A Thousand Stars


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A thousand stars

                Prologue type thing

 Charlie cuddled me into his shoulder as we watched meteors streak across a star speckled sky. We had one blanket wrapped around the both of us, and I pulled it tighter as a small rush of cold wind hit the hill we were sat upon. I hugged him as he moved closer, if that was possible, protecting me from the cold.

"This is nice," I said. He sighed in contentment and locked an arm around me. "Yeah, Ava. Just me, you, a thousand stars and a blanket." I giggled. It was this part of him, the kind, nice, loving part, that I treasured the most. I loved it when he was cheeky, or even just silly, but I loved it even more when he wasn't. 

It was then I noticed he wasn't looking at the stars, his gaze had wandered to my eyes, disarming me with his gentle charm. "Come on," I whispered, "why aren't you watching the stars?"

"Because something's distracting me, and it's ten times as beautiful as any star." As the meteors danced in the sky, I kissed him. It was sweet and beautiful, and after it, he did watch the meteors, but he always had one hand on my heart.

       Senior prom

Day of the senior prom. I don't know how it got here, but it did, and I was looking forward to hanging out with my gorgeous boyfriend the entire night. Charlie would be so handsome in a tux, and I knew that I was beautiful in my flowing silk dress. Every opportunity, mum was making me look at myself in the mirror. She had dressed me up finely, and she wanted me to admire her handiwork whenever I could. My dress was a rose coloured corset, deep purple and made with a soft satin lining. The skirt fell to my ankles in elegant waves, black sash perfectly disguising the already subtle change from corset to skirt. 

When I arrived, Charlie was waiting for me, his hand outstretched. I grabbed it, and was again shocked by the perfect fit. His hair was done with slick gel. I ran my hand through it, messing up his hard work. "Hey!" He snapped. "What was that for?"

"You're more handsome when it's messy, you know." At this, he blushed, his face turning beet red. "Oh, stop, I did my hair just for you!"

"Well, now it's not done. Deal with it." He smiled and slipped his arm through mine. Boys flocked around us, hoping to maybe get a dance with me. I was one of the prettier girls, and it was sometimes a problem for us. 

We were sat with his friends all night, who were also mine. We gossiped about all sorts of dumb stuff, from Taylor Swift's new album Reputation (which I'm obsessed with) to Pokemon. At one point, they had to shield me from a bunch of guys who then went on to distract them to get past. But every time someone got anywhere near me, Charlie would just push them away. They eventually gave up and left. That left me with Charlie and my friends again, so what do we do? Talk about even more dumb crap!

"Hey Ava," Charlie said, "I gotta go toilet. Be back in a bit, kay?"

"Okay," I responded. He lurked off into the crowd, and even though it had only been seconds since he left, part of me had a bad feeling about him leaving. I thought about running to him at full speed and staying just outside the boy's toilets the entire time he was there, but I didn't.

Suddenly, one of my friends, Giddian, began to lean towards me, pouting his lip strangely. I realised why my sinking feeling was there. He was trying to kiss me! 

"No!" I yelled out for Charlie, but I knew he took long bathroom breaks. "Stop! I have Charlie, just respect that-" 

Before I knew it, his lips were on mine. It was hard and annoying, to kiss him, and I hated it. I tried to push him away, but it wasn't working. 

And before I knew it... Charlie walked in.

     The next day

I sat in the park, tears still streaming down my already soaked face and onto the dress that I hadn't taken off last night. I felt my purse bump against my side, its contents being just my lipstick and my phone.

I had tried explaining it over text after he ran out and left me behind. As far as I was concerned, it didn't work. This was our neighbourhood, and I knew he could walk to this park in five minutes if he wanted to. But I knew he wouldn't turn up. 

So... I began to sing. I don't know what prompted me, but I did. As the sun sank, I realised that I had been at the park on the same seat all day. But it didn't matter to me. I just kept singing, my favourite love song, If This Was a Movie.

Come back, come back, come back to me like,

You would, you would if this was a movie,

Stand in the rain outside til I came out...

I finished the chorus with the part that made me cry every time;

... but if this was a movie, you'd be here by now...

The world went silent around me and I heard soft footsteps. It was probably just those kids from that group that came here at seven every night, which was near the time right now, but it painfully reminded me of Charlie. He was always light footed, and he could sneak up on you easily.

I felt arms around my shoulders. "This isn't a movie... but I'm here anyway." I looked behind me. There, standing in the light of a thousand stars, was Charlie. He had come back.

I stood up and threw myself into his arms. He whispered into my hair. "I forgive you, Ava. I love you, and I never should have trusted Giddian to be our friend. He always was into pretty girls."

I cried into his chest. "I didn't mean it... I wish... that we'll never fall apart like that again. I love you too." The stars gleamed bright in the sky, as if listening to my wish.

A thousand of them.

All wishing, like me, that Charlie and I will always be together.

    Author's notes 

I'm a bit like Ava. We share the same love of Taylor Swift, the same favourite love song (you should listen to it right now. The list could go on. Thanks to Henok for suggesting some names!

This idea came about when I read All We Need Is Time here on Tablo. I was inspired to write something as beautiful as it. Thanks to the author of it if you're reading this!

Aria Sienna ❤️

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Miss Midnight

Ahh, young love. This was sweet and filled with 'ahhh' moments. You did a great job, pulled me right in and kept me interested until the very end. Lovely descriptions and well-written emotions and conversations. Brilliant!

Jenni Clarke

A sweet story with some beautiful imagery and a happy ending.


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