Fantasia 2: War


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 As we soared into battle, I looked down. The opposition was feeble, with no more than two thousand weak humanlings. Their weapons were weird; long sticks of metal with hollow insides and strangely shaped triggers.

Fergus loaded his bow with three arrows which he shot with perfect timing. They hit their marks, the targets falling to the ground. I heard a loud bang from not too far away. It startled me, but I remained as calm as I could possibly be in the middle of war. That is, until a Pegasus fell from the sky beside me, dead. A metal berry had buried itself in the flesh of her chest. 

The rest of us continued to dodge their arrows, sending our own flying to meet the army. Occasionally, a Pegasus would fall from the sky, giving the rest of us mini panic attacks. Only about half the army of humans was left when I felt a searing pain in my leg. An arrow had hit me. I clenched my teeth and ignored it. Pain isn't everything.

Behind me, I was sure, was the rest of our army, ready to back us up. Another metal berry flew through the air, missing Lolinami by an inch. I screamed as an arrow embedded itself in my wing, paralysing me. I fell to the ground. The humans must have thought that a metal berry had hit me, as they completely ignored me when I finally collided with the stone hard earth. From far, far away, I heard my name being screamed. Then the world went black.

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 We were marching along patiently, going to stand by for backup in case the humans managed to defeat the Valkyrie. I sighed in contentment as I saw the Pegasi still bravely fighting in the air, Saoni's blank white coat easily sightable in amongst the browns and blondes of the other's coats. Fergus loaded his bow, expertly sniping three soldiers from their positions on the ground. I heard Arvid and Glycon simultaneously exhaling in relief.

I looked around at the other ranks. They weren't panicking. The giants were sitting down, using giant boulders as seats. The hyklix gazed into the sun, as mysterious and peaceful as ever. They were wearing shining armour made of silver and encrusted with sapphire gems.

I heard a bang. I looked up just in time to see a caramel coloured pegasus come crashing to the ground, black mane trailing in the sky. Oh no.

Glycon hissed in disgust and anger as an arrow hit Saoni in the leg, blood trickling slowly from the small wound. It was all chaos, with arrows hitting some Valkyrie to small metal berries killing them. 

I heard another loud bang. Saoni fell out of the sky, one wing teetering treacherously. Glycon roared in protest and Arvid screeched her name to the heavens. Junke and I watched in terror as our best friend tumbled out of the sky. The numbers of the Valkyrie were dwindling dangerously fast.

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 The Elven general commanded for some reinforcements, only the best, and only a few. Of course, two hyklix, Goizu and Junke ran into battle without hesitating. She then looked solemnly at Arvid and I. "Well," she said, "go on. The princess needs to be avenged, and you two are too good to not help." I bared my teeth viciously, growling at the enemy. "Sure thing... we WON'T loose."

As we leaped into action, I gazed at the ground. Behind the army of swarming humans were the remains of Pegasi that had fallen. I saw Saoni's body among them, chest still moving. "Arvid! She's not dead! Let's finish this and save her!"

Glycon swooped in low, long talons impaling countless unfortunate enemies. I breathed fire on the humans, and Junke and Goizu held them off with swords and axes. Before long, they were all dead, either smouldering on the ground or cut open and bleeding in all places. We had won.

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