Birds Of A Feather


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???'s P.O.V.
I wake up due to a loud noise. MOM?! DAD?! I run to their bedroom. I see them on the bed. I run to them. "MOM! DAD!!" I push them hoping that they will wake up. "COME ON WAKE UP." They do not respond. I gasp as I notice mom has two tiny red dots on her neck. I check dads neck and see the same thing. I noticed the widow is open. No it could not have been. Could it?

I run back to my bedroom and dig my myths and legends book out from under my bed. I flip though a few pages until I get to the page I want. I was right a vampire bit my parents. It drained all of their blood as well because if it did not they would be coming after me now. The police will not believe me. I run out of the house myths and legends book in hand.

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Chapter 1: Jenna

looked up from her myths and legends book just in time to get hit in the face with a dodgeball. She feel backwards landing in the grass. Her book landing right next to her. She pushed herself up, grabbed her book and went back to reading. She did not like the other kids. She felt a hand on her shoulder.

She looked up and saw Miss Tilton. "Now Jenna, I know that this is the six year anniversary of your parents murder, and I know you think the killer is still out there, but you have to get over it. Go mingle with the others." Jenna nodded, got up and started to walk towards the other children.

Jenna's P.O.V.
Miss Tilton just does not understand. I do not like the other children. She also doesn't understand that my parents were murdered by a vampire. None of the other children understand that either. They all think that I am crazy. I begin to think about what happened after I ran out of my home six years ago.

6 years ago (police station)
"It is ok. You are ok now. Can you tell me your name?"
"Ok Jenna I am officer Falco. Can you tell me why a young woman saw you walking by yourself in the middle of the night?"
"A vampire killed mom and dad."
"A vampire?"
" Do you know your address?"
"Can you tell me?"
"3224 Arthur Avenue"

I watched as officer Falco left the room. I could overheat him talking with another officer. 
" I am going to need you to send some officers to 3224 Arthur Avenue just to check it out. Jenna says her parents were murdered by a vampire." 
" You sure that is a good idea sir?"
"Listen if her parents were truly murdered and she witnessed it she would be traumatized correct?"
"Yes sir."
" And she is a ten year old child correct?"
"Yes sir."
"Well her brain probably turned the  true killer into a vampire in her eyes to try and cope with what she just saw."

Present day
I know what I saw no matter how much people tell me otherwise. My therapist, the cops, Miss Tilton, and the other kids may think I am crazy but I am not. I am pulled from my thoughts as someone rips my book from my hands.

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Chapter 2: "Haunted" House

Jenna sighed as she realized that Brittany had ripped her book from her hands. She hated Brittany. Brittany always told her to kill herself and threatened to kill her on a daily basis. "So the insane girl decided to mingle with the rest of us?" Jenna glared at Brittany. "I am not insane Brittany. Now give me my book back." 
"Why should I Jenna? Give me one good reason why I should give you your precious book back."
"Because that was the last gift my parents ever gave me before they were murdered."
"You mean murdered by a human right? Not a vampire right?"
"No I know what I saw Brittany."
"My god you are insane."
"Give me my book back Brittany."
"Oh like I would do that. You want it? Come take it from me." 
Brittany held the book out towards Jenna yanking it away as she went to grab it. " How bad do you want it Jenna?" Jenna growled. "Badly." 
"Then come get it." Brittany ran off. Jenna ran after her.

Brittany stopped in front of an old, abandoned, decrepit, creepy looking house. Jenna close behind. Jenna glared at her. "GIVE...IT...BACK!!!" Brittany laughed and chucked Jenna's book through a broken window of the house. She smiled. "Go get it yourself or better yet go in there find some rope and hang yourself. No one including Miss Tilton likes you. You are better off dead." Tears started to appear in Jenna's eyes. Brittany continued to laugh. " You know I hear this place is haunted. If you kill yourself at least you will have company." Jenna wiped the tears from her eyes. " Ok fine Brittany. I will go in there but..." She grabbed Brittany's backpack and tugged it off of her back before putting it on her own. "I am taking this with me." She walked toward the door of the house. "Tell everyone else I am dead" Without another word she opens the door and stepped inside. Brittany stood still in utter shock.

Jenna sat down on the floor and started digging through Brittany's backpack. "Ok what do you have in here?" She pulled out a flashlight, a black onyx necklace, a camera, and 3 vials of salt. Jenna giggled as she put the items back into the backpack. "And she called me crazy." She jumped when she heard a sound. "Now Jenna calm down. It is okay. Your nerves are just getting to you." She turned on the flashlight. "It is okay Jenna. You are okay." She began to look for her book.

???'s P.O.V.
The sound of the door opening wakes me up. I sniff the air. I smell human. Why is a human in my house? Shouldn't they me afraid to come in my  house? They think it is haunted after all. I mean they are not wrong in a sense. I may not be a ghost but I am a vampire after all, and that is just as scary. I leave my coffin and begin to follow the humans scent. As I am following the humans scent I stumble upon a book. I pick it up. I read the title. " Myths And legends. That is nice." I chuckle. Maybe the human I smell is the owner of this book. If that is the case oh boy are they in for a surprise when they see me. I continue to follow their scent.

3rd person P.O.V.
Jenna could not find her book and she was beginning to panic. "NO NO NO NO!! WHERE IS IT?! SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! PLEASE NO!!" She screamed as she heard another noise closer this time. "Fuck this!" She reached into Brittany's backpack and pulled out everything that was in it. She clang to the vials of salt for dear life. She then abandoned the backpack.

She walked around the corner and right into someone. She screamed bloody murder causing the person to cover their ears. She also dropped the vials of salt. She ran until she ran right into a dead end hallway. She started to shake in fear as the person appeared in the hallway. She watched as it passed a mirror. She saw that  it had no reflection and realized it was a vampire. She backed up against the wall. She pressed herself against the wall as it got closer and closer. "PLEASE DO NOT KILL ME!!! I DID NOT MEAN TO BREAK INTO YOUR HOUSE!!! I JUST WANT MY BOOK BACK!!!" She slumped to the floor, tensed up, and closed her eyes, preparing for death.

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Chapter 3: Abuse 

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Chapter 4: Rescue

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