The Devils Bride


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“Hey everyone, just wanted to say that none of this is real, pretty sure it’s not anyways. However, I’m just dedicating this to one of my best friends, she’s been there for me through thick and thin, I absolutely love her for it and she’s just an amazing person. So like I said this is dedicated to her, and this story isn’t real.”

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Chapter 1

You’ve heard tales of the devil and his evil doings, but you haven’t heard of the devils bride. She’s fierce, terrifying, and absolutely clumsy but don’t put it past her to turn you against your whole entire village. She’ll take your child at night, and watch as you don’t search for your child, she’ll put you on the burn list.

Devil: “Annelise, will you go get someone for me?!”

I rolled my eyes, but I complied.

Annelise: “Sure Love, who do I need to get this time?”

Devil: “Name is Kit Green, female, five two, and very old, however, you need to watch out for her temper.”

Annelise: “Alright, I’m out! Peace!”

Annelise, might be the bride of the devil, but she’s a hunter first. The most coolest women you’ll see, it’s truly amazing that she’s a hunter and yet she can’t seem to keep her balance.

I went to our transporter and I transported myself outside of Kit Greens house, then I knocked. Kit opened up the door, and she looked very young for her age.

Kit: “What?!”

Annelise: “Good day, my name is Ray Green, I’m looking for Kit Green, is she here?”

Kit: “I am Kit Green, what do you want?!”

Annelise: “I’m so glad I finally found you! I’m actually your cousin, my parents died not too long ago and I thought maybe I could finally meet you, and now that I have I would like to know if you would be able to take me in?”

Kit: “Fine, come on in, hurry up now.”

I stepped through the door and smiled wickedly, tonight I would get her to the devil.

Kit: “Would you like a drink?”

Annelise: “Sure, point me to the kitchen and tell me where the cups are. I’ll get my own water, would you like anything?”

Kit: “Sure, I’ll have water myself. The kitchen isn’t to far from here, not to mention the cups are by the sink.”

I walked into the kitchen and ran the water, all I could think was how smoothly this is going. Funny, she’s so guliable. I walked back into the living room after putting a drug in her drink, and I watched as she drank her drink. Then I waited for her to pass out, which took a little longer then I hoped but worked none the less. I took her back to the devil, and I laid her down on a bed, and walked down into the living room.

Devil: “Thanks for fetching her babe, now I have business to do so you can go hangout with your girlfriends for awhile.”

I knew what his work consisted of and as his fiancé I shouldn’t be doing this, I should be getting him to spend time with me.

Annelise: “Wait, Babe why do you always have to get humans pregnant? Why can’t you wait until we’re married to do that?”

Devil: “Because I need children to walk the earth, that way they will do my biding.”

Annelise: “All you have to do is wait for a few more months, then we can get married and see if I could have children.”

Devil: “What if you can’t? What am I supposed to do then?”

Annelise: “Then you could love someone else, you can divorce me after that.”

Devil: “I can’t believe you just said that, makes sense none the less, but unbelievable that it came from your mouth.”

He started to walk off.

Annelise: “Where are you going? We’re  not done talking!”

Devil: “I need a beer.”

I rolled my eyes, walked out of the front door and slammed it on my way out. 

I can’t believe him right now, how did I ever fall for a guy like him.

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Chapter 2


Man what a day!

Devil: “Hey pretty lady, what are you doing here in a bar all alone?”

Annelise: “Why would I tell a complete stranger?”

Devil: “Fair point, I’m Lucifer by the way, what’s your name?”

Annelise: “I’ll tell you, only if you choose to dance with me, but you’ve got to be really good.”

Devil: “Mysterious and alluring, I like it, you know what pretty lady, you’ve got a deal.” 

We danced for what felt like hours, but what was really only half an hour.

Annelise: “Annelise, Annelise Greenhart.”

Devil: “So that’s your name huh? A beautiful name, for a beautiful lady.”

I smiled like a fool and ever since then we’ve hit it off, I’ve never been as happy as I was then. 

A few years later.

Lucifer: “Annelise, I love you so much, would you do me the honor of being my bride?”

How could I say no?


Right, man I was so young and naive a few years ago, how could I have been so stupid? I’ll never be enough for him. Maybe it’s time for me to leave, I think I’ll go crash at Ashley’s for a bit.

So I did that very thing, I knocked on her door and I saw her bright smiling face.

Annelise: “Hey girl! Mind if I crash here for awhile?”

Ashley: “Oh my gosh! Annelise, it’s so good to see you. Please, come on in!”

I walked into her home and crashed on her couch.

Annelise: “So, What did I miss while I was gone for awhile?”

Ashley: “Well, I was about to send you an invitation but I’m getting married. Elian finally proposed to me after five years of dating, and I would really love it if you could be my maid of honor?”

Annelise: “Well it’s about time that sleezeball proposed, so when’s the wedding?”

