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Her name is ZARRA.

The first time me and my college buddies met her was on JUNE twenty, it had been a Luke warm spring and by mid-summer it had gotten hot and me and a few of my college buddies sneaked away from campus at LILLAIN College. We went down to the beach nearby so that we could take a swim inside the pretty, wavy Aqua-blue sea salt water to cool our bodies off. A short time later after we had swim and had our fun in the sea we went for a walk on the beach. Suddenly, I walked straight into her, but at the time me nor my buddies did not know that the jaw dropping, beautiful than a magazine- model woman that stood 5ft 5in hidden amidst a bush of tall weeds could be such horrible being, and ZARRA even had a sexy voice; a sweet angel’s voice and the most softest and prettiest green eyes one would only find in heaven, and as I gazed up into her heavenly soft green eyes at the instant I bumped into her, and mostly because I weren’t paying attention to where I was going, but my college buddies were.

“Hello,” ZARRA replied, nearly whispering in a voice that sounded like a soft summer’s breeze in the late afternoon. After ZARRA, me and my college buddies exchanged a few more words ZARRA convinced us to follow her down a crooked path; a narrow dirt road behind the tall bushel of weeds the lower part of her body stood hidden amidst. ZARRA stood smiling at us while we came through the bushel of tall weeds onto the other side where ZARRA waited for me and my college buddies patient. The moment we stepped through the bushel of weeds and came out onto the other side where ZARRA were I smelled the strong scent of frankincense in ZARRA’S long, flowing, lustrous hair that made me feel as if we were walking into heaven. The instant we crossed over to the other side we saw the rest of her body- the horrible part- ZARRA was part spider. We was about to scream when ZARRA replied suddenly,

“SSH! Don’t dare scream and don’t try to run from me, because if either one of you do, I’ll bust your heads together like a watermelon and then I’ll kill all of your people on the beach, and I also want to mention to you that, it’s around this time that I’m usually hungry and ready to eat- Humans.” ZARRA smiled a dark, creepy smile, and replied coldhearted, “You young men should have been paying close attention to where you were going and especially to me, too. Besides, if you hadn’t snuck off college campus then you wouldn’t be in the terrible trouble with me that you’re in now.” She replied gritting her perfect, human pearly-white unstained teeth hateful. But you’ve discovered me on one of my good days; so consider yourself lucky guys.” ZARRA replied blunt and grim faced. “Now follow me.” She replied in a calmer manner.

ZARRA turned her back on us and crawled through the crooked, narrow path. We wanted to flee the path so badly, but of course we knew that if we had it would only have gotten worse, because the being we followed was evil, an abomination in the eyes of god and the people, ZARRA was a number one main liar and we knew that as soon as she’d done murdering me and my college buddies she’d go on a killing spree on the beach, and to try and escape or destroy her was completely useless. So, we followed after her, fearing the worst that could happen to us. All of a sudden ZARRA stopped and turned toward us and replied putting her left index finger up to her perfect, wine-cherry lipstick lips serious and straight-faced.

“Oh, my name is ZARRA, and welcome to Hell.” ZARRA turned and crawled- you guys are in for a serious hell of a time- creepily down the crooked dirt path, and me and my four college buddies hung our heads like pitiful, sad little boys and dragged our feet’s behind ZARRA and dreaded terribly the horror we were about to go through, and I prayed to myself brief for god to save us from the woman beast… who called herself ZARRA; we came out into what appeared to be a dingy, run-down farm that seemed as if the summer’s rain had sprinkled the grounds of the place playfully; a creepy, dark-grey hooting owl sat perched on top of a short, stump pole making deep wooing sounds and blinked his big, deep, brown eyes twice, and rotated his fat head around like it was possessed, and then, as soon as the owl had done these things it flew off quickly into the deep, dark mid-summer’s day navy blue sky flapping it’s pretty little wings with excitement until it could be seen no more. I thought to myself, surely the ZARRA was about to invoke harm to me and my college buddies, and by the frightened look in their eyes they too were thinking the same as I was. ZARRA led us into a barn and there inside the barn, that was half-filled neat with stacks of hay, placed two-to-three pieces on top of each other along the wall, in a wide square, in the center of the square ZARRA tortured me and my friend’s until we became nauseated and fell deep into unconsciousness.

