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In a distant future, the world is overrun by powerful and dangerous machines. Humans have developed their own separate civilization away from the machines, but both humans and machines want to eradicate the other’s existence. Sai must hide herself from both humans and machines. She is human, but sixty-one percent of her body is...

Scream Silent

High school is already a challenge. For 14-year-old Rebeccah Morgan, it's the Goblet of Fire. Especially when you're new in town, too. See, Beccah is pretty much your normal 14-year-old girl - except she isn't. She lost her hearing at a young age due to a severe ear infection after a traumatic diving experience during a swim lesson....

Steeped in Milk

A hodge podge chapbook. If you wait long enough you can forget everything. The wild peeling at my neck, closed hands opening up like hard buds in the Spring, what it felt like to be whole and asking to be broken.