Ashley: “August 17th, it’s going to be at sunset and then the reception will be during nighttime.”

Annelise: “Awesome, So have you picked out bridesmaids dresses yet?”

Ashley: “Of course, I’ve been planning my perfect wedding since I was five. I’m so prepared for this, not to mention all the adventures we’re going to go on for our honeymoon.”

I gave her one of my brightest smiles, then I remembered I had a doctor appointment today.

Annelise: “Hey, do you mind coming to the doctors with me?”

Ashley: “No not all, let me get my bag ready before we go.”

Five minutes later.

Ashley: “Alright, Let’s go, oh by the way did you take your meds?”

I rolled my eyes.

Annelise: “Yes I did, thanks for asking though MOM!”

We started to laugh.

Ashley: “For a mom I look pretty young, ooh maybe I have eternal youth.”

I laughed and we walked out of the house, then she locked the door.

Thirty minutes later.

Doctor: “Annelise Greenhart, please come right this way.”

I walked into the room the doctor asked me to, and I watched as Ashley sat on the chair and I sat on the doctors bed.

Checking my health, five minutes later.

Taking my diagnosis, two minutes later.

Annelise: “So Doc, What appears to be wrong?”

Doctor: “I’m afraid it’s not good news, but I need to know one last thing before I’m sure. Have you been coughing up blood?”

Annelise: “I have, that’s why I’m here.”

Doctor: “Then it’s exactly as I thought, I’m sorry Annelise but you have cancer.”

He walked out of the room to go see his next patient, and Ashley was in tears. She knew all the stages of cancer, luckily we caught mine on the first stage. I took her by the hand and drove her home, I knew I needed to tell Lucifer but the question is how?

I unlocked Ashley’s door, and I sat her on the couch, went to her room, grabbed her pj’s, went to the kitchen grabbed her ice cream, and then I put Netflix on for her. However, I left her there to drown out her misery, I needed to tell Lucifer I’m dying of cancer. Maybe I can send him a lady, write on her chest and say hey babe, I’m dying of cancer didn’t know how to tell ya sorry, love, Annelise.

That’s a fantastic idea, I’m so doing it.

I went to go fetch a young maiden for him, and after I knocked her out I wrote a message for Lucifer. I stopped by hell and dropped the girl off at home, then I turned around and my ex-boyfriend was there.

Annelise: “Oh great, it’s You again. What on earth do you want?”

Charles landagore, red hair, baby blue eyes, and a brain the size of a peanut.

Charles: “I wanted to tell you that I still love you, and I’m sorry for cheating on you.”

I conjured up a knife with a flaming tip, and I put it threw his heart. He doesn’t have the right to tell me he loves me, not after a few years when I’m really happy, besides why should I believe a cheater?

I went inside my car, ran Charles over and then I went shopping.

While at the store, I saw this really beautiful shirt so I bought that, then I saw some converse so I definitely bought them in my size, then I saw a jacket.

Annelise: “Ooh, that looks hot!”

Everyone except for one guy laughed, I’m so embarrassed right now.

Random creep: “Just like your hot, can I get your number?”

I took the jacket in my size, and I ran off to the farthest check stand, and bought like half the store.

I put everything in the truck and went home, when I saw the girl wasn’t on the front step I assume Lucifer got my note. I was dreading to go inside, but I know we have to talk.

I walked into the house, and the next thing I knew Lucifer was around my waist crying.

Lucifer: “When did you find out?”

His words sound like he was choking on them.

Annelise: “I found out today, I’m so sorry I should’ve just told you myself but I didn’t know how you would react.”

I dropped my bags, and held my hands over my face. I felt ashamed, I didn’t want him to know, I didn’t want to tell him. So we cried like this for an hour, then we planted ourselves on the couch. 

Lucifer: “So, what do we do now?”

I don’t know how to answer that question, what do we do now? 

I sat in silence for what seemed like eternity, but I know it wasn’t.

Annelise: “Well, we do the only thing we can now.”

Lucifer: “Which is what?”

Annelise: “Continue with our life, get married still in a month, maybe adopt since I can’t get pregnant.”

We sat in silience again, we’re obviously not handling this well.

Lucifer: “What if you can?”

Annelise: “What do you mean?”

Lucifer: “After our wedding, we can go to the garden of wishes, we can wish for you to have a baby, we can do it.”

Would it still be the same?

Annelise: “What if the wish goes wrong? Magic always comes with a price Lucifer, always has, always will.”

Lucifer: “Then I’m prepared, I want to be a Dad Annelise, I want our baby to have the best life, I want a baby with you.”

I considered all the pros and cons, I’ve got to admit though, my desire to have his child outweighs everything else.

Annelise: “Let’s do it then, I couldn’t think of a better way to spend our honeymoon.”

I kissed him on the lips, and he returned to me a kiss of his own.

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Authors note

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