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1. Class 5

Life isn't easy. It never has been. It's tiring, heartbreaking, a total emotional rollercoaster. It's dangerous, something that's made for only some people. The ones with the clear skin, best grades, best home life, the ones that are happy. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those people. Unfortunately I have to work for my grades, work for my clear skin, look for friends and love. 

My hair, a constant mess, blonde and down to the middle of my back, in my opinion, my best feature is my eyes - a light blue and very visible because of my pale skin.

My parents passed away 2 years ago and I am still in the early stages of recovering, no I am not depressed and I am not on any medication. Thankfully I've dealt with this better than I thought and it's honestly prepared me emotionally for the year after their death. Where Caleb, my ex boyfriend basically tortured me - emotionally and occasionally physically- like some haunted spirt seeking revenge.


 I stand in front of the entrance of my new school, looking down at my uniform and straightening my skirt with my hands making sure I look and feel decent. Butterflies are flying wild in my stomach, and I take a deep breath. New school, new start, now I have a clean slate; the thing I've wanted most for awhile.

Thankfully, I have got transferred to another school where I'm able to stay at a dorm house - which makes everything so much easier for me. Though I was so eager to leave my previous school, I didn't even visit the this school to make sure it was good. I just wanted a fresh start and to stay in a dorm.. to have pyjama parties.

"You can do this Ariana." I give myself a small pep talk, pacing around a little before entering my new school and home. A mixture of excitement and nervousness fill my whole body as I drag my feet through the gates of my new school. 

"There she is!" I hear whispering and a bunch of overdramatic gasps all around me; of course only boys would be so silly to do this type of thing. I smile my way through the horror and embarrassment the boys are providing me right now, trying my best to take no notice of the looks I'm getting from these filthy boys. 

"Oh! Ariana Sweeting, right?" Before I'm able to make to the doors, I'm confronted by a tall man, his hair back in a low, small, ponytail. I assume he's a teacher? 

"Yeah, I'm new here" I give him a bright smile and put out my hand. He shakes my hand firmly. "I'm Mr Morris" he returns a smile, pulling away to adjust his glasses. "This way, we'll go get you signed in" he walks briskly through the doors; like he's in some sort of rush, I follow behind him, trying my best to ignore the eyes of all these boys. Gosh there are so many - I wonder where all the girls are? 

As I take my first step into the tall yet very well decorated building, I'm greeted by, once again, boys, and their lockers. Maybe I'm just walking through the boys side of the school? I definitely hope so. There's so many boys.. way more than my last school.

We arrive to the reception - which looks so much better than my other school - and he tells me to sit down. I take my seat on these red, comfortable, clean seats and I'm slightly shocked. These seats are amazing.. I didn't expect this from a school that looks so terrible on the outside. Don't judge a book by its cover, right? Mr Morris signs a bunch of paper and returns. "Well, Ariana." He turns to me and smiles. "Let's take you to your classroom" I smile and follow him through double doors and we both stand outside a classroom. Written above the door in a beautiful, black font is: Class 5. "I hope you have a good first day here, are there any questions you have before the day starts?" 

I nod. "I haven't seen any girls around yet.. where would they all be?" I look up to him. I needed to get it out there otherwise my curiosity would have turned me insane. 

He's taken aback by my question "You didn't kno-! Watch out!" He waves his hands in front of me and his eyes go wide. I feel something hard hit my head and I fall to the floor. What the heck was that.. I stand up slowly, trying my best to hold my balance. I swear that just went in slow motion...

"Sweeting are you okay?" Mr Morris asks me, from what I'm making out of his face, he looks worried. "I'm fine-" 

Everything turns black. 


I wake up in a very comfortable bed, to ruin that, as I sit up, a sharp pain runs through my head. I slowly lift myself from the bed I somehow managed to get in. I look around and it seems like I've been brought to the nurse's office, I must've passed out after hitting my head.. 

"Oh my, you really are cute!" I look at the door, where a tall boy is standing, his hair is a beautiful silver. How bizarre.