When I regained consciousness I noticed immediately that ZARRA had bound me and my college buddies- hands and feet- inside of what is called a devil’s web. The thick, black web wrapped tight around our bodies making us seem as if we were covered from our neck to our feet in a dust-black, silk blanket.

“Oh god,” I croaked, “we’re going to die!”

Helpless, I watched in horror as ZARRA sucked the blood from my college buddies like she was a wicked thirsty vampire, hungry for the taste of human blood, ZARRA drained the blood from my squealing-frightened-to-death college buddies bodies until they’d become pale faced. All five of us hung seemingly as if we were in mid-air on a long, thick and tough, stringy devil’s web attached to the ceiling inside the barn that ZARRA had created with the creepy, dark insides of her hollow mouth. ZARRA had become impatient with our yelling and begging mercifully for our lives. But, she did not tire from the torturing she inflicted upon us.

“I told you before to be quiet, you rotten softies! I hate your yells- begging for me to set you free…” ZARRA paused peering up at our frightened faces momentarily and then she pouted like an offended two year old toddler, and then, ZARRA continued to fuss, still pouting at the mouth sourly. “I hate your sloppy wet tears and most of all, I hate you, because you’re human and it’s what I long to be.” ZARRA rolled her sorrow-filled eyes in my direction and I knew that it would not be long before she came for me.

Fortunately, I managed in the nick of time to break free of the strong hold of the thick, off-white cocoon-shaped devil’s web. I swiped at ZARRA’S deep, tinted, dark-brown, creepy eyes to try and poke them out and make her blind so I could escape and return back onto the beach, and warn the others about ZARRA and we’d band together and destroy her, but ZARRA had surpassing speed and she avoided my attempt at poking out her eyes. During my struggles with ZARRA I noticed every time how she kept avoiding the sun as if she were a vampire; ZARRA’S hands were held high above her head; she swiped at the blazing-hot yellow sun as if the sun was a swarm of nuisance flies that were a block, distracting her from escaping into darkness before the break of dawn, and that’s when I used that to my advantage to defeat ZARRA. I pounded on ZARRA’S eight, creepy widow spider legs with all my might, to the point where I was near short of breath, and my bloody knuckles had began to burn and bleed- my skin shedding from over my knuckles like slow burning pieces of scattered paper that’s been cast into a burning fireplace on a late, chilly summer’s night high up in the mountains. ZARRA’S eight, creepy widow spider legs were slightly hairy and almost as hard as sticks on a willow trees branches- I was in deep shit- but I wasn’t about to give up and die the same, slow and painful, horrible death I had watched my college buddies suffer. No, I was a survivor DAMMIT. I made up in my mind that no matter what I had to go through with this horrible bitch of a beast, that I would win and send this horrid being back to hell, and not only for to save myself, but for my college buddies whom had lost the fight against ZARRA to survive. Courageously, I did the most gross thing that anyone in my position would attempt to do, I bit into ZARRA’S eight, creepy widow spider legs like a fierce and hungered vampire fighting for the taste of blood after being without, and having been bound from doing so for centuries- a big mistake- ZARRA struck me heavily across my left cheek, leaving three long streaked marks across my face that burned and stung like I’d been stung by a hornet (wasp).

“Oh, please, please I beg, you-thing, don’t- kill- me!” I begged desperate to save my life.

ZARRA then replied with such harsh fury.

“I told you already, I hate it when you humans whine, so be quiet!” she snapped at me. She had become impatient with me.

I began to struggle with ZARRA again, hoping and praying in my mind I’d defeat her and then I could escape her devil’s web and her, but ZARRA put up a hard fight and I knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that, I would have lost if it hadn’t been for the quick rising of the sun that set ZARRA’S hair and head a flames, burning them like crispy, fallen, fall leaves in the middle of October. God had heard my cries and I watched ZARRA go up in flames, baked by the golden, flaming sun and as I escaped and exited that place I cried silent tears for my college buddies lives that was lost, left behind me in that creepy, barn where ZARRA set sprawling and screaming and blazing with the sun’s fire. I hurried back down through the path and out onto the beach to tell the others about the shocking and sad death of my college buddies and the terrible woman beast named ZARRA that was no more.

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