Pregnant At 17


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 As his and my moans were mixed together I felt the pleasure of the night. His touch sent electric thrills trough my pulsating body. His thrusts and grinds made my body crave more. But this was just a Friends with benefits hookup, I don’t even know Elijah well besides from the fact he is 21 and I’m 17, he likes to drink a beer and tequila and he is very very skilled in the art of sex. 

We kept banging all night the neighbors probably hate us but oh well. We’ve fucked for about a month now most nights. He makes me feel good and I emediately know that this was the best sex I’ve ever had. 

I wake in the morning with a sickening feeling in mg stomach. I grab my clothes and hail a taxi and go home. My I live in. Small appartment with my roommate Shannon. I lay on my bed trying to cure this nautiating feeling in my stomach. And then that feeling. Your throat closes up and you know there’s only a matter of time before.......I run to the bathroom and vomit in the toilet. What was wrong with me? I fondle through my draw trying to find a fave washer but I stumble upon the blue box of tampons. Hang on a minute....

I start doing the math in my head. July 7th, 8th...12, UH OH it’s july 17th!! My period is due on July 14 I’ve never been a day late in my life. I knew emediately what this meant but I decided to

Take a home test anyway 

1 minute, 5 minutes, 10

Minutes. I flip over the test and there’s a clearly

Visible plus sign 

PREGNANT!!!! At  17!

 Holy fucking shit!

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