I look at the hot stranger as I stand up from the bed, wiping down any dust that might have ended up on my clothes. "Who are you?" I look at the boy. 

He casually walks closer. "I'm Alex Harding" he smiles. "You must be Ariana Sweeting, right?" His big eyes looking into mine. "Yeah that's right.." I respond. Oh my gosh his smile is gorgeous, his skin looks so soft..

Alex looks around. "Well since we're alone.. want to have some fun?" He smiles, leaning in closer. 

I'm disgusted by his sudden comment. To think that a boy as attractive as this could possibly be nice. I step back, my back pressing up against the wall. "No, I'll pass." I glare at him. 

"Oh come on, I'm very gentle.." he blocks my escape routes with his long arms. He leans in close and I instinctively cover my mouth with my hand.

"Alex! You little!" Mr Morris comes running through the door yelling. "What have I told you?!" He grabs Alex by the ear and pulls him away from me. 

"I was just looking after Sweeting." He tries to defend himself. 

"Go home. Nana is probably waiting for you." Mr Morris shoves him out of the door, then turns to me.

He sighs "Ariana, how is your head? Do you remember anything?" He asks me, his face looks calm now. 

"I'm fine, I think something hit me on the head..but I'm doing good.." I respond, making sure I smile. 

"Okay well I'll take you to your dorm" He says, and we both make our way back to my new home. I'm so nervous.. I hope the girls are nice, gosh I would hate it if they were horrible. I can't wait for midnight snacking and pyjama parties! 











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2. Pyjama Parties, gone.

 So it looks like I'll be needing to walk 10 minutes to get to school everyday. That's not bad. Better than a half hour bus journey, not to mention all the food fights that took place on that bus; leaving me on edge. 

The outside of my new dorm house looks beautiful, better than the school. Carefully planted, beautiful flowers are sitting outside the house, giving it such a friendly glow. Hopefully the inside is just as nice. 

"Okay, here we are. You can go ahead inside. I'll see you in class tomorrow" Mr Morris bows to me then walks off.

I take small steps to the big red door and hesitate to open it, I finally build up enough courage to do so and I slowly open the door and walk inside. "Hello? Anyone home..?" I look around and before I know it a guy is running towards me. 

"Ariana!" A strange man holds and shakes my hand. "I've heard so much about you! I'm Nana, I will be looking after you from now on!" 

I smile. "Oh hey, nice to meet you!" 

That was dramatic, and a bit frightening. He seems nice..

"I'm so glad to be taking on a girl! These boys are getting so boring!" He tells me. What the hell does that mean? 

Nana has a very feminine aura around him, his hair is long, in a low ponytail, it seems like he's wearing a little bit of mascara and his skin looks really soft.. kinda like that Alex guy. "Come! Let me introduce you to everyone!" Nana drags me by the hand into the living room, I can't help but smile, he must be so excited to have me here, after walking swiftly into the living room my eyes are brought upon 5 boys.. "Umm Nana... where are the girls?" I ask him in a quiet voice. "You don't know?" He pauses before proceeding "You're the only girl in this school so far." He smiles at me. I force a smile. "No one told me that.." I frown a little when Nana looks away. My dreams of pyjama parties and sleepovers have been crushed. "Ariana! This is Samuel Lewis" 

"Yo! Call me Sam." A tall-ish boy makes his way in front of me, his ears and nose are pierced, but his smile is so bright. His blonde hair with blue streaks through it, damn, he's really attractive. His piercings make him look a little bit scary but his smile makes up for it.

Nana introduces me to Riley Chapman. Tall, dark haired and has quite a bit of muscle. He's seems a bit scary, he didn't even smile, speak or shake my hand.. 

I'm introduced to Ryan Luther next, his hair is a beautiful brown, he's tall and his eyes are gorgeous! "Who cares?" He didn't even shake my hand or smile either.. but he said that. How sweet?

"Not gonna be seeing her around anyway.." he whispers the last part under his breathe, I decide to ignore it. 

