over there in a second." then Lucy ran over to the door and opened it for God,

"Hey there Lucy, wow you are getting bigger, soon you will be too big to fir in the house."

"Hahaha, oh Great Grandpa, you are so silly, no one can be to big for a home." then Shy entered the room cradling her baby,

"Hey Grampa, how are you?"

"I'm doing great for an old man, who is this little one?"

"This is Todd."

"Nice name." then Shy and God walked outside,

"So Grampa, what are you doing here?"

"Well I just came to check on you, and to check on Abaddon."

"Why check on Abaddon, he is dead?"

"Well after that earthquake I just want to make sure that he is still there."

"Okay, but no digging up his grave."

"I won't" then Shy went inside. God then went into the ground and saw Abaddon's coffin, still looking untouched, then God phased through Abaddon's coffin and then saw Abaddon's dead body inside, Abaddon's lifeless body was still in his armor." then God phased out of the ground then he went inside to spend time with his grand daughter and great grand daughter.

Back at Abaddon Abaddon was sitting in his tent looking at his picture when then Life walked over to Abaddon's tent,

"Hello, Abaddon, are you in there?" Abaddon put the picture in his pocket,

"Yes, come in." then Life entered the room, 

"I just want to say thank you for saving us all today."

"Don't mention it."

"But I did notice something."

"What is it?"

"After you came back I saw something in your eyes, what was it?"

"When I was born, I was just a tiny baby, Satan didn't want to raise me, he said I was weak, so he threw me into a black pit where everything that entered it died, I laid in their crying when a monster of hell that feeds off of the corpses or little things came to eat me, then the monster was grabbed and pulled into the darkness, then a black hand came out and then it began to shrink until it was a bit above average human height and then Evil walked out and picked me up, then Evil tickled my stomach, but I didn't laugh and then Evil poked my stomach and put something in side to make me stronger, he raised me to what I am now then he sent to to serve Satan telling me he will always be there. When I left the pit I forgot all about what happened and it turns out I was only in there for five seconds and Satan was still standing there, I served Satan, when I looked into that beast's eyes, I saw me, a small runt no one thought would survive so it's parents threw him into a pit to die, and then that runt became the strongest of its kind thanks to Evil."

"Your father threw you into a pit to die?"


"I'm sorry, it must hurt you to think about it." 

"Yeah, so what is next?"

"We rebuild the wall, and then wait for the next monster."



"I am not going to be part of a circle, how many times must we rebuild a wall just to have it be broken down again, how many men will die until we loose, the enemy gets stronger and we don't change at all, it is time we turn the tables, we should attack them."

"We can't beat their army one on one, you saw what happened when that one monster attacked, you seem to be the only one who is killing them anymore."

"Then maybe I will just go."

"No, Abaddon, we need you here."

"So then what, the monster attack and attack, how long will it be until the monsters beat me, how long will it be until it becomes to much?"

"Abaddon, how much is too much for you?" then Abaddon's eyes opened wide,

"Nothing is too much." then Abaddon shook his head, "what did you do to me?" then Abaddon turned away and walked out. Life stood there, confused,

"What, what does he mean what did I do to him?" then a knight entered the tent,


"Yes, what is it?"

"I found this in Satan's secret section in his Library when we went on our secret mission to Hell, it is a book labeled, Abaddon."

"Tell me about this book."

"Satan made a book on everything about his son, this book is Abaddon's Life, everything he has ever done, and everything he has been through, it is whole whole memory, and we found something interesting in this book about Abaddon."

"What is it?"

"He has a reset button, well something like a reset button, Satan would use this on Abaddon many times to clear his memory when ever Satan felt like Abaddon needed to forget something or make Abaddon forget everything and give Abaddon a new memory."

"How do you use it?"

"Well you have to sound like Satan, and say,-" back in the past where Satan stood in front of Abaddon and Abaddon turned away,

"ABADDON, YOU WILL LISTEN TO ME!" Abaddon stopped and turned to Satan with his eyes wide open,

"What is your name?!"


