Never Surrender


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 Never surrender is a book about love and why we should never give up searching for our soul mate, our one true love, our partner we will be with through eternity! 

Join me on this journey of inspiration to never giving up looking, searching, praying, asking and hoping, may you be in a relationship already this will and can help remove any negative energy or karma a being producee unconsciously By either of you. I will give you the tools to eradicating negative thoughts to gain and find the one true love your destined to be with and hold! 

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 Each and everyone of us go through life wondering when and where we will meet our one true love, our soul mate, our partner for eternity. We often wonder if they will share experiences, skills, thoughts and even emotions. But this is not always the case with your soul mates, soul mates are those we connect with in a unconscious state, when you find your soul mate you will know immediately.

Anyway enough if soul mates for now, let me get started on mending the negative thinking or as a good speaker called Zig Ziglar once said stinking thinking. Let's get this thinking outta this mind of yours! Let's make you more positive more open, more accepting, more loving and caring, compassionate and most of all love yourself more too!.

Before we meet your soul mate you must go through a series of events, tasks, challenges and massive obstacles to build yourself up for the moment they walk into your life! And believe me when they do you will know! Don't take my word for it just believe that I couldn't have written this book if I didn't Happen to me, I haven't met my soulmate, I have been searching for years and years, went through hell again and again until I defeated the Barron place and said enough is enough! This is my life I will not live with self doubt! I will not live with fear I will not live with remorse! 

I challenged myself to open my mind, listen more, read more and love myself for who I was and not who people were telling me to be! This is a story of true events which can literally save you years of pain and suffering and remorse and regret. it can save you from depression anxiety and suiciadal thoughts, in cases even commiting suicide.

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 My journey to deeply searching for my soul mate started the first time I truely reached the lowest point in my life, where I sacrificed everything, threw everything away, dropped my life in the pit and lost everything, everything from friends to money to pride to faith to myself! In this process I had it etched in my mind that I would never defeat this curse, this disease, this metamorphosis! 

For years I continued to lose everything, more and more the loses becoming more great each time.

It started with losing my family, my friends and my self pride, my mind brain washed by false truths, false acts and by using deceitful tactics. I moved locations changed my style, gave all my time and Effort building people up while they tore me down, in my head I was doing good i would be rewarded at the end, I would make it successful and be rid of this chain of events, but was I right? After 4 years of a teenage life being dragged through hell again and again did I make it through hell and never return?


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