"Well hello Ariana, this must be fate!" Of course, my stay couldn't get any worse. I'm now going to be living under the same roof as a pervert, Alex. "Why don't I show you my room?" He winks at me. "I'll pass." I say bluntly as Nana smacks him across the head. "Don't be so rude Alex! You never learn!" He yells. I chuckle and my eyes come across the last boy I haven't been introduced to yet. 

As Nana is scolding Alex, my eyes are set on come across a tall, dark haired, handsome boy. "Oh Lukas, come say hello to our new member of the family!" Nana says cheerfully, holding me by the shoulders, sticking me out like I'm a teddy bear. "She isn't a newborn." He responds. His eyes meet mine, my heart moves to my throat and I feel slightly uneasy.. his eyes are gorgeous. "I'm not interested, as long as she doesn't touch my things, there is no reason for me to talk or know her" he says bluntly, walking straight past us and out the door.

Ouch that stung. "Oh ignore him dear, I'll have a word with that little brat later" Nana says angrily. "It's fine honestly! I'm not bothered by it" I reply with lies. "How about some food? I'll fix you up something to eat!" He suggests.

 "I'll help you!" 

As I help Nana with dinner, nothing but Lukas is on my mind.. but why? He was blatantly cold.. Maybe it's because he's... hot?





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3. Thanks?

  After eating dinner and unpacking all my luggage last night, I was so tired I must've fallen asleep on the floor. That's probably the best thing I could do before my official first day of school. My back is aching.. 

"Morning Nana.." I walk into the kitchen and yawn. 

"Oh my gosh Ariana! Did you sleep well? You have bags under your eyes and your skin is so ashy!" Nana freaks out a bit by the sight of my face - way to make me feel in the morning.

"Well I did wake up on the floor" I press my hand against my back to ease some pain. An awkward expression appearing on my face.

Nana looks at me with concern; "I'll fix you up with a nice breakfast while you go change" I nod and get ready.

After having breakfast and trying to make myself look a little better I head off for school. Alone.

"Goodmorning Ariana!" As I'm walking to school, for my first day, someone taps me on the shoulder, I couldn't mistake who it is.. "Hey, Sam right?" I smile at him. "I'm glad you remembered my name." He smiles at me. "So, how did you sleep?" 

"Honestly, I fell asleep on the floor and my back is killing me" I chuckle a bit. "I'll manage though" I smile at him.

"Damn, well you could always just skip if it gets too much for you" He says this like it's nothing at all. 

"S-skip?" I look at him eye wide, is he insane? 

"What? Have you never skipped?" He asks me, sounding like it's the most normal thing to do.

"I take my education very seriously..." I look down. Damn, I bet I sound so weird to him. Way to blow it Ariana..

"You're lucky you can survive class without falling asleep.." I laugh at his comment. Before we know it, we're having a casual conversation before school. 


Sam and I arrive at school and he walks me to Class 5, where I'll be spending the rest of the year. I hope the boys aren't ignorant and disrespectful; that's all I need to deal with on top of my tiredness.

"Okay everyone, be nice, this is our new student" Mr Morris looks at me. Does he want me to introduce myself or something? I clear my throat. "I'm Ariana Sweeting, I just moved here and I'm looking forward to spending my time with you all!" I brightly smile at the rest of the class and for some stupid reason, everyone applauds. Is this a joke?

"Girls are so pretty to look at!" One boy says. "If I asked her out you think she'd say yes?" Another one adds.

I'm disgusted. They don't even know me, yet they think they have the right to say such things. I vaguely shake my head, and force myself to smile. 

"You can sit in the spare seat next to Lukas." Mr Morris points at the desk. 

I nod and I slowly make my way over to the spare seat and prepare myself for class. Yay, what a lovely neighbour to have..

"Also, Sweeting. You'll need to share Lukas's textbook until you get yours. It should be arriving next week hopefully" 

I give a vague smile in response. Great.. The guy that seems to hate me, is now going to be next to me everyday. Not to mention I need to share my work with him. How stressful. 


Those were the worst lessons of my life.. Lukas even fell asleep in practically all of the classes, which was annoying. His eyes are so beautiful...  His gorgeous face is just so distracting! Wait what am I thinking? 