"What are you made for?!"


"War against what?!"

"God's and armies!"

"Who fights these Gods armies?!"

"Me and no one else!"

"What do you love?!"


"Who do you love?!"

"No one!"

"What are you made to do?!"


"What do you destroy?!"

"Everyone and everything!"

"Who do you fight with?!"

"No one!"

"What do you do in war?!"


"What is it like to lose?!"

"I will never know!"

"Why will you never know?!"

"Because I will never lose!"

"You will never lose because!"

"Because I am Abaddon, Lucifer, Blaze!" then Abaddon popped out his claws and fully spread out his crimson wings, then Abaddon dropped his hands and stood there now looking angered and staring at nothing, not moving, Satan walked over to Abaddon,

"Abaddon, can you here me?"

"Yes, Father."

"I have a mission for you, do not fail me."

"It will be done, Father."

Back to today, Life looked at the knight,

"If this is true then why didn't Satan use this against Abaddon when Abaddon turned against him?"

"Because Satan was proud of what he saw, he saw that Abaddon will be able to bring all the gods to their knees, and he knew, when Abaddon overthrows him Abaddon would become so powerful, this was Evil's step one in ending all the gods."

"No wonder Abaddon doesn't know everything he has ever done, Satan would always make Abaddon forget the things Satan didn't want Abaddon to remember, but how was Satan able to do this to Abaddon and not Draygon?"

"Draygon was half Devil and half human, humans have a stubborn nature, and it didn't work because Abaddon was a pure breed, made from Satan's dark magic, and Abaddon, like Satan's magic, can be controlled by Satan."

"And Abaddon doesn't know about this?"

"Abaddon does not know about this."

"Okay, give me the book." then the knight handed it to Life and then Life put it under her bed,

"The book will be under here for just in cases, but right now, Abaddon doesn't need it." Abaddon stood on the wall looking into the darkness wondering what kind of monsters live inside. Life walked next to Abaddon,

"You are really debating to go inside aren't you?"


"Abaddon, what is wrong, what makes you suffer?"

"My realization that I can never be happy."

"What do you mean?"

"Who ever I get close to gets hurt, and everything I ever do leads to pain, I was born for one purpose and every second of not fulfilling my purpose is pain, ever second I am not doing what I should do I feel pain, it eats at me and brings me pain, my very existence is pain to me."

"That isn't true, Abaddon you have seen both love and war, but you don't ever want to tell anyone, why?"

"Once there was a time, I swore I had a heart, long before the world I knew tore it all apart, once there was a part of me I shared but that was before he took away the part of me that cared."

"Abaddon you still have a heart, and there is still that part of you that cares." Abaddon looked down then he put his hand where his heart should be and his hand phased through his body then Abaddon pulled out half of a black, unbeating, torn apart, little heart,

"As you can see, my heart has died, it is an endless winter, filled with rage."

"What happened to the other half of your heart?"

"The other half was full of life and brought life to my heart, and I gave that half to Arisha long ago, to save her life when she was dying, I gave her the other half to save her from child birth, and then ever since she died, my heart has been torn apart."

"Abaddon can't you see you are selfless, you do everything for others."

"Everything I have done, is the reason I should die."

"That is the reason behind it isn't it, why you fight armies and gods alone, why you want to go into the darkness, you want to die, why?"

"I have died before and in that moment I can feel everything I have ever done wash away, there is a moment where I am pure and at piece, but then later it all come back."

"You enjoy death?"

"Okay enough about me, tell me about you."


"Yes there must have been a life in Life."

"Well God created me when he created everything, and I became Life, and I would see what everyone has been through, I see there life."

"Have you ever been married?"


"To who?"


"Kral, the old reaper?"

