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Love. It's considered one of the most powerful emotions known to man. It has the power to change you. It has the power to warp your mind and it has the power to actually make you evolve and become the person you deserve to be. 

Last year, Love burst its way through my door and made its intentions very clear. 

"This heart belongs to a woman who will become very special to you. She will show you what kind of man you need to be." Love said as she handed me this beautiful ornate glass heart. 

"Now give me yours so I can bestow it to her" she said with her hand stretched out.

"You may need two hands for this." I said, pulling a small canvas pouch from my pocket.

Her puzzled look turned to shock as I poured the contents of the bag into her open hands. Sand.

"There's not much of me left to give, Love." I said. "I don't know how anyone will want a pile of sand"

Love smiled at me and said,

"Your heart is not just a pile of sand. It not unfix-able, it's not even broken. It's in desperate need of a re-design. The last time your heart was "complete" it's design was flawed and needed constant repair." she said. "This time you have the opportunity for her to help you design it better. She will help you become stronger and make you into the man you've needed to become for years."

A car door shuts outside and Love turned and looked me square in the eye.

"You need to remember that she is here because you need her. This woman will fulfill you in every way you could imagine and I swear to god. If I come back to check on you and this heart is even mildly cracked I will never bless you with love ever again." she warned. "This woman will be your salvation, she will be your muse, your best friend and your lover. She will build a future with you and make you happier than you ever have been. You'll see"

At that Love opened the door and pushed me out. Standing on the other side of that door was a goddess. An absolute vision of beauty and someone who was clearly 1000 mile out of my league. Love took her by the hand and placed that small pouch of sand into her hands and closed her fingers gently around it. 

"This is yours now. You know what to do."

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