The Sun Falling For The Moon


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The Chat at Sunset

 I sat motionless on the white wooden window sill, legs dangling over the edge, while my tail lay next to me. My head rested on Laurence's shoulder, staring out into the world turned orange by the sunset. "Whatcha thinking 'bout now, Luna?" He asked, turning his head, letting his caramel brown eyes engulf the orange light. "I don't know Laurence, maybe school, maybe my family. Possibly both." I sigh, dropping my gaze and my ears. He nods, understandingly, even making a little smile at the corner of his mouth. "I almost forgot, in three days you will be back at school here, even if it is high school. You won't be a freshman though, you'll be a sophomore."

High school, the one place I was NOT looking forward to. I knew the routine of being the new kid though. My family had moved twelve times in the last two years. Everything was the same though, jocks that thinked they owned the school, snobs that dated those dumb jocks, the handsome ones that were either total players or didn't want relationships. Then after all those first class high schoolers were the rest of us, nerds, club freaks, freshman and all the others that I couldn't name.

"You'll be fine though." Laurence chuckled, "You've got Nina, Liv, Justin and I to get you used to the place remember? Just don't scare off Liv ok, she is a meif'wa." He turns his head back to the sunset, which has almost disappeared, making way for the full moon. I looked at him out of the corner of my eye, "You should go soon." I told him, "My first day back which I don't have to unpack and I have to howl." He looks up as the first star makes its appearance, "I'm glad you're back. I bet my family is trying to be happier than I am about you being here." I smile, "That would never happen."

I waved to him as he walked down the driveway, he waved back for a second before nearly tripping on a bush, making me laugh. "Watch where you're going blondie, don't want to graze your knee!" He stopped and looked at me, "That was ONE time! Honestly, I fall once and I never live it down!" He turns back around and exits the gate, hitting a tree on the way out. "That boy," I whisper to myself, "how much cuter could he get?" I then realise what I'm saying and scold myself. "He probably has a girlfriend, or a dozen!" I get off from my window sill, and head for the roof, ready for my howlimg session that comes every full moon. It's a wolf thing.

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The End of Fun

 It's been two days since Laurence and I had that chat and it turned out I wasn't able to see him because we STILL had stuff to unpack. We got that all done today though, just in time for me to check my timetable for tomorrow.

Monday: Week A

Homeroom, 125

Period 1: Art, 212

Period 2: Art, 212

Period 3: Science 119

Period 4: Math 320


Period 5: Music 223

Period 6: Music 223

I turn to my bookshelf and dig through a pile of school books until I find the correct ones to put in my denim styled bag, occasionally looking up at my collection of books by various authors, wanting to take one. I then double check that I have everything in my bag. Once I've gone through it all I check my watch, 5:53pm. I turn and look at the slight mess in my room, thinking that I will fix it up once I get home from school tomorrow.

After I finish dinner and have a shower I head to my room, making sure not to make to much noise as my family doesn't like me... and my loud noises. I enter my room and close the door quietly, making sure to lock the door. Then I walk to my bed, nearly tripping on random shoe. 

As I reach my bed I see a paper airplane, it looks like it's been beat up a little. I grab it off the covers and open it to see a letter written in Laurence's handwriting, it reads:

Dear Luna,

I know you haven't been able to talk to me because you've had to unpack, but I hope that you can see my family sometime for lunch or something. They can't wait to see you. Tomorrow meet me by the stairs out the front of the school. Text me when you've read this.


-Laurence :)

I put it on my bedside table and grab my phone. I text Laurence:

'Thx for the note. I can't wait to see ur family again. ^_^'

I curl up in bed, tail over my waist, and drift off to sleep, still smiling.

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First Day Jitters

 I woke up to the alarm on my phone, the annoying buzzing and wind chimes definitely got me out of bed. I sat up And saw an alert on my phone: 


Leave in 30 minutes, or you will be late!

I completely forgot. I run my eyes and get out of bed, squinting in the light of the sun creeping through my curtains. I walk over to my wardrobe and open the doors to an array of different clothing that my father doesn't like. I grab a black shirt with my lucky number 80 on the front, jean shorts that looked like they've been ripped and a flannel long sleave shirt that I tie around my waist. I grab my hat and high top shoes, put them on (my hat on backwards just to annoy my parents) and downstairs.

"What do you think you're doing?! Dads gonna be pissed!" Hisses my older brother, I turn and look at him, his curly hair all messed up and his eyes staring at me, reflecting the silver fur of my ears and tail. I grab a piece of toast, put it in my mouth and head for the bathroom. I chuck out the piece of toast as it was burnt and brush my teeth, making sure there are no crumbs, then I brush my hair. It gets kind of annoying as my hair reaches just above my tail, the light showing the way it goes from black up the top to white down the bottom. My Mother has black hair and my Father does too, none of my family members are werewolves (which I'm not, I'm a half werewolf, half human) so I have reason to believe I was adopted or my Mother had an affair.

I head out of the front doors exactly 30 minutes after my alarm and start walking to school. It's on the way to the park so I know where to go. The school is called 'Hearth Weather High' I think it's a weird name, but kind of cool, in a way. I continue walking along the cement footpath, making occasional turns or crossing the road. I finally reach the school and see immediately where Laurence wanted to meet. The stairs were grand and made of bricks, on either side of the stairs were baby trees, in a row until they reached the wall. Up the top of the stairs was a magnificent fountain, light reflecting off the water as it fell.

"Like the view Miss.Moon?" I hear a voice behind me, turning around I see Laurence, "Thought you would have been here later. I see I was wrong. Let me show you to my friends." He shuffles me along and I hear the swoons of girls as he passes, most of them are either freshmen or sophomores. 

We eventually stop at a corner near the stairs where two girls and a boy stand, deep in conversation until Laurence clears his throat. "Everyone I would like you to meet my old friend, Luna. She just moved back here from a trip around the world." He says,  his hand on my shoulder. 

One of the girls, a meif'wa with long purple and pink hair, named Liv, beams at me and says, "I may be a meif'wa but I do know that we are definitely going to get along!" 

The boy with dark spiky hair and toffee coloured skin, Jason, examines me, "What a cutie Laurence, don't mind if I steal your girlfriend do ya?" He laughs, still taking me by surprise.

The final girl has pale skin, short pixie hair and peircing blue eyes checks out my clothes then my face then tells me, "You definitely got a keeper Laurence. Oh and just to give you a heads up, I'm bisexual. So just... you know" By this stage Laurence has taken his hand off my shoulder, which relieves me and loses his facial expression.

We continue chatting all the way up until the bell rings so we say our goodbyes and head off towards our home rooms. Me still as nervous as my first time singing on a stage (it was just my porch).

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The Stranger in the Hall

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