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'Belle I know it's hard to sink in but you have to hear me out you are a Demi god, Daughter of Poseidon and Medusa' 'Hold up, isn't Medusa evil and Poseidon good?' 'Well yes they had an affair 18 years back and when Medusa was pregnant she also had affairs with other gods causing you to be the most powerful god, we classify you as a Demi god because no one can know that Poseidon had an affair with Medusa' 'Ok let me get this straight, I'm a Demi god I'm daughter of Poseidon, god of water and I'm daughter of Medusa God of snake or whatever she is' 'Exactly, My name is Joelle and I'm Poseidons doctor and person who comes to collect Demi gods, a bit like Pokemon Gò' 'so wait YOU want ME to meet my mythical father in a secret warehouse far away and I can't tell anyone' 'I didn't say half of that, I was going to but I guess one of your powers is mind reading, not sure who Medusa had an affair with for you to get that power, I might need to do some research into that' 'URGH come on I'm coming now or never' 'ok let's teleport' 




'I feel sick now' 'yes belle it gets a bit scary at first' 'Can I meet my father now or are you going to keep me here for ages' 'first I'm going to show you your new room and introduce you to other Demi gods, you can meet your father later as right now he is in a meeting with Athena and Hypnos I think Nemesis is there too' 




'and this is your bedroom' 'Wow this is the twice the size of my old bedroom' 'well you do have the biggest room' 'wow I feel special' 'that's because you are belle, did you know your name stands for beautiful in many languages' 'yes I think I heard that somewhere' 'good because that's what you are and there are quite a few boys here' 'any girls?' 'So your in to girls and yes there are' 'actually I'm Bi so I'm in to both' '3 girls here are Bi or Les and there is 1 Gay boy here' 'Really?' 'Yes unfortunately when we found them their parents didn't approve as much as others but soon they learnt to accept them as they are' 'that must have been hard on them, do you think my dad will accept me' 'I'm quite certain that he will' 'oh good' 'Ok let's head to the main hall to meet the other Demi gods' 




'Everyone this is one of the new Demi gods, daughter of Poseidon, and her name is Belle, why don't you tell them something about yourself' 'ok now I feel like I'm in school but anyway, I'm 18 Bisexual and super bored when it comes to waiting for this amazing author Chelsea Rabello Calhau, to publish a new chapter on Tablo.' 'Hello my name is Jay and I'm son of Nemesis and It's true Chelsea is a really good Author' 'My name is Julia and I'm the daughter of Athena, and I'm really shy, I am also Bisexual' 'Hola my name is Grace and I'm the daughter of Hera and I love my family, I'm Lesbian and I hope to find true love one day' 'Belle there are a few more people but they seem to be training' 'Ok Joella, is it ok if I go to my room to sleep, it has been a long day for me' 'Of course Belle I'll see you tommorow morning' 'Ok bye everyone' 'BYE' 'Tchau' 'CYA'


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 Authors note

Hey guys quick key thing basically when you see this ' it means someone is talking but when you see this " someone is thinking ( the brackets mean when I want to describe what's happening throughout the chapter!




"Wow I'm not as tired as I thought I'd be waking up at 6am" 'Belle it's me Julia is it ok if I come in' 'Yes I just finished changing anyway' "Wow belle looks good in the training clothes" 'Erm Julia can you hear me' 'Oh Yes sorry my minds been wandering lately' 'ooh where to' 'a secret' 'ooohh you probably have a crush' 'No I don't' 'fine believe what you want to believe Julia' 'anyway I came to get you so we can go to the training room' 'really, this early' 'yes really' 'Fine I'm going' (they walk out the room together and head to the training hall)




'Hello everyone' 'Heyy Belle nice to see you waking up early' 'be happy because I never wake up early' 'Hey who's the new demi'