Before taking my thoughts into some depth, they're cut off by someone.. "Hey Ariana, wanna come eat with us?" Thankfully, the only person I consider close to a friend  around here invites me to lunch, Sam. "Sure" I smile up at him, standing up from my seat. 

"Come on Ariana!" He smiles and walks out of the room. I follow him out to a couple of benches on the yard. 

"Hey guys I invited Ariana with us!" He says excitedly. I sit myself down and greet everyone before taking my lunch out.

"Oh my, this is amazing!" I'm shocked on how good Nana prepared all of this, the taste of this sushi roll is divine!

"Nana's lunches are the best." Ryan says, shoving a sandwich in his mouth. 

"It really is." I smile, wait; I just realised that everyone is here apart from.. 

"So where's Lukas?" I stop eating for a moment. 

"Luke?" Riley swallows his food. "He's probably on the roof, he never eats with us." He goes back to eating his food.

"Why's that?" I'm so confused, why would he eat up there alone? 

"Well Sweeting, you're asking a lot of questions about Luke. Do you like him?" Alex looks into my eyes.

"Um. I hardly know him, I'm just curious why he wouldn't join you all for lunch" I avoid eye contact. Damn that guy is so creepy!

"He usually just sleeps, so he doesn't like to be disturbed." Riley says like it's so normal for people to sleep on the roof.

"Oh.. he seems to sleep a lot" I slump my shoulders back and enjoy the rest of my lunch. Why do I feel so disappointed? 

The bell rings for 5th period, Art. This might be the only good class I will actually enjoy at this school.. I'll hope for the best.


 The lesson I thought I would enjoy turned out to be a total bust. Everyone in our dorm, apart from Ryan, has taken this class; and since I'm the only girl, our teacher made me model in front of the class. Everyone is now trying to draw me in this ridiculous, pointless pose. I sigh.

"Erm Riley, what is that?" Sam looks oddly at Riley's painting of me. 

I shuffle a bit, trying to ignore them and not even picture what he's drew me as. 

"It's Ariana" he says bluntly. 

"She looks a bit weird.." Alex adds, peering over Riley's shoulder, making a weird face at his art. 

"What is it guys?" I ask, breathing heavily. What's wrong with me all of a sudden? Why do I feel dizzy? 

"I wouldn't show her Riley.. what if she slaps you? Girl's slaps apparently really hurt!" He says loudly, attempting to whisper. 

"Oh they do.. have I told you about that girl that caught me..." Alex's voice trails off and my mind seems to go blank.

I look at them and my eyelids grow heavy.

"Guys-" the last thing I hear is my name in panick voice and footsteps - all I see is darkness.



I wake up in the nurses office for the second time in 24hours. I sit up in my bed and get a sudden sharp pain in my head.. once again. "ow.." I whisper, scrunching my face hoping that will relieve some of the pain.

"Oh Ariana! You poor thing!" Nana comes rushing into the room and looks at me with his concerned eyes.

"I'm fine Nana.." I give him my best smile. 

Then, Mr Morris enters the room and stands in front of the bed. "Ariana, did you have a good sleep last night?" He asks, his face is expressionless.

"To be honest, I fell asleep in the middle of unpacking, I woke up and I was on the floor. So not really." I smile awkwardly.

"Make sure to get a good night's sleep tonight, that's probably what made you collapse." He says, "Also, you should thank Luke, he carried you here." He adds, smiling then exiting the room. 

Lukas carried me here? That's so embarrassing! I feel my cheeks burn, he probably saw my embarrassing sleeping face!

"Let's get home to the boys lovely" Nana helps me out of bed and I smile at him.

"Thank you for coming to get me Nana." I look up to him.

"It's fine, I was going to go shopping  for dinner anyway." 

"I can come help you" I insist, I probably worried him.. I am his responsiblity now. 

"That would be amazing, thank you Ariana!" He smiles and we happily walk to the shops.


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4. Are you scared?

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5. It's a surprise.

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6. What's your story?

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7 pt1. Didn't you miss me?

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7 pt2. Never

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