"It was before he became the Grim Reaper, before that he use to be an angel, he was a broken man, a selfless man, we married and we where together for many years, love brought us together but hatred tore us apart, Kral was a general when God and Lucifer took over Hell, but when Lucifer betrayed God and became Satan, Satan trapped everyone but God in Hell, and then when Kral returned to me, he was different, he became, Death, and our points of view tore us apart and we battled and he almost killed me."

"What happened?"

"You came, you appeared and you threw Kral into a portal to hell, because Satan wanted Kral to return to hell, then you disappeared into the portal and it closed."

"Hmmmmm, I don't remember you."

"You didn't see me, you where focused on Kral."

"I bet that hurt."

"It broke my heart after I saw what Satan did to Kral, ever since I joined the knights of creation who would expand the universe for God but this is where we stopped because here we where attacked by the monsters, and we have been here ever since."

"And this has became a stalemate."

"Yes, but this stalemate keeps everything safe."

"You have seen everyone's Life?"


"What is mine?"

"I don't know, you are not part of God's creation."

"So you don't know Draygon's either."

"Actually I do know Draygon's life."


"He is part human, and humans are part of God's creation."

"And I am not a human, I am just a being of destruction." then Abaddon began to walk away then Life grabbed Abaddon's hand and pulled him towards her and then she kissed him, and then Abaddon closed his eyes, and they began to kiss, then Life snapped her fingers and they teleport ed to her tent and then they fell on Life's bed and then Life's clothes fell on the floor, then Abaddon's armor fell on the floor and then the bed began to shake and the book fell out under the bed and it went under Life's clothes. Back in the darkness Evil watched the wall, then the monster looked at Evil,

"Let's attack now while Life and Abaddon are busy!"

"No!" Evil stopped the monster, "just wait, everything is going to plan." then next day Abaddon and Life laid in the bed next to each other with covers over their body, Life's hair was messed up, Abaddon looked at her,

"Nice hair, it looks exciting."

"That was exciting, like, wow." then Abaddon got up and put his clothes on and began to put his armor on, Life just watched him,

"For some reason, nothing attacked the wall today."

"Talk about perfect timing, can you hand me my clothes?" 

"Okay." then Abaddon picked up Life's clothes and threw it towards her, then Life began to change behind a private changing room, Abaddon looked down and saw the book on the floor labeled, Abaddon, Abaddon picked up the book slowly and looked at it, his memory flashed and he saw Satan holding the book looking at the darkness in hope as he would look down at the book and the book kept writing on itself describing what is happening so Satan knew he was alive, it flashed memories on how Satan would look at the book whenever Abaddon was sent on a mission, then Abaddon saw there was a book mark, Abaddon opened to the marked page and it was labeled Abaddon's memory clearing, Abaddon looked at the book then Life walked out fully dressed,

"Well I can't believe that anyone could be able to-" then she stopped when she saw Abaddon holding the book, Abaddon looked up at her,

"What is this?" Life was quiet, "what is this!"

"Abaddon listen, that was just in case-"

"Just in case what, you want to make me forget my life, you want to use this book to control me!"

"Abaddon, it was just in case you would turn on us."

"So, you don't trust me."

"No Abaddon-"

"I should have known, it has never been about trust, it has only been about control." then Abaddon dropped the book and walked out of the tent, Life ran over and picked up the book in anger then she ran out of the tent,

"Abaddon!," Abaddon turned around, "you want to run away like you always do, fine, but take this, read through it!" then Life threw the book at him and Abaddon caught it and walked away. After Abaddon left then giant monster attacked the wall and then smaller monsters the size of the knights attacked. Abaddon traveled to a world that was always in a blizzard and then Abaddon traveled to planet to planet and took off his armor.Then he stopped in space, and he saw cloud in the distance, Abaddon looked then something pricked his skin and Abaddon pulled it out and looked at it

Image result for thorns

it was a thorns and splinters, with venom in it, then the cloud came closer and then Abaddon saw it was a cloud of thorns then cloud of thorns passed through Abaddon stabbing him all over his body and putting venom inside of his blood, Abaddon looked up at heaven in the far distance, 