'That Is belle, Belle meet Mason,Mason meet belle' 'Hello mason' '...' 'Mason say something to her' 'I don't trust her Julia for all we know she could be evil' 'She is the daughter of Poseidon' 'still, who knows who the mother is' 'It doesn't matter Julia I'm used to the not trusting thing' 'are you sure Belle' 'Yes I'm pretty sure plus I really want to train right now or watch to but I guess that's not happening' 'Nope training it is' 'Ok' 'Hello everyone my name is Artemis and I am here to train your powers' (Everyone in unison but belle) 'Hello Artemis' 'Is this Poseidons daughter?' 'Yes I am' ' Ok I am here to train and unlock all your powers let's start, everyone get into pairs of twos and try to unlock each others powers by fighting' 'Lets go together Belle' 'Okay Julia what should we do first' 'well what powers do you have so far?' 'Mind reading and I can lift water' 'Ok I'm going to attack you and you will need to try to attack me back without one of those powers' (Julia throws a type of magic towards Belle and it hits her hard) (Belle gets up on her feet and somehow turns Julia into stone) 'JOELLA HELP' 'Oh my what have you done' 'I don't know but fix it' 'I can't but you can' 'What the hell do you mean?' 'I mean try to use your powers again on julia' 'um okay then' (Belle tries a few times until she finally turns Julia back human) 'Did you turn me into stone Belle?' 'Maybbeee' 'What Belle is trying to say is that she somehow has Medusas powers' 'Your Her lost child aren't you' 'ummmm' 'you caught us but you can't tell anyone only  me and Joelle know alongside the gods' 'Okay I promise but it's good to know that you unlocked some new powers' (Belle falls to the ground with her hands on her head) 'I have a major migrane and it hurts' 'Yes that Happens when you get new powers' 'I officially don't want anymore powers' 'Julia can you take Belle to her room to rest' 'of course Joella' (Julia helps Belle up on her feet and helps her walk to her room)




'Thank you for helping me to my room Julia' 'no problem Belle, you should rest now though, it has been a rough second day for you' 'True, I guess i will see you tommorow morning or later on' 'Yes see you later Belle' 'Bye' (Julia walks out the door lightly closing the door on the way out) (Belle lays on her bed) "Today has been an eventful day hasn't it, I mean new powers new friends and new mega migraines, I can't wait for tommorow, get the sarcasm there"

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When will I meet my father



'JULIA IS THAT YOU OUTSIDE?' 'YES LET ME IN' 'COMING' 'Thank you I have been waiting for 12 minutes and 38 seconds' 'huh?' 'never mind' 'Belle you need to get changed now so we can go SHOPPING' 'Ok I will be a few minutes' 'Okay I will be waiting out here for you' 'thanks' 'no problem' "what should I wear, pink black or blue, blue it is" 'IM READY' 'okay lets head out'  




'What shop should we go to first belle?' 'New look or forever 21' 'new look it is' (they walk up to new look but stop at the windows) 'that shirt' 'is beautiful' (they walk into the shop and started grabbing a bunch of clothes) 'I will go first Julia' 'ok but hurry' (Belle comes out of the changing room in dark blue jeans with a dark blue laced short top) 'That is beautiful Belle' ' I know I know' 'My turn' (Julia comes out of the changing room in a red dress, short but covers enough) 'Wow that dress is stunning julia' 'I don't know' 'what do you not know that dress is amazing, I have to borrow it sometime' 'fine' 'let's pay' (they head to a till where a man around their age a little older maybe is arguing with the woman at the till) 'sir are you okay' 'Yes this idiot just can't help with anything' 'Excuse me I am one of the best workers in this place!' 'Oh it's getting late Belle we should go' 'Ok' (They quickly leave some money on the till and walk out the shop and into Starbucks ) 'What are you having Julia?' 'White hot chocolate and a vegan blueberry muffin' 'Ok I will go get them' 'ok' 'excuse me can I have a white hot chocolate and a caramel frappe and two vegan blueberry muffins' 'Yes of course it will only take a minute' 'Ok I will wait at the till' (The nice lady at the till made the drinks really quickly and placed two muffins on a plate) 'Here you go that will be £9.25 'ok here you go' (Belle walk back to the table with the drinks and muffins and placed  them in front of herself and Julia) 'Um Julia' 'Yes' 'do you know when I will meet my father?' 'Tommorow at dinner because every Friday we have dinner with the gods' 'Ok thanks' 'no problem and this muffin is of the scales' 'I know right' 'Let's start walking back'. (They both start heading home until 1 guard says) 'Stop No unauthorised people allowed' 'I am the daughter of Athena and she is the daughter of Poseidon' 'Yeah right, fakers, I've seen your type everywhere'

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Fakers Really?

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