The Devils Daughter


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Land of banishment

 His arms around my waist, feeling the heat. My arms tugging on his collar begging for more, the kisses were full of lust I finally let his tounge enter my mouth, letting him explore every corner.

I was running from him, my father, the devil himself although he didn't like the name so we all call him diablo or I, call him father.

What he just did to me wanted me to rip him apart and scream, is taking the love of my life from me, just because we were kissing, banished, not the best place to go, land of banishment.

To me it's horrendous but then again he wasn't really the love of my life, that is if you carry on reading my story you will find out who is.

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 On my way home from the bakery ,Father called me and told me to come urgently. That made me wonder why he needed me because normally it's for torturing people  or to kill or any other crazy reason, so why would he need me this time?                                                                    

Once I got home father was waiting for me with a dozen guards around him which meant it was something bad that he wanted me for. To make him a bit less angry I say 'Hello Father' since no one in this. Household says anything to anyone unless it's important. I saw his eyes go a bright blue which freaked me out because his eyes only went bright blue if it was something good which rarely ever happens. he handed me a letter, with a blood red stamp imprinted dot on the middle with 'Hashworth High' on it. I dropped the letter instantly but my father gestured me to read it so I picked the letter, arms shaking and knees buckling, slowly I opened the letter and pulled out an expensively made card with big, bold letters scribbled everywhere on the card, I started from the top

'Dear miss Astrid Diablo 

I am pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to Hashworth High and we expect to see you next week for you to settle in with classes, you will still be able to go home everyday but you will have a dorm room shared with another student at Hashworth High. Classes start at 9AM sharp and Uniform rules apply to any clothing wears you use such as no bra straps showing and no mini skirts you wil get more information about it when you get here

Yours sincerely Mrs Coleman


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  My magic got loose, I was angry, devastated and my hands were sparking with fire, swearing in Portuguese was the only thing I could do 'Porra, Porra,Porra, Merda,Merda, Merda, VOCÊ PINTA-SE MÃE QUE FODA O ÓDIO VOCÊ!' After ranting like crazy I started crying, like rivers were trapped in my tiny body and they finally broke Free after years of suffering in me. My father instantly clicked his fingers and two suitcases appeared I my hands and he just said 'Limo's outside, it's your new personal limo so you can go anywhere.'

Without talking to him I just walked out, I see now why they call him Diablo, all 17 years of my life I wondered why because lots of people tortured and killed but only he was called Diablo, now I know why, now I know why all my friends left me once they found out about my family. The limo ride was very quite, all I could hear were the turns from the wheel and the bumps in the road, I've always had a good ear for things, I could hear for miles, I probably got it from my Father.

'We are here miss Astrid' 

'Thank you James '

I walked in the gates of the collosal school 3 girls in Bright pink and purple walked up to me and stopped me there and then, I think my eyes threw up from the clothes they were wearing.

The girl in the middle who was in just pink said 'who are you and what are you doing,  didn't you hear we don't allow cunts in this school!' 'Well my name is Astrid Diablo and why are you here if they don't allow cunts in this school 'urgh, wait, Astrid? Prove it!'   'Sure stand back bitch'

I started swirling my fingers around and sparks of fire came out, I continued doing it until the flames get huge, I start laughing in her face, she was speechles. She walked away and her minions followed her every footstep one of her minions turn around and waved at me I gave her a slight smile with a small wave, I never really had any friends since they were all scared of me and my father.

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Boyfriend, Naahh

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