"I'm gazing upward, a world I can't embrace, There's only thorns and splinters, venom in my veins, It's okay to cry out, when it's driving you insane, But somehow someday, I'll have to face the pain." then Abaddon pulled out the book labeled Abaddon and then he opened it to the first page then Abaddon's Life of him being created flashed before him and when he was thrown into the pit to die, how he was alone and crying, not even a day old, then how Evil took him in, this brought great pain to Abaddon, then Abaddon turned the page, then his young life of him killing armies of the Gods flashed before him, Abaddon was seeing how evil he is, Abaddon turned the next page to see when Draygon was born and his human mother died and how Abaddon took care of him and made Draygon grow up fast and how they went on missions and fought armies together, then how God and the Greek Gods killed Draygon and Draygon died in Abaddon's arms as Abaddon was trying to bring Draygon to Hell to save him, then it showed Abaddon lay Draygon's lifeless body on a stone table in Hell and Abaddon stood there looking at Draygon growing angry at the gods then Abaddon spread his wings and flew off in anger, then it showed Satan bring Draygon back to Life by making him the new grim reaper. Abaddon turned the next page and then he saw how he killed all the Greek Gods and then killed many men, women, and children not even hesitating for a second, Abaddon didn't want to keep turning the pages, he didn't want to see everything he has done, but he turned the next page and he saw him kill hundreds of gods and their armies and people by himself Abaddon then Abaddon wanted more, Abaddon just wouldn't stop killing so then Satan sent Abaddon to a planet that was a complete war zone between heaven and Hell and the Satan would be sent on suicide missions with other demons and Abaddon was the only one to return so they sent Abaddon on another suicide mission one after another hoping he would die, then Abaddon grew angrier and angrier and then he defied Satan and then Abaddon was to be executed, the demons tore off his armor and a demon went to take off his head but Abaddon caught the attack and then he killed the demon and then other demons followed Abaddon and Abaddon killed all the demons who wanted to kill him, then it showed how Abaddon raided base to base gaining more allies and then how Abaddon found the great powerful monsters of the planet and then how Abaddon killed all the forces of heaven and hell on the planet except the ones that joined him, Abaddon already knew this, and he knew what came next, Abaddon turned the page and it showed how Arisha was sent to kill him and how the armies of heaven fought Abaddon's armies of demons and fallen angels and then how when Arisha and Abaddon where fighting Satan sent them into the time realm and then how in the time realm Arisha and Abaddon began to understand each other and they fell in love and how they got married when they left the time realm and how the lived happily together for thousands of years and had a child, Abaddon reached the end of the page, and he stopped and looked at the next page, Abaddon didn't want to turn it, he knew what the next page contains and then he thought to himself, 

"I'm begging for forgiveness, everything I've done, If God is listening, He knows I'm not the only one, It's okay to lash out from the rules that I'm enslaved, But somehow someday, I'll have to turn the page!" then Abaddon turned the page and his memory flashed again of how Satan murdered Arisha and how much pain Abaddon went through for thousands of years with nothing but his daughter, then how Abaddon killed Satan for God to save the world and became the new Devil and God trapped him in hell, then all the pain Abaddon went through and then everything that happened until he became mortal and died to stop the battle between heaven and hell, then it showed how Evil brought Abaddon back and took over his body and made him destroy thousands of planets and realms then how Abaddon saved all the gods by fighting Evil and killing himself in the end, then it showed how over the years Arisha remarried, then Abaddon flipped the next page not wanting to read that part then it flashed on how Abaddon was brought back and became Judgment and then it lead up to this moment where he was reading the book then Abaddon stopped and closed the book. Abaddon looked at the book and then he looked at the gate where life and the knights are, then Abaddon clutched his fist and he opened up a portal to hell and he threw the book inside and closed the portal and ran towards the wall.

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