What Is She?(a Supernatural Fanfiction)


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 Once there was a girl named Luna,Luna was a girl like everyone until  One not so normal afternoon

Luna was in her room drawing a forest on her note book she was 13 years old and it was summer break,she loved supernatural her wish is to be able to do everything, I know it sounds silly but every night  she would get on her knees and pray,she got out of her room to get a snack and then watch tv, A few hours later she falls asleep watching supernatural little did she know what she would wake up to

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Waking up

(luna's point of View)

My eyes started to open I expected to see the couch,but when I looked around it didn't look like home then I saw someone they looked like sam and dean Winchester,once I opened my eyes completely I saw that I was right I was there In supernatural, I stared at them I looked like I was looking in there soul but inside I was fan Girling so hard i mean right in Front of me was Sam and Dean Winchester then I looked to my side hoping to see castiel but nope,then I thought of what to say "h-hello" I greeted them shyly "hi I'm sa-" I interrupted them "I know your name Sam and I know your name to dean but all I want to know is how did I get in This world" I said forgetting that Sam and Dean Winchester are right in front of me "1 how do you know are names.2 what do you mean by this world!?" Dean asks "y-you see in my world you guys are my favorite TV show" I say shyly still amazed by the site in front of my eyes "this may sound weird but can i Touch you so I can make sure your real" I ask "um ok"Sam says, I stare at dean "only if you get me 3 pies because I never get to eat pie" dean says looking at Sam "ok" I touch sams hand then I touch deans hand then I notice I can hear what he's thanking 'you better get me pie or I will kill you' I hear dean thank,I walk backwards away from dean "w-why could I hear what you were thanking oh and why did you thank of killing me if I don't give you pie" I say already in corner of the room "what the-" Castiel appears and says "she's a half angel and half  unknown creature

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"What!" Dean and Sam yell at the same time "how,I'm not even from this world?" I say staring at my favorite supernatural character  "...all I know is she is half angel half unknown creature"castiel says "…" everyone looks at me "What,all I know is I'm in my favorite TV show,my name is luna and that I'm 13 years old,ok"I say "oh and what year is this?"I ask "2012 why?"Sam asks "I'm from year 2017"I say "..."everyone looks at me "what?"I ask "..."everyone is still   staring at me "what?!"I yell "look" Sam says as he gets a small mirror,I look at myself in the mirror and I see that my Brown medium hair now looks like the Galaxy with mostly green,purple and blue and instead of my medium hair I have long hair and I have wolf ears and tail my wolf ears look like the Galaxy with white and Gold tips and my tail looks like the Galaxy with black and red tips but there's a lot of blue purple and green in my wolf ears and tail,my shirt is now a dress that has blue,green and purple with stars in it and my eyes are red and gold"what am I?"I ask "we don't know"sam,dean and castiel say all at once,I turn back to normal but I still have my wolf ears and tail but they are Brown with white and gold at the tips of my ears and red and black at the tip of my tail also I have on torn blue Jeans and a black and gray shirt that says wolves are pawsome (pawsome do you get it if you don't It means wolves are awesome)with a Picture of a wolf on it"I like this more"I say "but how will I go outside a get dean pie and get me food because now I have wolf ears and tail I get hungry quicker and I can eat more then before and before I could eat a lot of food" I say/ask " how do you if know your get more hungry?" dean and sam ask At the same time " it's logic 

Wolves get more hungry than humans and I feel more hungry"I say "oh"Sam and dean say at the same time "but how will I hide my tail"I ask "why do you only want to know how to hide your tail?"dean asks "because I know how to hide my ears,see"I say as I make my ears go on my hair so it looks like my hair "cool" Sam says "I know what to do" I almost yell

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Her first demon kill

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an old friend

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